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2016/6/7 15:17:39
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Jwalshiv wrote:
Scratch that! I realized I needed to combine all layers and name the collision mesh after the single remaining layer. (I started by naming it after the file. Doi.) In any event - I now have exactly what I need. Thank you thank you thank you again!


Models imported need to be one single mesh its just "the rules" of how it works so select all and then click "join" and then after that add your collision box as above. Sorry I dont read these forums often these days.

(Ziggy72 is the newest "blender convert" who has figured it out and once its figured out you wont have issues so he probably has all the right answers now lol. Once people figure this out the chains come off and all of a sudden they realize they can literally make anything. However for some reason people resist said chain removal at times. People hate changing their habits so I blame human nature for this! ^^)

If you decide you want to make stairs or something (which need collision) just build in blocks into the steps and name them UCX_MODEL_01, UCX_MODEL_02 etc etc to add multiple collision points.

I saw a post about something being unselectable on this forum recently. This happens if there is not proper materials assigned and if the mesh has not been joined into a single mesh with materials assigned to each part if there is a single piece of the model that has not got a proper material set up the entire prop wont be selectable.
for easy alignment use the "snap to cursor" ability

press "shift c" to snap the 3d cursor to the center
then select the model and join all the bits and then check its all there and then you set the origin to center of mass this is usually the safest
then once that is done snap the object to the 3d cursor
then create your cube and since the cursor is at the center that is where the cube will be so then its all aligned (although I usually snap everything to the cursor one last time before exporting it just to make sure I haven't accidently jiggled anything around)

then apply rotation and location which is all 0,0,0 and it should work perfectly and jiggle no more

I put all this info into a video which is in the wiki along with a few other things all the info is there I think now along with things people dont want to know
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2016/5/17 15:25:09
Mobile Phone Action PatMarrNC wrote:
thanks for that info, Urban Lamb and Ziggy... sounds interesting! If I ever get caught up with the other 50 learning curves I have in progress, I'll have to DL that and give it a try!

(Is that screaming face one of your models?)
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I think the key here is how much you want to learn the stuff. I am fairly certain that if you sit and work at it you can learn a lot in a few months. 3dCoat is a bit hard the videos on what buttons do what are a bit out of date its true and it also assumes you are already well versed in the process of creating something. However if your willing to read the internet basically and sit and watch videos until it makes sense anyone can learn this stuff. ...even blender.

I learned 3dcoat in maybe a week because of the fact I had already a grounding and it was a matter of using the interface. If your starting from scratch the basic process and learning it will take a month or two I would think to get to the point of at least being able to create something for yourself that is usable and pleasing.

It may not obey all the rules and principles of modelling for realtime engines but that is another step in and of itself. The point is to learn how to do it first and then pile on more info afterwards when your ready. We all had to start somewhere
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2016/5/16 20:24:28
Mobile Phone Action PatMarrNC wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

Also 3Dcoat is very cool yup it lacks some things that zbrush has but its actually faster to work with then zbrush for the options that it replicates due to the voxel thing. If you just like to make cool art and never export it to anything else its good for that too. You can make some nice scenes just you know for prettyness right inside it. Although I find it awkward for hard surface modelling its really nice for anything that is organic. Big Grin

Have you tried the Blender Sensei add-on called ZeroBrush (which is apparently named as close to Z-brush as they can get away with, so it must be their intent to mimic its functionality)

But then, if you already have Z-Brush, why would you bother with a knockoff of it...?

I dont like sensei because I already use vanilla blender. I use the sculpting abilities of blender but zbrush & blender don't use voxels and 3dcoat does so its much much faster with 3dcoat.

for instance I was making a set of characters and i wanted the characters to have different clothing appearances I could just lob the heads, hands and feet of the character and duplicate those things and move to another layer and sculpt an entire new midsection.

I use blender a lot but the other tool I use because of its voxel abilities is 3dcoat.
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2016/5/16 19:21:04
Mobile Phone Action ziggy72 wrote:

Then it's into blender - import the OBJ, resize it down massively, press N and tick Textured Solid (no idea what menu N brings up, but it's blender, you just have to know some shortcuts because you'll never find them in the UI).
Export as an FBX (Mesh only, Geometries Smoothing set to Face not Normals, or else you get that horrible segmented thing that FBX does).

