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2013/12/13 17:16:57
SPECIAL CHARACTERS here is how to make characters in muvizu

2013/12/12 23:01:01
a few christmas photos (the made up kind) haha thanks yes once every oooh 3 or 4 years I stick a little canadian emblem in something I do.. its rather bright but then these pictures are all about "teh shinies" I have to rework my north pole I think it kinda looks like a phallic symbol now that i see it again today.. Blush
2013/12/12 22:59:04
speed of background animation jerks with change yes please give us hamsters!
2013/12/12 18:28:45
a few christmas photos (the made up kind) just sharing some christmasy stuff even though I dont actually celebrate it (wrong religion) I have always enjoyed the festivities that go with it ... I like shiny things...

2013/12/11 22:24:04
Scene load error produced after save aww sorry fazz

yeah it starts to kick in after a you go away from the set and come back the next day and i think it just makes more errors if you replace the textures with the ones supplied in the folder that makes it mad as well so not sure what is going on but it seems to sort of compound over time

happy christmas anyhow with your new pc laptop

looking at that last photo again I created the mountains and such in bryce and exported them with a basic height map texture and I think that is the original texture that it came with .. but how it found that info I dont know lol because after exporting from bryce I redid the uvmapping and texturing in blender and added collission but that looks remarkably like a height map greyscale which is what I use bryce for ... (lord knows that was not in the folder and replaced with a proper texture when i "muvizuized" it)
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2013/12/11 21:25:24
play+ on more than one computer ohh merry christmas and such a nice mum

2013/12/11 21:08:26
Scene load error produced after save hrm maybe we should all swap assets and pretend like they are someone elses and it will work fine lol
2013/12/11 19:32:04
Scene load error produced after save fazz68 wrote:

ive had no issues at all up to now apart from using a saved character with a lot of attachments (to save time LOL... my how that backfired) and lost all my textures on the attachments but i know why that happened and im not going on about it anymore (well maybe just one more time........ Muvizu Fix the saved into favourites losing texture bug !!!!!!!!!..... there thats out of my system )
as for loading sets.... only one set wouldnt load since the update to play+ and that involved a character with FBX attachments on his arms but i remade it with .ase attachments and it works fine. all i work with for attachments at the moment are .ase files. so far no major probs.

noticed some of my typing made it not understandable anyhow i got the impression that there was zero issue with ase files but i started to have major issues when i started to add the extra fbx features it was stable with plain texture it balked at emissive maps big time and started giving me heck about shaders and just randomly started to loose things. Anyhow I dont have the will to spend days converting all the assets to ase and start over again so i just um well it in them other softwares because i love muvizu but i also like my stuff to work the way i want it to work lol so since i planned it already i just moved it all over

for referance this is what i was trying to achieve it was not quite finished when i snapped that photo but i wanted something for my facebook page lol
Anyhow would have liked to do this project in muvizu but since it revolves around a holiday and well I just wanted to get it done i had to give up. I hope next attempt I can finish what I start in muvizu so I dont have to keep falling back on something else.
2013/12/11 8:10:05
Scene load error produced after save Ah okay fazz said he has no issues and is not using the ase and its only happening with sets with fbx for me so figured it was related to that. Something is scrambled this is all I know and well i could not complete my wee christmas project as a result so i sent in the set

my sets started to load with the error but then they stopped loading altogether after the second message about loosing an object or element or whatever there were 2 or 3 errors anyhow the shader one was the first to appear. The "object name" seemed to relate to spontaenous missing textures

and then i got a third about some missing scene element .. the set would refuse to load at that point and just rotate through the errors.
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2013/12/11 3:36:36
Scene load error produced after save yes i have these errors as well send the set to bugs@muvizu.com something is up with the way it handles fbx files and textures .

Sorry this is a major show stopper but need to wait till they fix it i guess.
2013/12/10 21:06:53
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? yeah it has most definatly fragmented the community and boy am i getting a crap ton of spam mails in my gmail box now lol. The few people I socialize with on youtube well we are busy discussing our stuff on facebook instead at least kids are weeded out plus we have a bit of control over the spammers.

They have done a few others things as well comments is just one of the several new things that well they are trying to keep control of everything and this is all about "the money" only the harder they struggle to keep control the worse its getting right now

i think muvizu should consider moving to something like dailymotion they have basically the same structure as youtube vimeo is nice but if you want to upload something larger you have to pay for a pro account so its not good for our stuff here.

so my vote is (still) for dailymotion .
2013/12/10 18:46:21
Dreeko's extra bits Dreeko wrote:
Christmas slippers!

lol yup my kind of tacky gave me a chuckle that one did
2013/12/10 17:29:53
Tips for animating new character Two avi clips I would imagine one on the tire and one on the side wheel hub.
2013/12/10 5:03:25
Audio syncs and then stops working yes not sure if its synched inside the engine and stuff and its being output out of synch it sounds like a pc issue not a muvizu issue can't say for sure could be a codec not sure if it has anything to do with muvizu for sure try synching in a video editor afterwards this would be my solution i often although not always depends on how picky i am that day
2013/12/10 2:02:21
Audio syncs and then stops working Are you using wav or mp3? mp3 doesn't work well it cuts out and is a mess.
2013/12/9 23:19:55
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) hehe that was cute actually got a chuckle at the end from the grocery shopping clip
2013/12/9 18:56:41
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) yeah but remember corporations very rarely give in to things like this because they dont want to loose face if their board of directors threaten to fire em then maybe they will do something and not before lol.

Rule #1 of corporate tyranny handbook never loose face by appearing to give into the customer userbase only do so when forced
2013/12/8 22:33:27
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) welp the set is unloadable today after i put in a few more details it ran fine last night sending the set in but i was getting mulitiple errors today
the software is not handling the new texture mappings very well i am afraid if you want to do a small project a few walls and a couple lights and a dude or two its fine unfortunately if you want to build a real environment and the set is not that large its not any larger then previous sets built. its just pooping out take your pick of errors can't find shader file, can't find an element

soo i will send the set in.. it was a nice set too i was about to put the christmas lights on today.. and fix the buildings in the background (was having issues deciding on colour) so this is how far i got today i load the thing it wont run it ..so zips up set and sends to muvizu hq and is very sad

for referance my frame rate was 60 so i had plenty of pc power i checked before i shut it down at 1 a.m. yesterday

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2013/12/8 21:40:24
steve chapter 1 its kinda cool its adult but adult is allowed the forums are not gated and they seperate adult from not adult in the gallery

anyhow I have never been a fan of abstract but it was still good even though its not my taste. I dont do input around quality and editing etc and such because well not everyone has a ton of money or resources but the actualy story and imagery etc was done well.
2013/12/8 19:31:34
Skeleton with clothing It has an attachement system to pretty much all the major bones in the characters so you can attach things to each of it they probably should have a 14 day trial of this for users to try to figure out if it fits their needs.
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