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2014/1/26 20:29:48
Wonderful world of Wabby we are just messing around
2014/1/26 18:34:35
Wonderful world of Wabby hehe that evil other dude they are updating the graphics in it in version 6 looking very good so far. I wonder what other bells and whistles they are working on meanwhile *goes back to my muvizu video*
2014/1/26 16:46:08
Get rid of the pink dots yeah this is a bug not sure what causes it exactly I move blocks around and sometimes it works fine so my remedy was different. Just try not to mess with the animation blocks and i found renaming all the characters with a unique name helped a ton but maybe I was just lucky
2014/1/26 16:44:29
bunch of questions ... sounds like you have an onboard graphics card on your monther board however here are the system specs


here is more info on drivers and stuff http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/53/drivers-and-other-system-software

Ase is another file format like fbx if you have maya or 3dsmax you can get a plugin to export in ase format although if you have them you probably should just use fbx format and ignore ase unless you want to make trees or something

2014/1/26 3:13:33
Trying to upgrade getting error eh yeah there is a limit on the tries but they can reset it or give you a new code just send them a ticket via the site here they answer pretty quickly but its saturday so you might need to wait till monday morning (UK time)

T hey recommend opening a ticket as sometimes the email gets lost in spam filters etc.
2014/1/25 23:35:30
Make my character move I had this bug I dont know if this is a fix or not or whether it will work for you however i noticed that i was using the movement on copies of the same character who all had the same name. I decided to rename all the characters by sticking a number at the end of each character and this bug went away. I was having horrible trouble when i started up this latest thing I am working on. I have not had this issue return since i resorted to renaming each character with a unique name. I think naming system is broken as its not renaming them as copies and its trying to decide which character named marco or whatever the move belongs to.
2014/1/25 22:59:57
what is the acceptable rate? ninamag wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
1 pounds is about 2.5 canadian dollars so that sounds about right (I guess) but you have messaged people and no one has responded so for now i think your out of luck.

The first part of your comment is promising.
The second part, about "no one has responded" is incorrect.

that fine I only know those who are frustrated. I am not here to argue or get into it I was simply explaining their point of view some are feeling badgered. I was just trying give you some feedback on why some people are upset. If you have one who has responded positively then good for you.

Bear in mind that is a very low hourly rate and just a starting point and not really what I would consider appropriate if your asking for exclusive rights because they can't resell anything. If you want exclusive rights a lot of people charge 100 usd per hour which is what? 45 pounds an hour or so? because they will be giving you all the original files and never be able to use a single item in that file ever again

anyhow i am bowing out of this conversation because I am finding its about to become an argument of semantics which I dont really want to get into.

good luck hopefully you find someone who will do what you have asked at the price you want.
2014/1/25 22:44:59
what is the acceptable rate? 1 pounds is about 2.5 canadian dollars so that sounds about right (I guess) but you have messaged people and no one has responded so for now i think your out of luck. I am not american or english i am canadian so I am using USD as a standard. In any event it appears you have no takers you might want to try again in a few weeks but try to remember who said no or did not respond. Your probably best off to learn muvizu and its highly unlikely anyone is going to sell you something they already made.

Your going to need to have a concept planned out clearly so they know what you want and if they can do it. Some muivizuers pay for set assets from other sites, others make their own. Sound is another issue again some pay, some make their own and some have agreements with companies etc. Some of us are better with some types of content then others. I think you will find that anyone who can or is willing to do work commercially will have put up a website link that describes what they will do for money. If they have no internet presence or their website is devoid of commercial information its a pretty good bet they are going to say no or not respond.

Those that do have an internet presence are fairly clear about if they will do something for money and what.

Anyone that has responded to you on forums from what I have seen is not able to help for one reason or another.
2014/1/25 22:09:44
what is the acceptable rate? ninamag wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I think you will find some of the users here are frustrated because your bugging them a lot. They give you an answer and your not accepting the answer or understanding.
edited by urbanlamb on 25/01/2014

to all the things that you said, i understand, but to make this comment suggests that you know who and how many i contacted. i contacted less than five people in regards to the topic you are mentioning, and even then, this is not out of line, is it?

5 people is pretty much the entire community anyhow he is frustrated as is at least one more that I know of. Its the fact you posted on the forum they replied and then you contacted them privately. They read the posts and didnt answer or message this means they were not interested,but tried to reply to the questions on the board giving various reasons and still you are repeating yourself after they answered you. This is what someone does when they are trying to get someone to change their minds. Its well pushy its like the salesman that sticks his foot in the door when you want to shut it to prevent you from shutting it.

