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2014/2/26 23:07:07
Asset Creation I just have one more ramble (short one)

The reason I started uploading to muvizu was because of people in the community urging me to. Previous to that I was hogging all my assets for me/myself and I. (sets, objects whatever sometimes I stuff things into sets and other times I just post objects if someone asks for the single object). And the only reason I created the "overload" site was for "mega-sets". Unfortunately my sentiments are fairly close to fazz's because I was not uploading them for me I was uploading them for everyone else.
2014/2/26 20:34:58
Asset Creation MrDrWho13 wrote:
It appears that this is Urban's existing site: http://www.pixel-junkies.org/
And this is the assets section http://pixel-junkies.org/shop/index.php
Looks fantastic by the way!
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haha thanks but..

I definately wont be hosting everyones assets it would require me to move to a dedicated server and more of my... time and I would have to get a better script and I absolutely hate scripting and they all need some customization to work no getting around it. Call me antisocial but I like the muvizu one I would host a one or two people but that is all. I would have to know them and that script I have to play with fake UUID's to get it to work and if i put anymore on it my host will get mad at me. So at the moment that would be fazz and I think dylly has his own system as well.

Anyhow for what its worth I wont be expanding this to include "everyone" I just dont have time to run something like this they require babysitting and stuff.

*Phew edited for run on sentances*
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2014/2/26 19:06:58
Asset Creation HayManMarc wrote:

If an asset site couldn't be a mix of free and pay-for assets, I'll join forces with urbanlamb and create a 'free assets' site. You hear that, urbanlamb?

I already have one the site is not the issue the pricetag for bandwidth and sheer size of the database is and I dont want to maintain two sites I am happy with my site but it was to supplement and not intended to be a main stop on the internet as I am small potatoes only and dont want to worry about the entire internet

(I also just spent all christmas making my site mobile friendly and its only just up and running properly again haha)
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2014/2/26 17:59:18
Asset Creation I am not a turbo squid fan anyhow I can understand the issue but I dont like it but I understand it. I am unsure if I want to shoulder bandwidth costs myself haha I am using a virtual server now and really dont want to switch to a dedicated server as I stopped making stuff for commercial gain about 4 years ago. Maybe I can try to use the amazon cloud or something.. *ponders*
2014/2/26 17:36:52
Asset Creation I probably will just host my own as I was setting it up to do just that anyhow I guess I have to search up a better script though .. I kinda enjoy the community stuff though iclone does this as well.
2014/2/25 3:02:25
Little test sample for this one I probably would have added them in wish post production stuff cause the muvizu effects toolbox is lacking in the gun shot department
2014/2/23 0:29:06
WHAT? oh yes what he said I didnt notice this thread

I hate dead air so I stuff wind or crickets or something in dead air spaces (whatever white noise that goes with the background) otherwise yeah normalize your voices and stuff but I hate giving advice anyhow
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2014/2/21 17:10:29
Character stops moving click the link on the thread its a bug there are ways to get around it by not moving any of the motion blocks but its a bug that is intermittent. They are going to fix it however the lead programmer has been ill so they are behind on their bug fixes. Perhaps they have already got an internal build you can try you can contact support with this bug and see if they can give you some temporary help

click this link and fill in the info be thorough and report it all in one shot or your gonna spam them and open multiple tickets

2014/2/20 19:53:59
Codec for rendering yeah 1080 if you like quality but that time limit is the thing. TGA is best but you need a lot of hard drive space. I am actually building a new computer with 3 hard drives and one dedicated to film making to accomodate TGA format. You can eat through 1 terabyte hard drive quickly if your project is more then a couple minutes long
2014/2/20 17:07:12
classic kirk fights. number 1 lol

I knew that rock was coming :P

clever opponent indeed
2014/2/18 18:48:39
Toon Shading LoL I think I recall emailing them about this awhile back maybe use the /support portal on the site to let them know? I know my emails get lost somewhere along the line so I started using their support ticket system. For something like this its probably better to submit a ticket. Then they will notice it for sure Big Grin

2014/2/16 19:59:01
Wooden Eye - my first Muvizu movie lol that was cute nice first movie for sure !
2014/2/14 7:12:29
How do you make them play guitar LEFT HANDED? no the animations are what they are for right handed guitar you could switch the guitar around but the animations would still have them holding the guitar neck in the right hand and strumming with the left hand .. err i am a lefty and my guitar is left handed *holds up hands* yup strumming with left hand
2014/2/13 16:35:41
Share the love! congrats err is it valentines? lol

yes guess it is errm almost tomorrow i guess
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2014/2/10 21:54:51
Hitfilm and Muvizu possibilities lol very cute toonarama i had a few projects like this in mind "merging cartoon and real filmed background" (one day i will you know do this stuff)
2014/2/10 18:21:13
What uses Memory most? imported objects depending on how polygon heavy and the texure size it probably largest. After that is characters if they have any movements they can take a lot of memory however one is taking up mostly graphics card memory (the objects trying to draw them this is mostly gpu in muvizu some engines share the load but i dont think muvizu does this much) and the characters all the data that goes with them is in ram. I also think possibly there is a memory leak inside muvizu I have watched memory consumption jump to insane levels with me doing nothing.
2014/2/2 18:40:41
How do I get Thor on lead guitar? yeah you will have to change to the potatoe head if you want them to play instruments or have him stand very still with a guitar in front of him and fake it

if you use the attachemetn system you could make a thor out of a potatoe head character but it would take time and patience to get it right
2014/2/2 17:15:30
How can i make one eye on a characters you can do this in play + easily enough however the eye would not move like the native muvizu eyes.
2014/1/31 23:46:27
A List of 3d Animation progams.... hehe yes I am not a huge adobe fan because they buy everyone up and pump up the price (although i do use photoshop ^^)
2014/1/31 20:20:49
Coming Soon... yeah those boots with the big spike on the toe area that they can hide an entire cannon in hehe. That would not be hard to make and probably would resemble the footware on my zooks and yooks with a few modifications I guess. Feet in muvizu need oversized boots to make it work and look decent so the foot does not show when they move but its not hard once you figure out how
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