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2013/7/30 18:22:35
[?] How is this done? Yeah that did not exist a couple of weeks ago so not much is being held back lol. I dont think its been seen before that and really it is still in the experimental stage I think. However that video was created by some people that work with digimania directly. There are other features that have not actually made it into muvizu yet and maybe never will.
2013/7/30 16:33:05
[?] How is this done? okay that guy really is holding something there is an enterprise version of muvizu and some other stuff happening in the background and yeah that is a leak *cough* of hand held props lol.
2013/7/29 22:41:57
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics ukBerty wrote:
It was probably me - my card started to show random white pixels. Coming out our Muvizu and back in stopped it for a while. Muvizu is the only graphical thing I do - I'm not a gamer.

I have a new card now (GTX 660ti) and the problem no longer happens.

Whenever I run Muvizu the card's fan does power up and a lot of heat is pumped out of the system, but I am caning Muvizu to the max so pretty much expect it.

Yes I think it was you I saw that tearing on the screen that is typical overheated frying card I have burned some cards up over time by pushing them so I know its possible. I have a 560ti and was going to upgrade to a 660ti but changed my mind as I was planning to replace the entire pc in 12 months at the time. I might change my mind again anyhow the 560ti holds up well under the demands of the unreal engine. I remember it was someone who had mogul on their name and was working on something so that is a pretty short list. I also remember speaking up at the time and saying "looks like your card is starting to get a bit cooked" (speaking from personal experience on that one haha )
2013/7/29 20:08:01
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics frying cards was probably a bad way to put it hehe i mean stress out graphic cards. I have seen some people (awhile back now) show artifacts which reminded me of what happens when graphics cards start to go from overheating one to many times. This is what I meant.

I can't remember who posted the info on it, but it was not a new user. I chalked it up to him needing a new card and muvizu or well unreal engine basically making it work too hard one too many times.
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2013/7/28 22:21:17
Weird not sure what you mean? you dont need to download any tutorial videos you watch them online they are hosted on youtube
2013/7/27 4:02:08
uploading sets Just dig them out of the storage file I have no idea if you have used the default storage or made a folder but the sets end in *.set and take a screenshot of the set when its loaded into muvizu and save it so that people can see it online. Then at the top of the website when your logged in you see an upload button just click on that and it gives you all kinds of choices of things to upload from your video to sets and choose the relevant thing to upload. Use that option to upload your videos to youtube as well instead of relying on the internal interface if you have issues. Myself I upload directly to the website and never use the internal app for uploading.

if your uploading an object or set etc you will be asked to provide a sceenshot as well

anyhow hope that helps.
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2013/7/26 20:32:26
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics I think you will have more then a little lag but you can try to do something small with it. I think for me the delay and lag would be unbearable as I would imagine it would take a very long time to get anything done, but its up to you
2013/7/26 19:27:13
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics ziggy72 wrote:

(Muvizu HQ, I'd recommend adding something about recommending a more Gamer's spec setup in the system reqs for the program. So many people are on the forums trying to get this running on their (business spec) laptops - they just don't get it. It would save a lot of hassle to be a bit more realistic about the minimum spec (as opposed to hopelessly optimistic as it is now )

Yup i second that. This application can fry cards as well and then people get mad at the developer when in fact its them using a pc that has to work super hard to run the software.

minimum settings is fine but a "recommended setup" would help a lot. I have seen a lot of people trying to run this on pc's that i feel they shouldn't because its pushing the hardware too hard and then they have no pc to do their wordprocessing etc on. People see minimum specs as often meaning the software should work properly when all they mean is that the software will run and that is where it ends Big Grin
2013/7/25 23:47:20
[3dFoin] Characters, creatures with animations yes i didnt actually report this spam cause i like it does that make me 'evil'
2013/7/25 23:15:30
[3dFoin] Characters, creatures with animations he's trying to sell us his assets it be spam but like spam that makes sense
2013/7/23 20:06:01
importing film to backdrop problems objects you import from your pc you can choose them and set them as 'favourite' then after that they are in your muvizu database and then you can recreate the object by choosing create object and then look for the favourites window and there is a list however your pc is probably already working very hard so the more info loaded into that favourite the harder it works. You might just want to use the method your using now and save them outside of muvizu .
2013/7/23 17:41:24
Episode 5 - Super Hero Adventures oh I thought it was yet another "bug" sorry. I didnt realize you were watching the entire video. Well I hope you had lots of doughnuts or popcorn or something

