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2013/12/4 19:30:01
Sound mixing issues oh okay sorry I remember this asked somewhere else but I dont remember where it was asked or what the answer was

anyhow hopefully someone else will know
2013/12/4 17:21:40
Sound mixing issues you mean this type of info?

this is typical blu-ray default I have


MPEG Transport-Stream Files
24 bits, 1920 x 1080, 29.97 fps
Upper Field First
(HDMV-NTSC), 16:9
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 35000 kbps)
Audio data rate: 384 kbps
Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)

I guess in the UK It would be PAL though sorry that is a canadian setting lol :P
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2013/12/4 16:15:07
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) fazz68 wrote:
gimmick wrote:
I can see two new textures, fur and bright gold, in the Muvizu 'Christmas Crackers' page
Is it a new feature of Muvizu Play 1.2 or Play 1.2+ ?

i think they are the prize's of a cuddly blob character.

yeah this be a photoshop lol I like the cuddly blobs
2013/12/4 1:20:27
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! okay this is something I can wrap my head around maybe i will record my own joke or something though. I really should do something with my brand new piece of software other then just play with the attachement option Big Grin
2013/12/3 23:34:19
Error after paying for the play plus upgrade here try here and the digimania zendesk i believe that you got that in the email as well ?


sorry for the error but les them fix it you have not wasted your money it will work once they fix the error
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2013/12/3 22:07:03
I've been trying something new! toonarama wrote:
That's a nice little character Urbanlamb - how about making cartoon characters for the unmentionable I%$£"!

yes this thought has crossed my mind .....
2013/12/3 20:51:54
I've been trying something new! we dont need it rigged and *cough* to be honest anyone with the ability to rig those characters or even make attachements has the ability to reproduce a muvizu character from start to finish anyhow lol.

here is an example of my playing around making a new character rigging and all to match the muvizu look I went overboard and it had started out as a simple torso for a long shot but i like to make characters and rig them so I started to rig this one so really their only fear is those who dont know and so the mesh is safe in factreallussion has posted their g2 characters mesh only to sketchup and these character models are valid as a template to this day

so really if anyone wanted to they could create a reasonable facsimile of a little muvizu dude anyhow so its a copyright issue its true but over time I think I have created mesh doubles (sort of) of most of their characters to make into bodies etc so far I have duplicated beefy, the fat man and the regular man and recently I made a double of the sinister look all for long shots. Unfortunately I doubt they are proportioned properly and well in this case I think muvizu needs to release the official versions its just they need to think about it and its a legal issue soo this is likely why they are silent they will be silent until they make up their mind Big Grin

also since the release of play+ I have been so busy farting with the attachment system and building things 'just cause' that I have gotten totally sidetracked and am now burried in "what ifs" with regards to muvizu features in the future and each what if is causing me to play around some more one day maybe when I am all what iffed" out I will use play + for its actual use and like make a new video but this is more fun to me so back to my playing around :P

edited for so many typos due to my numb hands that it was not making sense

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2013/12/3 18:10:22
I've been trying something new! toonarama wrote:

I think I was probably the ripple and poured cold water on your idea assuming that Muvizu HQ would not be willing to make their assets publicly available and I don't think anyone from MHQ replied.

BUT having seen the potential of what you have created you have certainly convinced me of the merits and hopefully the powere that be may be forced to at least answer your query!

Most similar software types like Daz/Iclone owe their survival to external developers producing and selling content and they do this by providing ways of being able to modify existing meshes and objects.

Muvizu is gradually opening up and it looks like the Pro version will take that a step further but I agree with you that it would be a HUGE step forward were at least some of the assets to be made available.

By the way what I like best about the Scrooge animation is that it almost looks like a stop-motion.

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yes i have asked two or three times now to make mesh models of their characters available but I think they are probably unsure what to say right now. They are probably worried about their characters ending up all over the place but reallussion and others eventually do decide to issue white papers and character template packages to paying customers so I think eventually they will reach a similar conclusion. The attachement system is quite versatile and you can build some interesting stuff it would remove the trial and error bit into asset creation for them if we could just import them into our modelling package and build upon them.

However i remember the times when reallussion was still struggling with this and just recently as in the last year did they open up their character white sheets to daz customers for them to use as well.

