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2013/7/13 2:23:57
[?] How is this done? The only guns i see are from the clips that are filmed in gears of war. This is a composite two guys are playing a game and they are cutting to gears of war footage inside the game and back to muvizu again.
2013/7/12 19:55:10
movie as background yes if you know how to do any greenscreen and about chromakey use that it saves you a bazzillion headaches. (your screen doesnt have to be green it can be another colour if you want to use green in your character the other common colour is blue)
2013/7/11 0:52:18
Something about A.Nobel lol it must have been a good joke everyone was laughing
2013/7/11 0:50:35
My first short project for youtube [Dutch] cute first try i am sure it would have been better if i had understood it

glad your enjoying muvizu
2013/7/10 1:16:10
lip synch off after rendering for your avi files these are basic codecs this is why the size is so massive if you want a better compression you will need to either install some codecs or edit it and rerender it in a video editor. Muvizu play has no price tag hence no fancy codecs or they would have to pay a license fee per user . For the moment there is no pay version also the only pay version is the option to remove the watermark via the interface for making the video if you open it up there is a no watermark you can purchase by the minute. They have mentioned a few times that they will eventually be releasing a pro version (paid version) but for the moment the only option to remove the watermark is to pay per the minute which unfortunately for many projects is not practical.

anyhow if you want to install some codecs everyone here uses klite

make sure to use the one that goes with the version of muvizu you chose (32bit or 64bit) or there are some strange results although somewhere i read that if you have 64bit you need to install both 32 and 64bit codecs but then i found some contradicting posts on that one.. so take this last piece of advice with a grain of salt .. obviously though you dont want 64bit codecs on a 32bit system
2013/7/9 20:02:29
Hats importing/ I think muvizu is aiming to one day make it possible to import animations but this gives them a whole other set of problems eg; are they going to allow them to be fitted to their present in house characters? if so they have to provide a means for us to fit animations to the characters or a means for us to export their rigged characters into other software to create the actions and then import that. They have mentioned changing to fbx format which implies that they are going to allow more then just mesh one day. The easiest solution for them is to allow us to import new characters which are rigged and with their own animations and just leave their stuff out of the equation, but at present we are using ase format which is for mesh only. One day maybe ...

The first post i am unsure what is being asked if its to make hats for models? or something basically all they need to do is give us a means to resize objects in muvizu to fit the characters which already exists and a means to attach this item to the character which doesnt exist (yet). If i was to make clothing for a character that is mesh i would want a copy of the character but.. I dont think muvizu is keen on that it would also mean learning to weight these mesh items to their characters so they move with them properly which is also not there (yet)
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2013/7/9 14:52:08
[Request] Tutorial about stop motion in Muvizu i dont have time for a tutorial but here is how i did the phone actions

i used two motions in each case

the animation for the telephone pickup and hangup in miscelaneous
and angry fist

i had two models of the phone one with the receiver attached and the cord in a position it would be if it were on the hook
and one (well an attempt at it) with the cord dangling and the receiver as a seperate objects

for the pick up the receiver i filmed 4 clips - 2 with the two different animations and the phone on the hook and then 2 with the phone off the hook.

I imported it all into a video editor and started arranging the frames in the clip to cut off the phone action before he hung up the phone and add the final action of angry fist at the end of that animation. I then had to worry about the half way point of when the phone is coming off the hook. I then spend some time moving back and forth over the clip and nudging it around until it looks (more or less) like the phone receiver has come off the hook as his hand is moving up to the make fist. I dont know if there is a lot more to say really its a matter of deciding if the audience will notice the switches or not after that.

In the end once you learn how animation works inside any piece of software you soon realize that all animation is just automated stop motion

I myself probably wont ever make a tutorial on this as I just dont have the time for it all and had to start refusing to do things otherwise I would never make another video again. All it is s some creative editing and playing with motions inside muvizu until you come up with a combination that if you edit out the unwanted frames will become what you need it to become :0

Stop motion is more of a "work around" instead of a good solution and what people tend to do once they hit the limitation of whatever animation software they are working with eventually muvizu will have a better way to do this and I no longer will need to resort to stop motion to pick up the phone
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2013/7/9 4:18:28
lip synch off after rendering Hi yes this is a known issue it tends to get worse the longer the clip is and if you start altering the clip half way through the timeline after you do the shush/talk part. My only suggestion is try to leave the shush/talk till last and when your working on that part always start from the beginning of the timeline. Unfortunately even that doesnt always work well...so I find I have to redo dialogue inside a video editor the timing is okay its simply the sound becomes disjointed. So if you have saved your dialogue in a seperate file then you can redo it afterwards if you have a video editor. This is on muvizu's "todo list" to try to optimize this a bit better
2013/7/8 17:41:56
How can I do assets? and in which program? I thought I would post this for the 3dsmax users it lists the maya exporters too. http://udn.epicgames.com/Two/ActorX.html
2013/7/8 17:08:06
Make the camera move vertically Wizaerd wrote:
I've stopped using Muvizu partially for this reason, camera control is horrible, and also because the character movement system is also horrible, and the fact that 3D assets must be in ASE format to get into the application. I keep watching it tho, hoping that someday development finally gets it right.

