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2013/8/7 19:07:46
Can I direct a character to be visible / invisible you would use prepare character menu and then look for the visibility and then choose animated and then hit direct and direct after that and the info will be recorded
2013/8/6 15:54:18
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS (animated film clip) Good video I am getting to be an old fart I had to turn the music off though hehe. The video turned out well even if the music was not my style.
2013/8/6 15:50:05
Sketch up model making tip Nice little tutorial this looks similar to edge creasing in blender you use to make sharp edges and it gets rid of any shading.
2013/8/4 18:19:28
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties I use intensity but that is me. In my mind its not a sudden thing its something you want to sort of ramp up and down.
2013/8/4 18:08:21
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties Yes I just checked its animatable hard to remember it all.. so go into character properties prepare aura set to animate then set intensity to 0 to start if you want it off and then animate intensity by hitting direct then turn it up at the appropriate moment and then back down again etc etc .
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2013/8/4 18:03:24
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties you need to prepare the intensity of the effect set it at 0 to start and then animate it to 100 etc when you want it to start. I dont actually remember if this aura is even animatible (probably is) but you would get it to work by using the intensity setting in object properties.
2013/8/4 0:32:55
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility well i started to mess with the update and thanks for fixing the group/ungroup thing on the menu. Also I was working with collision and had trouble being able to use cylindars for quite awhile for collision and this seems to be fixed so i am no longer limited to cubes thanks!
2013/8/3 23:16:22
Is there any way to use 3D assets from Xtranormal? yup i get confused by real time engines and companies that have lots of potential but they dont evolve properly. In the back of my head is stuff like "well microsoft, adobe and corel can do it why can't these companies?". Its all coding all of it. I know it all takes time but these other softwares albeit they are more empires now but they all started small.
2013/8/2 22:09:15
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility hehe nothing like a nice shrubbery to decorate the set! yeah i tried a couple of different methods to make trees at the start as I wasn't quite sure which was good for muvizu the maple tree was the method i settled on and was the first shrubbery that I found decent enough I think outside the christmas trees. I have made tons of trees now mostly they are stuffed in sets though. Some of them are created from photos of my house plants but hey you know this is muvizu land

anyhow i do have some more to upload I just have to get round to muvizuizing them I was working on something else that well I have to change the way I wanted to put it into muvizu so I probably will take a shrubbery break tonight
2013/8/2 19:34:14
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility i'm afraid to try because i had no crashes before so since i am unlucky that probably means that its unfixed for me

Anyhow hoping to start making sets next weekend or so and really want to move to the muvizu play because the time synch issues are greatly improved not to mention I can pan a camera without that stuttering/gerkiness I hope well its more the field of view that was really jerky for me so I will try that next video and see if its fixed :0

I am a bit burnt on video making and seem to just want to play with modelling and fish out models from the ryzom game engine so I will do that for now. More trees for fazz are coming
2013/8/1 22:46:46
Tutorial subtitles I think those instructions are old because the last set of videos i captioned it just loaded it onto the video as there was that option anyhow I did a bunch for someone at one point and that is the tool I used
2013/8/1 18:54:35
Tutorial subtitles No it uses the caption feature on youtube and does not render it into the video its youtube's caption app you just pull up the video and type into the line below it. You can download a file if you choose or place it directly onto the video. If someone else owns the video they will get a notice and all they need to do is click a button to approve it there is no messing with text files or anything if you dont want to.

This is why I suggested it because it would not make work for muvizu all they need to do is click a button once its done and not spend any time uploading anything - eh maybe they need to upload I forget how it works I used it on a few videos awhile back anyhow its way faster then typing in all the timestamps and durations and less prone to user error -

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2013/8/1 18:47:42
Tutorial subtitles Yes i know you typed it by hand why not use caption tube? It puts in the times for you and duration of the caption and a few other things. It works more precisely then doing it by hand I gave up doing it by hand it was a mess and put the words in where i didnt want them and they would over ride each other. It will also upload to someone elses video plus its much faster and works better then typing by hand which is why I suggested it plus you can access someone elses videos and caption them.

I am a fan of efficiency manually doing that and then trying to get them uploaded is more work for everyone
2013/8/1 17:53:03
Tutorial subtitles yes i used to do that unfortunately it hates accents and noise so i went to captiontube it worked much better and was more precise
2013/8/1 16:37:49
Tutorial subtitles you can use this to do it. http://captiontube.appspot.com/ its easier to me then trying to get a transcript to work and you can caption videos made by others with it.

Its very time consuming and I dont even caption all of my videos unless I write a script beforehand that I can use
2013/8/1 5:00:01
How to create own character? at the moment you can't add anything to characters only get creative with the attachments already inside muvizu but you can customize the outfits as they have created a set of uvmaps to make textures for .


Some people create static models and use the stick man and insert him inside those static models however they can't do anything other then blink and move their eyes. Sorry at the moment we are limited to these options one day hopefully this will be changing as they have stated they are working on this part including fbx importing which implies the ability to import models with skeletons in them with animations attached
2013/7/31 20:48:06
[?] How is this done? I am wondering if this is the start of the "pro" version I hope that is what that means my decoder is subjective in terms of what I want to see .. and of course i want an up front fee licensed paid version as in the context of making videos that need editing and compositing and generally dont fit into the pay for the minute model so that is how i am decoding this :/
2013/7/31 17:19:40
Colour Change from Blender texture to Muvizu not truly sure i know what you mean? are you speaking of id textures?

ID textures they are just using colours to define different areas on the object for recolouring. Its not really a texture. If you want to truly texture something you simply dont use the id in front of it and assign textures as normally. Then you get a bar for the material and a box for the texture.

so its possible your using real texturing? in which case it might be using the material colour? Texture colour should not change as the texture is created outside blender quite often and its the exact texture its picking off your pc the same with id_textures its simply an image with different colour blobs on it so it will be exactly what you chose it to be.

if you use id_textures you only get a bar or strip and it will import using the colours on the texture you created but there will be no texture slots.

You can however use materials to texture your model and just leave the texture slots blank. I did this at the start when I was trying to learn it and I dont know if it works the same way in muvizu play.
2013/7/30 23:51:26
[?] How is this done? Yes well this strategic leak was to much to ignore tis no longer a secret once that video went up haha. I just dont know how far along they have gotten with the other puppets in their collection yet. Obviously they are confident it works though

*goes to make some props*
2013/7/30 21:34:10
[?] How is this done? yes I think the hand holding stuff should be released asap and the head slots as well because I saw no reason not to i mean who doesn't want hats and real bat ears

it was labelled as experimental the few weeks ago we tried it. It appeared that it was tweaked once as we posted our opinions and ideas etc etc. It was also limited to that one male avatar model and it doesn't appear to have progressed from that clip because that is the only model they had done the changes to. I dont know how quickly they could make it usable across all models. I would hope the hand and head positions would be released soonish it would help with a lot of little things that can only add to your video
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