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2013/11/21 6:43:59
Polygons a "study" :) Dunno where to put this but spent the evening on this wierdness. I felt like re-remembering scultping and how to do retopology so I thought I would post the result for any of the curious on how one uses sculpting and how it relates to animation and such. So I did a quick not so great sculpt of some dudes head.. He is a cross between a chinaman and an alien I think. Its from inside my pea brain .. Then I did retopology and then from that low poly retopology I created a medium resolution head. I would probably fart with the polygon count on the medium resolution head if I were to use it on a body because its a bit on the high end.. Anyhow so here is the results for what its worth. I did this for fun.. yes i am wierd :P

2013/11/21 6:37:56
I tried to tell a story. aye sci fi geeks unite. Good first movie and um nice clip there fazz
2013/11/20 18:10:59
Youtube Content ID policy German laws dont play well with the rest of the world copyright is getting longer and longer its true however I do think that 28 years was too short. If your alive and its your original work I think you should be protected so the 70 year law seemed fair to me. Dont mix content ID up with copyright though lol it really doesn't do that job really well. Its an attempt at automating a process to detect stuff being used without permission and this is the key "without permission". Its possible to use copyrighted work if you do the work involved to get the permission. The content ID system is merely there to try to find works used that are not used with permission that is all. It doesn't do a very good job because its a piece of software and it can't think.

Anyhow with relation to muvizu if they video is not blocked and there are a ton of reasons why it could be blocked not just country of the copyright holder then they allow it. Personally I hate seeing people use stuff without asking its just common courtesy especially now there is so much public domain/creative commons stuff there is very little reason to use things. The only situation I can think of is more visual and its more about fan art then making money. Anyhow all the content id system does is sniff out stuff that the artist has a right to (well if its working correctly) and give him the right to make money off his original work. Of course there are all sorts of scam societies and people trying to make a fast buck on top of the fact this software is far from perfect. So that is why its a bit of a nightmare. Audiosocket has implemented a new system to make content work on youtube more effectively (avoids false matches) and I am sure other companies will be doing something eventually as well.
2013/11/19 19:34:43
fbx export mesh become a flicker okay also make sure to triangulate the mesh. You generated a texture it extrapolated it this is going to make issues.

Also your welcome hopefully you figure it out. Without seeing the model and how its set up not a lot I can say. This is a good attempt it will take awhile for you to learn how it all works exactly. Big Grin
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2013/11/19 19:13:43
fbx export mesh become a flicker did you unwrap it? properly or just leave all the vertexes in a pile on top of each other ? I dont know what your model looks like I only see the finished product but you need to use "uvunwrap" but you need to use it properly

here is a tutorial on unwrapping by someone who explains it sort of okay

It takes time to learn things your model is decent I just am not sure what the problem is with the model without looking closer I am assuming this has to do with your unwrapping, but it could be something else maybe you have faces on top of faces in a pile its very hard to tell. Anyhow "rome wasn't built in a day" as they say. You cant learn it in a week or a couple of days. Keep persisting and reading and watching videos and you will get better at it
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2013/11/19 18:32:04
fbx export mesh become a flicker Yes i dont know what that is its not the mesh its the texture and possibly your method of mapping as it looks like its not mapped so there is no distortion. Unwrap your uvmap so its all flat and not superimpossing on itself that will make it more even but I dont know what those white lines are I dont think its mesh related though
2013/11/19 18:06:11
fbx export mesh become a flicker snoopylino wrote:
how can i put a pic in here? than i can show you what i mean urbanlamb

upload to photobucket or some other place (one without popups I wont use pop-up sites) and then paste the link in here or use the little picture tool on the top bar of the window that opens when your write your post
2013/11/19 17:57:48
FBX Character Import with Play+? yes right now you cant import them or their motions you could however rip the skeletons out of the mesh and import the mesh but then they would be boring

anyhow I think they are trying to work on ways to get skeletons to work after doing some experimentation with muvizu play+ i got a message that lead me to believe that one day this will be possible
2013/11/19 17:56:06
Change Clothes? there is no way to show a transform you will need to use stop motion for this sort of thing and try to mimic a transform

for clothing you can edit the uvtextures that go with the characters make new clothes and save the characters to your favourites and when you want them to transform you need to use seperate shots leave the character in place and go to the favourites menu and change him using that and take another shot (this will only work for characters using the same model however). If your changing character types you will need to replace the character with the new type being careful not to move his position and take some more shots.

The transforms in muvizu are done using video editing we have no morphing tools or anything
2013/11/19 17:52:00
fbx export mesh become a flicker flicker I am not sure what that means but you can use smoothing etc and avoid subdivision of subsurface if you like. This is mostly after experience you start to learn tricks. Put enough vertex on to get your desired appearance and use smoothing and smooth shading to try to do the rest and then use normal maps as well to help in the way the object looks.

