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2013/12/21 20:46:05
Camera control and path waypoints It all takes time software development is slow always slow anyhow yes send the support request use copy and paste though dont type the license code in and it should work. If they rush anymore then they are people will be upset with the bugs and even tested it still has bugs so I dont think they can move any faster then they are
2013/12/21 19:48:11
Camera control and path waypoints I think this is something planned in their pro version myself as well i cannot do a decent job with cameras using the present method even I tried a gamepad the other day i just can't do it (age and arthritis make it a bit hard ^^) but I am pretty sure this is something they are adding possibly not to the free version but maybe they will as it seems something that should be universally available. Play+ is basically a stepping stone to the pro version they are working on. My most recent experiments seem to also indicate they are doing something with actions. (every once and awhile i will import something just to see the error messages lol I am curious) My last import of stuff I knew muvizu would not accept said something like I need to have the action menu up and import there if i want to import an action sooo they are adding lots of stuff, but it wont be free.. ..

sorry kinda went off topic lol but I am pretty sure they are adding another means of camera control just not right now..
2013/12/20 15:57:46
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! well i made one but it didnt get approved for some reason so here is my joke. I uploaded it and others have been approved but mine remains not there

so here is my entry for all its worth lol its a bit wierd i am not actualy christian
the set got approved though .. they were both uploaded at the same time
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2013/12/20 2:56:10
Coming Soon... lol I wondered when someone would start making wearable vehicles. Pretty funny of course it would be fazz anyhow the photo about bernie clifton is not accessible it is not allowing hot linking but anyhow yeah I still say the first dude you showed me was like that monster from star trek that liked salt and had huge sucker hands :P

good work as usual. Its nice to see people take advantage of the attachment system in these ways.
2013/12/19 20:08:04
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Carole wrote:
Facebook has a secret formula it uses to apply 'weight' to postings that influences when they show up in followers' feeds.

One way to increase the likelihood of getting posts is to add us (or any product/brand you particularly want to hear from) to an interest list.

If you right click of the wee cog on while on the page it should give you the option to do this.


oh okay thanks sometimes my feed gets your things and sometimes it doesn't (same with lots of people's feeds really) so i will try to fix it using that thingy you showed .
2013/12/19 3:12:18
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! i feel so bad i laughed at his/her pain but that is okay I shared lol. I dont seem to get a lot of stuff in my feed at times .
2013/12/18 19:44:35
Issue with Commercial License i think you need to login to the zendesk once the ticket is activated the mails are just responders but its a ticket system so you need to click the link on the ticket and respond to it online. (again assumption on my part that it is in fact the zendesk i saw they had installed)
2013/12/18 19:28:23
Issue with Commercial License try this particular support link http://muvizu.com/Support

i have not tried it myself but i assume this leads to their zendesk which they installed recently.
2013/12/17 16:37:45
Can't download yeah dont bother with internet explorer um *cough* it actually has worse privacy issues and whatnot then chrome which is a stretch but anyhow chrome works fine
2013/12/17 15:54:42
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! ziggy72 wrote:
The deadline's noon on Christmas day.

hehe thanks whatever I do it has to be done without closing the set down and getting back to it the next day so I think I have come up with something which I can do in an evening
2013/12/16 23:35:14
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! I dont see a deadline.. now that i got that other christmas cheese out of the way I have now a new idea to replace the old idea that should not give me a headache.. just hope i am not too late

i would like a muvizuzu blob thingy ..
2013/12/16 21:55:11
Can't download are you in canada land?

i would use the support ticket system for some reason they like to mark our canada land emails as spam


you might want to get a gmail account or something if your on rogers they use yahoo as their emailling host and many people just mark all stuff from yahoo as potential spam

for your download come back later and try also turn off your anti virus stuff basically everything from canada has to swim the ocean to their servers I have found
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2013/12/16 21:05:25
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. hi you might want to try this form its their helpdesk


logic says that most directx controllers should work of course I have a million year old microsoft gamepad i was going to try anyhow contact support maybe they can tell you what button to push. They are busy with their next release so they probably are not forum lurking much right now
2013/12/16 20:59:45
Hello All Ah yes a person who seems to be going in all directions at once. This is familiar to me Big Grin Once upon a time I used to do direct sales of assets but a few years back got tired of the antics that sometimes occur at this level and made a decision to release whatever I make as basically public domain. We have people from various backgrounds of course all wanting to unleash their creativity.

Anyhow muvizu is still being improved and developed but its getting there the company is small but has potential to carve a nice niche in the industry if they take the right path. The main digimania site seems to indicate they are indeed on the right path Big Grin
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2013/12/16 18:31:44
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. lol smartypants (like the name) the dead space issue is on both sides but if you have played any indy games you will find this as well I dont have a joystick or gamepad attached anymore but you can compensate on your end if muvizu makes things too tight we will have trouble using it so better to adjust on our side there is usually settings under the hardware configuration you would need to bring up the properties panel for your joystick and then probably click advanced right click to bring up properties and then hit advanced and the settings for things are in there usually. Anything that doesn't have a fancy panel is usualy accessed in this way the gui stuff is just fluff

it should be under system and security on control panel, click the devices, then look for your joystick in that mess and then click on properties and it will bring up what you need. If i can't find anything I just route around in there and find the device and access is the old fashioned way

*stops short or rambling on about dos*
2013/12/15 21:10:55
Hello All hello and welcome and merry christmas

try the contest maybe you can win a free something
2013/12/15 0:51:43
YT Monetizing: how can I prove that I'm a Play + ? They should probably mail a pdf form with info or something but for now you just would give a copy of your virtual receipt to the youtube people and a link to the tos it technically should be enough unfortunately youtube is youtube ..
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2013/12/13 21:12:17
Post-edit/ Import Avi problem yeah this is your video editor especially if the clip plays on your desktop muvizu has done its job and given you the desired footage
2013/12/13 17:23:53
Post-edit/ Import Avi problem you checked the length of the avi did you actually render the entire clip?

I have never heard of a video editor only importing stuff with sound so the only explanation I can see is that your muvizu render the time settings you didnt actually output the entire clip move the end marker on the timeline and add a couple more seconds and try again
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2013/12/13 17:21:32
my superguy spoof, short and simple lol just watched that was good for a chuckle
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