I just noticed this but "N" is basically the command to bring up the left menu in whatever context its in so if your making armatures etc the options it brings up is the menu that relates to that for example or animating or modelling or whatever

so its "bring up the menu" there is also a little + as well that does the same thing it just unhides the menu linked to the functions your working with

Also 3Dcoat is very cool yup it lacks some things that zbrush has but its actually faster to work with then zbrush for the options that it replicates due to the voxel thing. If you just like to make cool art and never export it to anything else its good for that too. You can make some nice scenes just you know for prettyness right inside it. Although I find it awkward for hard surface modelling its really nice for anything that is organic. Big Grin
2016/5/15 0:21:20
Mobile Phone Action ziggy72 wrote:
Additional note - the blender collision volume has to be named UCX_modelname, but never UCX_model_name - the underscore character means something in this context, which I didn't realise, which is why I couldn't get the collision to work right. Sorted!

oh LOL yeah dont get fancy
anyhow now that its all working you can make awesome crap Big Grin
2016/5/13 15:27:01
Oh gosh I have feedback .. Rocque wrote:
It took me a while to figure out what this topic was about. Are you writing about the items in the store? I agree that more is better rather than having us guess at what we are going to get. The sellers with the most information about products probably sell the most on eBay. It is a good idea for any site. Then, what about the reviews...haha.

yup is the content store

MrDrWho13 wrote:

I tried uploading a zip file go test yesterday, and it didn't get rejected by the uploader. I don't know if it would get rejected before reaching the store though.

If you read below the upload options it tells you what the allowable formats are. I dont think I would try to upload a prohibited format because its just work for those at the other end and uploading obj etc and unrequested formats not only does it cause work it validates the fact that they indeed do need to moderate even the moguls (who should know better lol)

so for textures uploads they allow/request Allowed file types: png, jpg, jpeg

and for sets they request/allow Allowed file types: set
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2016/5/13 0:56:49
Oh gosh I have feedback .. Not that I have posted anything for selling but if I were and if I were to be a purchaser ..

1 screenshot for a set is not enough.

I know its not a lot of money but I would say half a dozen screenshots and a slot for a short demo video is in order. Otherwise what is inside the package is a huge mystery and its possible that people will be requesting a lot of refunds.

anyhow.. so that is my feedback.
2016/5/9 15:10:22
Passion Competition to go on hiatus take care craig we will see you next year (Or sooner depending on how long it all takes )
2016/5/1 23:35:23
Mobile Phone Action ziggy72 wrote:

PAINT ROOM - Dont use layer 0!! Hide all voxtree objects before you start!! (Many thanks to UrbanLamb for helping me with these, and this whole procedure!).

And then it imports into Muvizu. Still having trouble removing the collision ATM but working on it. Hope this helps Hesh, I think I know what you're going through Big Grin
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Your welcome *insert noob/newbie joke here*

I think I know what your blender issue with triangulation was, but I thought I would wait till you got back to that cause if you pile too much info in at once some falls out before you get to use it Big Grin
2016/4/25 17:15:29
compositing software blender can do compositing its actually pretty decent at it. Its just that is not what its known for however blender is an entire suite of tools which is why its so "complicated" and its always had a full compositing and editing suite in it.

I actually dont do much true compositing but if i do i will use blender.
I could do my video editing in it as well but i have gotten used to the corel packages which are pretty decent.
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2016/4/19 14:50:30
Need help for two scenes of Muvizu film lol just remember crowd scenes like this are always about visual trickery. Even in big movies. They take a few varied shots and use visual trickery to replicate and duplicate things to fill them out. They dont really ever have 1000+ actual actors in these mob/crowd scenes. They have 10 -20 max and switch them around and then use software to duplicate what they recorded. So always keep this in mind with muvizu or anything.
2016/4/18 22:36:11
Need help for two scenes of Muvizu film you need to green screen this sort of scene this is how its done make a couple of sets and then use compositing to fill them out and duplicate them.
2016/4/15 4:51:41
Is there another tutorial for the Video Joiner? Youtube has a built in video joiner/editor it works well. Just use that.

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2016/3/17 16:17:20
Coming Soon 2016 thanks for the update

I think many "delays" are redoing of stuff and adding new tools to the toolbox as muvizu alone probably isn't enough to achieve what they are after.
2016/3/13 14:59:12
animation fans Yes and dont get the indigo renderer its meant for still shots LOL. however iclone is not cheap its not expensive either its in the middle. Its the only real time engine out there that allows you to animate like you know everyone wants to. Up until iclone 6 the lighting has always been a bit of an issue. However unless you want to purchase stuff off the content store or marketplace instead of develop your own bits and pieces you will need the exchange. There are indeed people who do just use the content store and marketplace I dont think its the crowd requesting the changes in muvizu though lol.