Also are you triangulating your objects? this might be a cause of some problems as well. ?

since unreal is good for mid resolution and low resolution (it really depends on your pc)

200-1,500 face for a small object
15,000-35,000 for a large object

this is triangles not polygon count I am being a bit generous with allowance as really at the end of the day it depends on the pc
2013/11/19 3:33:54
FBX Character Import with Play+? you can import the mesh only not skeleton or animations

(for now)
2013/11/18 23:17:12
Different People play + is not free you need to purchase a license http://muvizu.com/Get-Muvizu then it will update to play +
2013/11/18 22:16:20
Different People dargo9000 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
you will need to make it an attachment using muvizu play+ this can sort of be done however you can't really make an M & M that moves inside muvizu play the only characters you can work with are the ones that are inside muvizu play already. You can make an M & M static object and try to make it move using blender or sketchup or try to flatten the internal muvizu sphere and put a texture on that with M & M written but this is the only thing I can think of.

M & M you saw on digimania site is a copy right character likely made for the company and not possible inside our version of muvizu.
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how do i dowload it

download the M & M character? you cannot its their internal asset and it will not work inside muvizu play. You will have to make your own as I suggested above.

2013/11/18 22:11:03
Different People you will need to make it an attachment using muvizu play+ this can sort of be done however you can't really make an M & M that moves inside muvizu play the only characters you can work with are the ones that are inside muvizu play already. You can make an M & M static object and try to make it move using blender or sketchup or try to flatten the internal muvizu sphere and put a texture on that with M & M written but this is the only thing I can think of.

M & M you saw on digimania site is a copy right character likely made for the company and not possible inside our version of muvizu.
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2013/11/16 20:59:17
Navigating in muvizu fazz68 wrote:
what really annoys me on the timeline that is way too sensitive is the whizzing up and down when you try to change any block of information slightly and you are a tiny bit too close to the edge where it takes over to move the timeline and before you know it you are up the other end or somewhere in limbo because the timeline has zoomed past at a million miles an hour.

yes this is my issue with it as well. I aint 20 no more :P

anyhow I am unsure why its so sensitive it wasn't like that in the old muvizu I could drag things around where I needed em and not be having to walk away from the pc as I tense up. I have also got a whopping good case of arthritis right now and so can't really use it without figuring how to lower sensitivity. Anyhow I know others have mentioned it possibly we need to make our own feedback thread about it soon lol. I am not actively using the timeline right now so was leaving this nagging issue until I got to that stage but I know its driving others batty. My last attempt I was still having this sensitivity issue and was hoping it was repaired but from the sayings of others around here metioning it .. it is still way over sensitive.

BigWhirl2012 wrote:
My specs are 3.2 ghz quad core processor, 8 GB RAM, my machine has a video card although I'm not sure about the specs on it. I wasn't really thinking video when I bought the machine. I use it for high-end audio production and have never had an issue. The problem for me seemed to be a bad install. Once I uninstalled and re-installed everything cleared up right away. I can now navigate freely. A slight nudge of the mouse doesn't take me miles above the character's head or deep inside someone's eyeball.

okay was just checking presently i am busy modelling a lot so haven't gotten back to this and noticed one bug so far that is old and rearing its ugly head but not enough yet to say anything I dont like saying anything until I can prove it hands down :P
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2013/11/16 18:17:53
Navigating in muvizu the navigations is different but just wanted to ask a question are you using a high end pc? is your mouse too sensitive ?

this be a loaded question cause I have issues with muvizu being overly sensitive in some areas such as using timeline and i am wondering if they need to do something about that (i know a few of us have reported it so far) so assuming your doing it correctly what are your pc specs? If you have a high end pc I am thinking this is also part of their sensitivity problem and not really user related
2013/11/15 23:55:09
Transparent Windows? hi there i made a couple of transparent windows if its for muvizu play


and likewise you can make some if you want here is a tutorial on one way of how to do it if you want round or something

2013/11/15 19:44:50
Change the youtube comment system back! Here a friend of mine put this together its the ultimate fart joke parody google rant video Big Grin

2013/11/15 18:05:08
I have Muvizu Goggles Yes this is a side effect of removing the 'mystery' from things.

I also have to remember that most people wont notice these things so that things that bother me wont bother other people and that whatsit I see as flawed is to them okay hehe. I try not to let my way of looking at things ruin others um fun because someone gave me a lecture once upon a time when I ruined something for them pointing out all the things wrong with it. Since then I have reformed my ways and keep my analysis of "whats wrong with this picture" to myself. ^^
2013/11/14 22:33:02
FBX imports Yeah not sure they would do this although theoretically anything is possible but it seems that it would screw up. Basically the build process is pretty standard (make an object and stuff a collision cube into it) so basically your asking them to help you with the build process. It would be cool to have a feature but I dont know it would be implemented to work consistently. Myself I am very used to adding collision manually and have to build all the assets anyhow so its another like 2 keystrokes or maybe if I want to get fancy 4 or 5. I also am unsure of how it would handle colission already built into the model from some other engine it would have to check and remove any past collision and replace it with its own cube

I am also pretty sure this autodesk exporter has been mentioned a few times here (or maybe that was another forum.. who knows)

anyhow just thought I would suggest it. Since I automatically add the needed or rather remove the collision with strategic cube placement it seems a redundant process to me but then i am a geek and I fully admit to my geeky and nerdy ways

I think the ziggy mesh worked well because ASE files are much simpler plus its ascii and not binary. FBX models have a lot more info in them and working with the binary would be more difficult. Anyhow never hurts to ask I guess.
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