I can agree with the camera controls but,

The assets are a non issue really because most of the major software out there have an exporter and its just mesh we are talking about (they did mention converting to fbx though which would leave sketchup users with an issue). The motion is fine it could be better , but you just have to remember to nudge characters back.
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2013/7/7 20:50:53
How can I do assets? and in which program? ziggy72 wrote:
There are 2 ways I try to covert formats to something that can eventually get into .ase files :

1 Bring into Google Sketchup (which is free) from your programs, and export as .ase using the HSKP2UNR plugin (which is available somewhere out there, on the world wide webbyverse)


2 Use Biturn, a great little program that lets you convert most formats into each other - you can find it here


Hope that helps
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I wouldn't recommend this for blender it will chew up your optimized creations to be honest do a straight export from blender to ase for muvizu. LOL sorry i think sketchup is probably the worste piece of modelling software on the planet it makes such a huge mess lol
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2013/7/7 20:48:08
How can I do assets? and in which program? lunablackkuran wrote:
I have tried to do *.ase in Blender and Maya but I don't find the option to export in asset format in the options of export in both programs, and I need to do a scenary from Romeo and Juliet video, Can you help me? I need those assets
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You will need to install some addon exporters the one for blender works well and I am sure that someone from muvizu can tell you where to get an ase exporter for maya however here is the blender exporter. You will need to learn the conventions that go with muvizu which is not that hard.


this exporter works flawlessly in blender I would suggest using it if your going with blender. I also know of one for 3dsmax so i am sure there is a maya one.
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2013/7/6 5:02:04
Which settings do you choose for "Make video"? yeah if you can use an editor all the better. Muvizu's internal stuff is just in case but no harm editing it after wards to remove unwanted bits and fix it up a bit. Then you can upload to muvizu afterwards
2013/7/6 3:56:13
Make the camera move vertically yup i get that jerkiness too sometimes its very bad. This is why i have mostly camera cuts and I dont follow anything but I am trying a bit in this video but .. it kinda sucks.. Its just this particular video has a lot of long long dialogue and I need to give the settings some more then just a bunch of camera cuts to keep people awake . Also the adjusting the zoom its always very choppy and jerky. For the most part until they can revamp their camera system its safer to stick to non moving cameras unfortunately. I get the choppy as well and in some cases its just not huge sets although its definately worse in them. I am still using 23b so I guess its not improved in play..
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2013/7/6 3:39:52
Make the camera move vertically I sucks at camera movement but I try

They have made a few mutterings about possibly changing the way the camera system works (one day) but until then we must make do.

I am trying some camera movement in this next blockbuster and have spent about 6 hours on a single shot trying to get the camera to move in an acceptable way. I am now calling it done and people will tell me its bad but I am 50 and I dont know how much better a 20 year old can do even with better reflexes so .. maybe i can start the next 40 second clip tonight..
2013/7/6 2:55:12
Make the camera move vertically the cameras have a movement system similar to the object movement system here is the tutorial


2013/7/6 1:51:59
Iron Man 3 Dreeko wrote:
toonarama wrote:

Looks like he's done a runner....

You don't get rid of me that easily!

are you hiding or just under cover?
2013/7/5 23:20:02
Which settings do you choose for "Make video"? muvizu doesn't have any real built in codecs if you want to compress the video directly out of muvizu you need to install some codecs

most people use k-lite codecs

here is one link

make sure you pick the right codec package for your muvizu software so if you installed 64bit use the 64bit package etc

the other option is to import this uncompressed video into a video editor and process it that way
2013/7/5 18:46:58
sitting down rosie has a ground sit otherwise yeah no other ground sits. This is something I suggested a long time ago there are no sits or kneels in their animation library. These are basic actions and should be included
2013/7/5 16:59:00
pick up an item, please answer me your character can't physically pick anything up you need to use some video editing magic

make 2 or more clips and move the object in each clip until its in the persons hand and use a video editor to piece it together frame by frame
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