Anyhow so if you want more ability the solution is to be blunt; to pay for it

You also need to afford the hardware to run it. Animation is hard work though and in the end as your ambitions and ideas grow so will the price tag to get them to become real. Unless you decide to do everything inside blender and do it all yourself. ...which is a possibility but not for the feint of heart and what you trade of in cost off software you most certainly will be paying to assemble a renderfarm

so long story short you want to make pretty pictures beyond what is available in muvizu then its gonna cost ya in time and money or both. So at the end of the day its a question about how much you are invested as a person into this process which no matter how you slice it will never be straight forward or easy.
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2016/3/9 21:58:30
animation fans there are a lot of "new things" not in iclone 5 and the lighting in iclone 5 is a bit well not great although you can get it to work semi okay with some effort its just quite limited. However function wise they both work almost the same so dont take iclone 5 as being the features of iclone 6 .. that being said if you dont have a new pc and by new i mean a pc with a good cpu and a high end graphics card and by that i mean one with a minimum of 4 gig of ram that runs on the newer processors it wont be working very well for you.

I had a 660ti in my pc when i installed iclone 6 and it was not powerful enough so by new i mean very new like recently new

my currect pc which runs iclone 6 well is an new generation i7 with 6 quad cores, 16 gig of ram seems plenty although I guess if i added 32 it wouldnt hurt and my card is an nvidia 970. My previous system (the one that did not run it well had an older generation i7 , 12 gig of ram and an nvidia 660ti and it did not run iclone 6 well at all) so fair warning your pc has to be very modern

anyhow here is the feature matrix for the new iclone 6 and the 3d exchanges



It will run on lower end pc's but you wont be happy. So I say this so people understand you need to be able to afford a good pc or your gonna waste a lot of money and be complaining of crashes and bugs which are actually a result of the hardware your using. There are of course other bugs but iclone 6 is designed for up-to-date hardware.
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2016/3/9 19:43:17
animation fans ziggy72 wrote:
On that page I'm shown as a CTA2TrialUser so the price is $199 for Pro - I'm not a proper member, apparently... but that's cool, it still gives me a chance to see how iclone works up close and personal like

did you register your iclone 5 and crap? along with that you fill in some account info and become a member.

The way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to purchase one piece of software from them like say crazytalk standard and then your automatically eligeable for lots of discounts unless you are watching for one of their huge specials which they have often. There is no reason to pay full price if you watch their sales lol.
2016/3/9 17:34:04
animation fans I dont know the rules they are applying but i am assuming it makes you a "customer" which immediately makes you eligeable for member pricing which is usually a huge chunk off the ticket price and is also the "upgrade" price. The way iclone works is you login and the pages with iclone 6 software or whatever will update to the upgrade pricing. They dont have an "upgrade" version they just discount the iclone 6 version to what it would be for an upgrade price

Members are redirected to this page http://www.reallusion.com/store/product.html?l=1&p=ic
for instance the member/upgrade price for me for iclone 6 pro is $119.00

I am assuming that this deal will make you an automatic member so that your eligeable for upgrade pricing and not paying the full wack. However if you want to use iclone and not be restricted your going to need to go for the iclone pro + 3dexchange pro package not just iclone which is just the engine and assets which you purchase and install. (well unless your not interested in importing anything then just get iclone pro)
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2016/3/5 21:51:27
ASE plugin PatMarrNC wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
yes its all the same. It works just check the script window the "errors" are probably messages telling you what is wrong with the model.

I started with the cube that automatically appears when you start blender. I figure blender should like its geometry, since it created it.

Then I tried to export it as ASE. Didn't work, and error message suggests its because I didn't apply a material or create a UV map. (I don't know Blender well enough to do either of those things in that environment)

So next I imported a cube from Silo that DID have a material applied and UVMap created. Still failed to export as ASE.

I wish Blender was made the way I think. It is a very cool and powerful program that is perhaps the most un-intuitive software I've ever tried to use. ;-(

blender is not unituitive this is not true.

The issue is its an entire powerful and complex suite. Blender is difficult because its a complicated piece of software but its quite intuitive.
People mix up "easy" with "intuitive. Blender is most definately not easy to use lol but neither is its competition maya, 3dsmax are all hard but once you learn how the software works intuitive means that it all works the same way.. and indeed blender is quite intuitive moreso in some cases then stuff like 3dsmax and maya.

You can't just open up blender and look at it and suddenly know how to use it. Once you get the hang of it though it all falls into place quite quickly.
2016/3/3 0:19:55
ASE plugin yes its all the same. It works just check the script window the "errors" are probably messages telling you what is wrong with the model.
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