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2014/1/21 13:36:24
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets they have tags on them type ryzom in search I describe it in the info anyhow everything up there is for non commercial use and since I have not extended the license there is no need for me to go into further detail on any of them. You found the disclaimer on the page already placed there by muvizu. If you want info you contact people via the message system and ask them for further permissions.

Anyhow read the tags on the page and you will see however general rule of thumb is to contact people to get permission. I noticed you have done this already in some cases and the ryzom tag is clearly visable on the assets and since they are already non-commercial and I am not extending the license I have done what I need to do
2014/1/20 22:04:50
Hitfilm Express currently FREE well its not their ultimate one which is the one they are really trying to sell so if you want all the greenscreen and composite abilities you need to upgrade it still free is free and if people need a good video editor this does the job

also twitter is for "young people" I have never quite understood twitter but it seems very popular among the college age group ..
2014/1/20 21:14:37
"Take that smile off your face!" You can click edit on the character and then click on body and turn expressiveness down to 0% if you like. Also you can animate expressiveness now under prepare character properties and click expressiveness and animate

here are the how-to tutorials this might help as well
2014/1/20 20:55:34
Hitfilm Express currently FREE you can join facebook if you think its 'less evil' haha anyhow yeah its a nice software I have tried it in the past and was going to purchase a copy of the ultimate once i replaced my pc I need the added compositing bits to make less tachy green screens etc
2014/1/20 20:15:30
Hitfilm Express currently FREE yeah this is a good deal I downloaded and whatnot probably will play with it later. I was going to purchase the ultimate but was holding off on any new software because I am purchasing a new pc in march.
2014/1/20 19:12:14
Help With Sony Vegas ninamag wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
no. why would it? two totally different programs that do totally different things. unless theres some magical thing im missing and i can make muvizu sets in sony vegas

without being able to "make muvizu in sony vegas", one should be able to open muvizu .set files in vegas (at least i think it is programmably possible, if the programmers want it so).

The assets are openable in any software the sets are not and should not be since the entire purpose of muvizu is to be a render engine. Also any animations would be impossible as sony vegas is just a film editor. Set files are created so we can make videos or targa sequences for use which sony vegas has no issue with. The set is a means to an end but if one says open sets in vegas then why not just avoid and bypass muvizu altogether . The reality is though no vegas would not be able to handle this information lighting, animations, objects. After affects and a few other programs can handle some 3d single objects that is as far as it goes though.
2014/1/20 18:55:39
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets you can use mine however you like just please do not sell the assets commercial video, non commercial video whatevers. All I ask is that you use either my username or real name


the ones labelled ryzom are for non commercial use only however I converted them and the original terms are not mine. Since they allowed redistribution and muvizu is 'special' I repacked them for use in muvizu. I have others that one day I might do.. sitting half done from the ryzom asset 'dump'

In the info in the asset sections it used to say to contact the creator if its for commercial use so just contact the asset creator via the message system and ask for the most part I dont think any of us care if you make money from the video. Many of us do care if people download the assets and resell them though.

p.s. I no longer sell assets I used to but life was getting too complicated so I stopped. So I dont want any money nor will I allow anyone to give me any money as I hate what happens to people when they pay 50 cents for something
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2014/1/19 18:37:02
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? Yeah the only difference is the cooling on em from what I can see its hard to tell. Not too bad really I probably would go for the first one as well. Just uh if its warm out and you want to play with muvizu sit the laptop on a bag of frozen peas Big Grin
2014/1/19 18:30:19
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) ziggy72 wrote:
Never mind her hair, it's her face that's disturbing!

haha that is what i was thinking last night when i saw the post but i decided to not bring the thread off topic and kept quiet Big Grin
2014/1/18 5:38:47
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I am about to start writing a wee song that I will in fact sing which is enough to make anyone run for the hills but.. for this .. it must be done.

i look forward to your video even more now Big Grin i love it when muvizers aint afraid to let rip with a tune or two Big Grin

haha I just finished the first one I have a couple more to go its hilariously insanely bad I have been writing it in my head for a few days so it just needed to be finished. I think the next one will be punk style lets see if I have it in me ^^
2014/1/17 23:34:59
Coming Soon... yup that is what I will be doing clearing the room
2014/1/17 23:12:53
Coming Soon... lol I bet we will both release our insanity at the same time too. I dont quite know how mine will turn out suffice it to say I am about to start writing a wee song that I will in fact sing which is enough to make anyone run for the hills but.. for this .. it must be done.
2014/1/17 20:29:01
Coming Soon... well I think I am ready to start doing the animation bits and whatnot .. here is the cast mostly of my next video

2014/1/17 18:17:10
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Put in a support ticket this is a mystery problem for them which sometimes gets fixed and sometimes not they sent me a link to a download that worked. (for me)

2014/1/16 21:56:24
fbx chatters 'n' skitters Your welcome most of the collision info is in there already. I only started playing with collision "for reals" at christmas so this was my finding that for whatever reason for fbx its this way. It was not previously like this when I was using only the ASE I could move my pivot point/origin and place collision in odd places and it would not affect the object in the same way.

I am unsure if this will change or not and we will be able to place the origin/pivot point elsewhere on the object.
2014/1/16 17:58:46
fbx chatters 'n' skitters put the origin at the center of mass of the object then you will have minimal jitter. With FBX I am finding you need to put the collision and origin in the same place and it works best at the center of the object or center of mass.

Also ensure the collission areas are large enough and depending on the object design you may need to add several collision areas.
2014/1/15 17:38:35
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? When people ask for input on what type of pc usually most of us are very quiet. There is a reason for this we dont want people to get angry if they purchase something on our recommendations and they dont like it. Myself I tell everyone to stay away from laptops when working with applications like muvizu because its actually pretty hard on them unless its something built for this purpose a custom laptop. Basically anything on the market that is actually new will run muvizu you will have to worry about the graphics card mostly and for this issue you will have to ask the people in the store.

How well it runs muvizu depends on what is inside the machine and since there are two million different possible combinations and permutations its very hard for most of us. Personally since I am cheap and want a lot of power still I avoid laptops like the plague unless its for wordprocessing or something because I would never buy a laptop off the shelf and expect it to run muvizu for any length of time and to my satisfaction because I know that I am pushing it to hard and its likely only going to last me a few months.

Anyhow for what its worth print out the information on the wiki and go into a store with it and talk to the techie there he will show you which laptop it will work on. If you were looking for a pc I would say any pc built for gaming is your best bet but there will be differences in performance based on what is inside the pc.

unreal engine prefers certain things - in the graphics area its nvidia graphics cards aside from that not much else to say really
2014/1/14 23:10:51
Hiding bottom mouse tooltips. You can use the generate a targa image the quality will be better as well. Under the make video is an option to use make a targa sequence you can then run of a 0.5 second clip and get a set of images that way and pick the one you like best and delete the rest.
2014/1/14 1:26:23
1st attempt haha that was pretty cute actually errm top clogging or highland dancing or riverdance not sure which i dont know enough about it to know the difference

We got lots of Riverdance around here in canada land.

although i guess its not riverdance your doing in scotland .....
2014/1/14 0:28:00
another new start checking in.... glad you got it to work yeah we dont all use the same software but most of the problems are universal and looks like you got yourself a copy from the sale so your all set and good to go. Happy creating
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