They have a choice to make are they gonna break your foot or sit there and listen with the door open or yell at you. Your not giving people a lot of choices.
2014/1/25 21:54:05
what is the acceptable rate? I think you will find some of the users here are frustrated because your bugging them a lot. They give you an answer and your not accepting the answer or understanding. This is a very small community of users and your asking for things to exclusive rights over things among other things that really they dont want to give you.

You have posted so many posts asking for help and to pay people and then if they reply to the post you message them as well. So I will give you a figure which is somewhat accurate if i were to place a dollar sign on what is done in this software or other software because we must make assets and textures and even with muvizu take time to set up the animation and then we might have to edit said animation to create the desired effects its hours upon hours of work and people here do it out of love for the medium and dont want it to become work. That being said I think that an opening bid would be an hourly rate of about 40-50 usd per hour minimum to take into account the range of skills that might be needed from asset creation to video compositing and editing skills.

Add to that your also asking for rights to things which they cannot give rights to because its not theirs to give your frustrating a lot of people. Again I suggest instead of taking this approach that you settle down and learn how to use muvizu yourself. Your offering a price on something as if they massed produced it and are selling more then one copy not a price for exclusivity. This is what is bothering them they if they were needing to earn money would in fact earn it with greater ease and faster working at macdonalds in an evening. For all you know fazz might actually work scrubbing bogs at macdonalds. He is simply saying he could make more money doing that and its probably easier and quicker then to slave away for several weeks for 10 pounds which is what you can earn in 1 hour at macdonalds.

Anyhow I would suggest you change your approach you have been asking people to be specific about distribution rights we have tried to answer in the end though most of what is up in the gallery is so common that you can get it anywhere. As for the animations they are a labour of love and for most of the creators you have asked pretty much priceless. If you have a project in mind plan it out post on the collaborations forum and wait. However you have asked in about 10 different ways so far the same thing. You have your answers your just not accepting the information.

this is not a sign to message anyone of the people you have asked or myself to ask if we wuold do the work. I can pretty much predict that they will say no for various reasons. Post and they will message you or reply in a positive manner in the thread. What your doing is trying to convince people who have said no to change their minds. I dont think they will be doing so and I think some are feeling well badgered.
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2014/1/25 16:13:44
Lip Syncing? hi there

there is no way to change the vowels the character uses at the moment no sorry.
2014/1/25 15:29:19
Muvizu Workflow hehe i dont use 2d set backgrounds this is one line of thought that does not hold with all users and styles. They do location shoots in the movies as well and take advantage of the actualy 3d backgrounds and looks. With technology today you no longer are limited to flat 2d backgrounds if the pc can handle it people will do it

myself I build low polygon 3d backgrounds (like the game engines do where they have backgrounds for various levels of detail) these are much more pleasing to the eye even though they are really at that level only just boxes and stuff with the introduction of normal maps and fbx format they have enabled the ability to make everything 3d with very low cost on the graphical end.

using 2d and animating that is only one style and to be honest a style I dont use unless pushed because I hate the look no offense lol its just not something I enjoy watching. Not in hollywood or anywhere else. At present hollywood and most studios now shoot on location this is more of what they do these days and what we are trying to emulate. I love this reel by the way i have watched it about a million times. It was done by a low budget indie studio I hope the film comes to canada one day

This is how I strive to use 3d software you will notice its green screen and 3d objects. In fact this is how entire series are filmed on tv these days against a green screen the 2d background concept is "old" and myself I find myself using muvizu as I would other 3d software low polygon 3d assets (because its a real time engine) in the background where I can and "higher" polygon on the foreground. Or I greenscreen the character and insert 3d backgrounds using keying techniques although my software is not good. These are the techniques I use. I will not use 2d in colour it really can look very bad.

