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2014/1/3 23:39:17
Coming Soon... oh god that is aweful and I mean that in the most sincerest of ways ^^

Big Grin
2014/1/3 18:22:13
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

creepy doll head dude mk2. i think hes ready for some evil dead action now Big Grin

rofl cross eyes baby okay yeah that just about does it I assume he will be holding a chain saw or something
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2014/1/3 4:30:53
Coming Soon... yes not a ton of hair just a little tuft. We can put our own eyes on the characters but because they have no pupil etc and are not animated we cant make em blink or anything much i guess (haven't tried its just eyes are a bit complicated)

I am working on my next blockbuster (thankfully my sets are not crashing so far.. course now that i said it..)

my stuff is not so scary though more "cute" (trying to decide if i should make new ears .. maybe too many polka dots)

2014/1/3 4:01:19
Coming Soon... oi why does chucky come to mind with this one lol

I think its better with a little tuft of hair. the top one with the eyes is more creepy but if you use the eyes with no lids from muvizu you might achieve the same effect but have a bit of movement.

that doll is horrifically wierd lol

2014/1/2 18:13:28
CREATE A CITY IN MUVIZU you might want to start with the basic tutorials
and then try the wiki on modelling


2014/1/1 4:36:55
Coming Soon... now ziggy can add a guy with a sandwich board "the end of the world is neigh" a suggestion i made awhile back cause i am a bit odd :P
2013/12/30 22:06:08
Mini-Series seems the op removed his post..
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2013/12/26 23:28:57
Live! from E.V.I.L. (2014 Promo 1) nice trailer looks great.
2013/12/26 23:27:58
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2013 rofl enjoyed your new ending
2013/12/25 19:18:06
Play+ - Hand Attachements just sticking this link in it was from a link on the first page about the hand positions

2013/12/24 20:20:18
take it easy and have nice days haha cute and looks like your getting to learning some modelling and things which is always fun

needs a bit of sound though some sea noise would have been good here is a nice free site to use for sound effects http://freesound.org/ no strings attached to sounds on this site lol
2013/12/24 20:04:15
Help ! Need a digital camera for my next movie ! Yes unfortunately the hand held stuff is more preferring fbx and this will probably be the route they take with their pro package as well as ASE is now becoming deprecated by unreal engine as they have also shifted to fbx so as muvizu upgrades the engine ase will gradually be left by the wayside (the price of progress i guess) This is just a wild guess on my part but if you follow the unreal development (which i do being a geek i read the internet instead of watch tv most days..) they have dropped ase as of late pretty much entirely. So I will assume that the pro version is going to be almost all fbx as a result since its right now the universal file system due to the fact it can hold all information not just mesh information.

I know people dont want to hear this but I would encourage people to seriously take some time to work with FBX if you have invested in play+ then what you know will be up to date because development has all but stopped on the ASE front and the only way your going to be able to keep using this file format is to use old software.

My two cents on the subject lol for lack of a better way to phrase it "this is the way of living on the bleeding edge" your constantly learning and updating
2013/12/24 18:35:53
Play+ - Hand Attachements yeah load a character and choose a body part and hit import then adjust the thing not complicated really.

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2013/12/24 1:12:12
Multiple audio clips per character? hehe yes its been suggested many times and asked many times. Its probably on their 10 mile long to-do list
2013/12/24 0:42:11
Multiple audio clips per character? you can assign one clip per character (although myself i have never been successful into getting that process to work properly) but you can't assign more then one clip per character so you would need to assemble all the dialogue and mute the parts that dont belong to that character and repeat that process with the full dialogue again for the next character.

supposedly you can put it in one clip per character you just leave it on talk or whatever but everytime i have tried that including all the suggestions on the forums it has never worked (that may have changed since my last try) but usually only one character would talk no matter what I tried.
2013/12/23 19:02:27
Help ! Need a digital camera for my next movie ! yes that camera will work if you get fbx format (more or less) the polygon count is a bit high but if its only one item you need as long as your pc has lots of ram and a good card etc it should work.

you can do this in blender

these cameras are free http://archive3d.net/?tag=Camera

but they may or may not work inside muvizu you will need to open them up in blender and modify it.

here are some blender tutorials

this is the wiki on scale although myself my grid is not set up the same way at times so scale is relative to how blender is set up but the article is on the default setup http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/106/fbx-scale-guidelines-scene-objects-vs-attachments

here is stuff on blender http://muvizu.com/Forum/topic2241-learning-blender.aspx

and here is a video i made to fix an item in blender and add collision that will work inside muvizu

you can try a shortcut if you want just using the autodesk converter, but then you wont have proper collision in the model and it might be the wrong scale among other things

the converter can be found on the autodesk site its burried and i always spend half an hour finding the page (they hide it well) but here is the main link http://www.autodesk.com/

you can try sketchup as well but you will have to do a bunch of stuff to make it usable which i know not about because i am a blender geek lol so personally if i wanted a quick camera i would download one from that 3d archive and modify it quickly in blender and then export it as fbx into muvizu
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2013/12/23 18:25:58
Youtube Content ID policy LugofilmLtd wrote:

As it happens, I have bookmarked several sites with public domain/creative commons music and I actually am planning to just use that unless I need to use a specific piece of music for the sake of a joke (which is generally allowed under the parody clause) because a lot of it is every bit as good as commercial music and I don't have to worry about lawsuits. For those interested, I recommend incompetech.com and dig.ccmixter.org.

if you use video from these sites they will still be identified under the content id system especially incompetech. If you are trying to remove this issue you must email incompetech and the artists on ccmixter and ask them to 'white list' you then they will clear up the content id issue. (although this whitelist request system may have changed) http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/youtubeFAQ.html

I dont use incompetech music anymore i use from partner in rhyme or from a network i joined but even then there can be problems. Youtube is a bit of a paperwork nightmare and its best to get claims off videos because one day they can turn around and make it a strike and that means you can loose your youtube account. Basically using 3rd party music and sound is not for the feint of heart and creators are stuck in the middle of the legal quagmire and it aint gonna be going away anytime soon. Everyone sues google for everything because they have lots of money so if they breath sideways they get sued. If you look up their legal stuff you will find they have at least 2 or 3 court actions against them like all the time. Unfortunately that makes it hard for users and their content id bot is far from perfect.

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2013/12/23 18:11:06
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte yes 4 gig is little and the error is vague so its probably your pc its just under a lot of strain probably and so its just randomly crashing and behaving badly. All these softwares like lots and lots of ram and a huge graphics card.
2013/12/23 6:55:28
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte This sounds like a bug that you will need to contact support for fatal error is pretty vague. It should work its not the set or anything sounds like a bug that could be anything. If you want to put a support ticket in so they see it when they return to work on the 6th although i am pretty sure they will pop in during the week some days as long as its not actually christmas or new years eve or something. i3 is not the ideal processor to use so it just might be chugging along to quickly for the pc and it just crashes and the graphics card doesn't sound ideal since the product is run on unreal engine it makes best friends with nvidia products but the crash doesn't sound like its related to the graphics card anyhow..


the pc might under a lot of strain so it will behave a bit irratically since its a crash on doing animation of a character its not your graphics card which technically has plenty of oomph for muvizu, but really I dont see we can do much. Muvizu will need to look at your info and may request the error log generated.
2013/12/22 19:46:09
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte oh if the set loads is not the set.

There is some bugs with characters if they are in favourites as well delete all the favourites and copy the character and delete the one with the crash and see if this helps.
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