And thanks glad you enjoyed it. I hope my editing errors weren't too apparent and you blinked or something in those spots
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2013/7/23 17:36:20
Hi i think your website is very broken :) Lev_Dynamite wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I dont know where to send bugs for the website
It's still bugs@muvizu.com, where you've sent your bugs in the past! If you could somehow send the files you are trying to upload to this address (either as an attachment or as a download link) then that would greatly help us in attempting to recreate and get to the root of your problem.

okay thanks

Not really sure what would cause it as they both are simple sets very small builds similar to what i have uploaded in the past
2013/7/22 20:54:54
Hi i think your website is very broken :) I think i know why their gallery uploads are not very shall we say diverse right now. Anyhow the video was uploaded on saturday and the assets i tried about 20 times now it stops at 97% regardless of the file and starts to upload all over again and then eventually I get a message "the website page is no longer available" I think they need to get some new hamsters
2013/7/22 18:16:51
Camera help needed - Please! your needing to keep the preview window up for the cameras to know where its pointing this is pretty standard for such programs anyhow maybe the tutorials will help?

2013/7/22 18:13:11
Hi i think your website is very broken :) Assets wont upload I checked the limit is 150 for sets my sets were 90 mb and 100 mb (small ones)
I Uploaded another of my series so as to keep the entire set together for superman and that didnt appear also
Anyhow if this could be fixed it would be great as for the moment I can't put anything on the muvizu site hehe not my videos nor my sets

I dont know where to send bugs for the website so I will just post it here I guess
2013/7/22 18:01:13
Episode 5 - Super Hero Adventures Not sure why it didnt end up in the gallery even though i uploaded it and such anyhow here is the video

2013/7/22 6:34:09
Camera help needed - Please! oh this sounds like you have more then one camera out and in the camera cuts area the camera you rendered the scene with was not the camera you actually had selected in the timeline dont touch anything open up your timeline and look at the line for cameras and see what camera is selected in the timeline if the scene is blank your using a camera not pointing at anything. click on the camera purple line in the timeline and choose a different camera.
2013/7/21 20:07:14
Too small/ problem with collision mesh MrDrWho13 wrote:
If anyone else is able to convert models with ease, this is the model I would like to get into Muvizu.

I gave up on converting sketchup files because well to be honest they suck ^^ for that model it is probably just faster to make a new one from scratch in the time you would take to figure how to import it you probably could learn to use sketchup well enough to make your own. Its just a bunch of straight lines with some textures slapped on not a lot of complicated bits there.
2013/7/21 19:08:48
Too small/ problem with collision mesh MrDrWho13 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

it might have to do with the way collision was done and not size. If the collision mesh is malformed it wont import but I dont know how people fix that in sketchup I know i just delete it and do it again as sometimes I mess up when adding collision and accidently overlap things a bit in my effort to not leave any holes the character can fall through

I haven't bothered with making a collision map because that would make it more complicated. (Also my code look a lot different to the one in the tutorial)
The message at the start said more than 500 faces.
In all, my plug-in and a few other things look different to the tutorials (probably because they're out of date now).

collision meshes are different then regular mesh so your saying it said the collision mesh was too large? 65k is model faces. Anyhow it tried to make a collision mesh it seems and screwed up In any event assuming the regular model is below 65k faces it sounds like you would need to delete the old collision mesh and make a new one as that is the problem in this case.

*tries to get you to start using blender*

in blender it would be an easy fix

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