It needs to happen 3d has left the walled garden concept behind long ago and so muvizu is slowlyl moving towards this as well but its a legal nightmare and now with the release of attachments they have a whole new host of problems and reqeusts that they may ormay not have anticipated. I dont care about the inanimate objects but the character meshes are super important
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2013/12/3 2:51:09
5th Grade tv I'm an old fart but maybe some sort of interview show of some historical figures make a guy who does interviews and have him interview things like presidents or kings or queens or maybe famous scientists or artists

This would be edumacational too but its a lot of work you would need to research about the famous person and think up questions you would ask him if you were to meet him as a newsperson and then write answers that he would say

things that you might find cool maybe
alexander graham bell
queen elizabeth the 1st (very famous queen she was)
leonadro davinchi

that is as far as I will go with this i am old and stodgy and believe that people learn by doing the work themselves

also in future can you please just post the question once?
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2013/12/2 20:35:50
Dreeko's extra bits lol your little dudes are pretty cute

nice work dreeko
2013/12/1 17:40:06
Hand held props issue mesh is only one sided this is one issue I will look at the file (migraine now) but if its a visual thing its probably the way the faces are facing it does get dodgy around 65k faces is the object is not made properly the other issue is *cough* collission it works best if you remove the collission or move it to a part of the object that the character wont actually be using.

also the link is broken
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2013/11/29 15:46:09
FBX UDK editor stuff. snoopy I would not spend money on this if your using blender because the obj format export from 3dxechange into the autodesk converter will result in the removal of any of the maps etc so your wasting your money. You will end up with an object that is identical to if you exported from blender to muvizu. The only benefit of having this exchange is to finish the work on the object.

blender -> muvizu will result in the same thing

The purpose of the unreal fbx export options are to keep the information intact for muvizu to interpret and if there is no unreal support in the pro version then save your money unless you have intention to use the 3Dexchange for iclone movies.
2013/11/28 18:56:35
FBX UDK editor stuff. Its not hit and miss for me I have been using it exclusively in fact every asset on the gallery has been run through the exporter in Iclone I hesitate to create a tutorial on this because its promoting iclone and so I dont know if muvizu would want it on their site, but I would imagine the pro version would work I upgraded to pipeline so can't say for sure as I do a lot of game engine stuff and its got excellent integration for both unreal and unity even if you use maya or 3dsmax its actually faster to run the exports through here for unreal engine etc.

I can create a tutorial but it would be for the pipeline version I think they removed this from the other versions its a very powerful tool so I would not be surprised if its not limited to pipeline

basically use the unreal configuration and remove the merge opacity from alpha channels (you want that to stay intact) uncheck the support for the skeletons and animations it will throw and exception error at this point as the meshes should be without this and leave it on cm unless you want a massive object.

You can then add all missing maps etc and export you will have to build collision into the model first using your 3d modelling software and have everything properly mapped out and ready to accept the maps.

I have found the pipeline works flawlessly for muvizu, unreal, unity and anything else I tried.

Anyhow if i get time I will create a tutorial but it will not be in the wiki or uploaded via muvizu it will be on my channel only and I guess I can put a link on the forum but since iclone is a competitor I dont think it would be accepted here (logically I would say no as well if i were to moderate it so )

also if your experiencing issues its likely on the muvizu end I have found zero issues from the exporter end they have all been something that relates to muvizu however on my last set of assets I made I found any bugs gone from muvizu so it should work 99.9999% of the time however you need to worry about the integrity of the model and understand the udk collission etc in order to set the model up correctly
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2013/11/28 16:07:24
Dreeko's extra bits thats scary truly :P
2013/11/27 19:02:05
Render not working.... Just to be clear I dont know if there should be automatic naming of anything for me I use scene and cam folders sort of likes ziggy's so i dont want it renaming or naming my folders for me taking the ability away for me to customize my folders. This would be a problem for many as I dont use the built in camera cuts in muvizu not really I tend to break up my footage by camera cuts and so have multiple camera per scene and sometimes multiple scenes per set (depending on how I built the set and its purpose). Anyhow please dont make something rigid because in curing one problem your likely creating another if you make a rigid system that thinks for the user.
2013/11/27 17:20:02
Sketchup to Muvizu did you click the long url i updated it and gave instructions right click and select save link as. ( Right click link and and select save link As http://www.muvizu.com/download/muvizuaseexporter.rb ) i typed that in a week ago as text links on the muvizu site don't work I guess I should just delete the click here (deleted)

also the other link leads you to a website that is distributing the previous version of sketchup because it was purchased by trimble and the T.O.S. are pretty much making it unusable for creation of assets for muvizu among other things
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2013/11/27 5:48:33
Can not upload videos via Muvizu google and youtube are merging into one they have already dumped the youtube email and changed the comment system to google. So you will need to create a google + id and merge your youtube account with it unfortunately they are changing things up big time right now its a bit hard to keep up. Your probably getting a pop up anyhow from google just pick a name and it will link it for you.
2013/11/27 5:46:27
Render not working.... oh okay i didnt realize you were speaking of the folders as long as its not some automatic naming things using my sets or something it would be cool
2013/11/26 21:33:58
Off my trolley oh yeah 3d archive is awesome they are very nice assets so if you found one there then your good to go
2013/11/26 21:32:18
Render not working.... this be wierd i could have sworn I could name my tga's lol i name them by set or scene or maybe I am making up with 'them other softwares'
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