This reel is what I shoot for in my small way. It looks better to me and I am constantly upgrading my pc to accomodate that look on the reel
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2014/1/24 23:34:16
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ fazz68 wrote:
the only thing that hurt the old chugger are urbamlambs monster sets Big Grin

rofl yeah well its law of "bigger and bigger" we purchase pc's and then build things until you think they are gonna blow up so in order to stop this blowing up from happening you just you know get a bigger pc haha. I dont downsize anything I only "upsize" my pc instead Big Grin

In the words of Tim the Toolman Taylor "more power" -
2014/1/24 20:12:47
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ Transparency is not something I want to see if i am trying to set depth of field or work with the actual camera view I dont want the background interfering with my camera settings causing me to be unable to see what is actually there. Adding ram wont work so if your bothered by the trail left possibly 32 bit does not do this but its just the way muvizu is running at the moment and something they will need to repair. IN the scheme of things though I have been ignoring it because its a minor bug
2014/1/24 18:41:59
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ I have this but its not something huge so i haven't said anything lol. (more worried about the performance of the sets etc for now)

Its the trail the window leaves behind to mimic the dragging motion I classify this as lag though and it goes away after a few seconds. Its the default colour you set your window at. My configurations are about the same my nvidia card is a gtx660ti though.
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2014/1/23 13:25:54
Muvizu Workflow i was thinking about lighting the other night as i tried to match the lighting between several sets (lighting and camera settings actually) and had thought about I wished we could save things like lighting set ups and move them from set to set. I would assume that such things are going into their pro package in development as they define is as "mostly" gpu render so they are rebuilding muvizu with such things in mind

To be honest though an animation in regards to how most of those guys work is actually more of a composite where characters are shot seperately from sets and its all combined at the end and they have a specific department for compositing and post processing. Most of these real time engines focus on doing it all in one set more like "real life" and not like 3d or even 2d animation.

Anyhow they need a few things like being able to create a path for cameras to follow or move between waypoints to remove the "gamer" element and they need the ability to save lighting set ups and import them into other sets for consistency. Among other things
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2014/1/22 17:46:43
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets your welcome. I hope you dont think that we are being 'meany heads' simply there are only a few people who create assets and we want muvizu to remain fun and not turn into a chore. When it becomes a chore people tend to avoid said chore
2014/1/22 17:25:14
Show us your Beefy!

2014/1/21 19:37:41
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets d_lock wrote:
I would also have to agree that formalizing some sort of "rights" tag/section for the downloads would allow for more clarity and for everyone's rights to be respected more easily and frequently. Securing rights individually can be difficult/impossible when lots of different assets are used and modified the subsequently removed, then put back in, etc. As a content creator myself, I believe in paying your share for apps, media, software, etc and I actively preach this to all who will listen since I recognize the work that goes in. Please understand that our intentions are for everyone's rights to be respected, and that some type of structure will help the community grow which will benefit us all.
by the way urbanlamb your work is amazing!
edited by d_lock on 21/01/2014

looks like they removed the bit that had it as non commercial and contact the individual anyhow i will attach this license to my profile

I dont care if you use it in commercial works but since i have ryzom stuff mixed in there which is only non commercial I will use this license. Previously their gallery specified that all assets/sets etc were for non commercial use only and if you wanted to use it commercially you had to contact the individual

Anyhow the gallery has recently changed but prior to the change in website they revamped the site and launched as muvizu play it was all labelled as non-commercial only and contact the user individually. Most of us dont care really as long as you dont sell the actual asset then most of us will care but I can't speak for everyone in this respect. I only consider that if i upload it here I can't police things and dont really want to if its in a gallery I am not gonna say or care what you do with it hehe it would be nice to have my name/username up there however for spambot reasons I tend to not post anything here and divert people to my message box :0
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2014/1/21 13:39:23
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets ninamag wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

p.s. I no longer sell assets
edited by urbanlamb on 20/01/2014

who here (or wherever) sell assets, please?

I think that phrase is self explanatory I do not accept money or take fee for services because I have found that people do not want to pay what its worth in many cases. If i do something its in a different venue and I tend to do it via hard and fast contracts. Plainly put if i were to charge you probably could not afford me Big Grin

and I find the low ball offers made to be well insulting considering the work that goes into these things so I have opted out of doing work like this long long ago I stopped

I would like to suggest that you do the tutorials and start making a few animations yourself because I think we have answered all the questions we can. You have posted in the collaboration forum and contacted a few people via the message system. Its actually fairly difficult work to make a decent animation and create assets in all it takes many many hard hours of work. If something looks good its because the person has put a lot of effort into what they are doing. Some of us spend weeks and months on things and just do it for fun as we are like "old" and are doing it for self expression and not financial gain.
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