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2014/3/18 22:58:36
Sketchup into Muvizu???? SonOfKong wrote:
Thanks for all the replies. The reason I'm using Sketchup is because it's recommended for models for Muvizu. I have an old copy of 3D max
(v7) unfortunately does'nt run smoothly in windows 8. Personally I use Milkshape 3D for many of my models as I'm familiar with this software.
Many years ago I was into Half-Life editing so used this. The latest version has an .ase exporter that has'nt let me down, as long as I've got the textures done the right way it's fine. Milkshape is excellent for low poly models and is good for applying your own textures. My 3D software of choice would be 3D Max as it's an all round piece of kit. The problem for me is understanding UV mapping and adding textures. Judging by what has been said concerning Sketchup I may un-install it and continue to use Max and Milkshape as at least I can get models into Muvizu without mishap.

It seems to me the sketchup is a redundant step if your making the object inside somethign else which has an ase exporter in it already if muvizu recognizes it.

If you know how to add collision I would think whatever your using you can skip the skethcup because its super easy to add collision just give the object mesh a name and then make a cube small somewhere in the area of your model (the center works best if your not used to it) then UCX_NAME the name of the object mesh is the "name" and then export it but dont group them just the collision cube is loose ungrouped. The mesh is one solid piece not pieces grouped. Triangulate everything first.

its very easy to prepare an object for muvizu if you already know how to make things have mapped them and whatnot. It doesnt matter the software really as long as whatever your using has an ase export file format muvizu recognizes
2014/3/18 12:38:30
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Congo Rats Fazz

waits for obligatory "thank you speech" Big Grin
2014/3/18 0:20:04
Spiderbomb Review nice vid i dont know if i would have much fun with the game however
2014/3/18 0:15:17
Sketchup into Muvizu???? I guess there is no 3dsmax pluggin for ase? did you look at the older export pluggins? I would assume that the model was mapped in 3dsmax as well? if its white there is no uvmapping or it can't find the textures. I guess i dont know why you are using sketchup at all as if you made the model in max you can map it and export it directly to muvizu there is no need for sketchup if you have an ase export pluggin for max.
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2014/3/16 4:11:01
Swivel in a chair? you can't group objects and move them no

since there is no way to swivel the character like an object about the only way you could do this was using stop motion method group them and then rotate them slightly take 2 or 3 frames (tgas sequence) move them another nudge take another sequence etc until your done and then edit the tga's together in a video editor

tis not impossible just fiddly and time consuming
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2014/3/14 20:47:19
Coming Soon... robot from hell by the looks of it I know i wanted to make a robbie the robot from the very old series lost in space but never got round to it. He was all thumbs and my kinda robot!
2014/3/14 18:38:01
Ying Tong Song lol goons its the goons!

yup that butt is scarey Whaaaaa?
2014/3/14 17:50:24
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT yes and read the thread as well and there is a link to something called ziggy mesh in that thread to reduce collision to almost nothing it puts a block in the center this is if i remember all in the sketchup thread.

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2014/3/14 17:26:07
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT you need to worry about collission and things try moving around also yes there is a limit on faces of about 75,000 per object but you would get a different message saying too many faces and giving the limit. This one is collission or size it does have a size limit as well but usually its the collision that is the issue.
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2014/3/14 17:20:14
New characters and animations i still want to be able to bend over and get down on me knees without just using sad and sit on the ground and a few other key things
2014/3/14 17:19:21
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT nothing like a good shrubbery to finish off the set
2014/3/9 20:10:21
that be blasphemy asking if urbanlamb used sketchup Big Grin
i think you will find she used Blender to make her assets
making a skyscraper shouldn't be to hard for you. its basically a huge box with a building texture on it.
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yeah hex evil on those people yeah my stuff was made in blender just simple boxes and circles and such very easy to do low poly stuff and looks more complex then it is although its possible i tossed in a building from 3dwarehouse that i converted i do that sometimes if i find something cool but often end up making a copy of the building from scratch inside blender just using it as a visual referance. I just i know people get upset if i tell em to use blender they start to panic and stuff lol so I just say sketchup instead but as fazz has learned "its really not that hard once you figure out how"

those are the sets used in fact i have created a new metropolis set because i did have some 3dwarehouse buildings in that version so i removed them and made my own with better texture and they are in the 3d portion of this site so i have yet another version of metropololis on my pc unreleased cause i am slow and have not gotten round to uploading it yet to my website as its an oversize set that wont fit on this site






the tall tall dailyplanet was mine but again i i googled "superman daily planet" and the picture came up and i copied it. very easy to make those buildings are all boxes with textures from open sourced texture sites and slapped em on the side.. can't get any easier then that and it looks way better then a 2d backdrop

and superman flying was a green screen overlay in a video editor also very easy to do I just flew the camera around the city inside muvizu that is how movement was made and then I overlayed a green screen of superman flying on the spot that I also recorded in muvizu

here i just slap textures on from these sites really very easy boxes with photos on them


(there makes sense now? I think? )
*goes to have coffee now..*
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2014/3/8 20:18:45
CREATE A PARTICULAR SCENE this is the full version it was an ad for the hero and villains package.

stuff you are not seeing inside muvizu is created in something like sketchup for things
This is all lighting and video editing
he speeded up some scenes in the video editor afterwards

Not sure what else to say this is clips he made inside muvizu and imported into a video editor and edited together for effect
the fog and lighting is from inside muvizu fog under "effects" the lazer eyes are under the character menu "effects"

to learn the basics start here

2014/3/6 17:35:57
Collision boxes? here is some info plus there is lots in the pinned sketchup thread I remember weeding through that thread just to find info on collission and I think that is where I got it.



2014/3/5 17:26:21
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas hehe well if anyone has learned anything about me its I am always going in 10 directions all at once. I suppose I will be idle when I die Big Grin . I have slowed down some over the years but still not as much as I think I have when I see 20 year olds unable to keep up to me ^^

anyhow what was this thread about again *peaks*
2014/3/5 17:05:35
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas WozToons wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

you mean the wav file is part of each tga? I have not seen this but must try it. I assumed that the wav file was seperate but perhaps I am wrong since in muvizu I dont use tga (no point really as my logitech codec makes me happy)

It is a separate file.

I really can't see why people have difficulties with this way of working. Once in Vegas it's the same as any video clip, video track and sound track. Have you ever tried to edit an Xvid in Vegas? Impossible. The less encoding and decoding performed on the initial render the better imho.
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I dont use xvid I dont like it
okay so the wav file is seperate you had me confused to be honest .
There are times when for the purposes of editing you might want some sound with the actual video and there are other times when you dont. I love tga for some things but for most I dont really want to mess with em especially if I am doing something with speeding things up or slowing em down eg: motion tracking I find them hard to work with and there are times when sound is needed to time things. At the end I remove the sound and relay it in its own track but sometimes it can be helpful when timing certain things. It really depends on the application and what your doing with it.
2014/3/5 16:33:33
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas tga's are nice but I am was the assumption that muvizu outputs a seperate .wav file plus at 720p the use of tga is somewhat almost overkill. I had considered using it at 1080p because it makes more sense to do so however you need the space to do it a tga sequence is larger then an uncompressed avi file. In my humble opinion especially at 720p tga sequence is not necessary unless you are wanting to do a stop motion edit then its easier, but to each his own. I know ziggy is using em but he has the hard drive space to do it and is working on a long term project that would benefit from it.
2014/3/5 16:11:01
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas WozToons wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
as woztoons says you can render the entire 20 minute clip as targa sequence however many people find this to be not what they want because they want to preserver sound or something)

A TGA sequence render also produces a .WAV sound file which can be imported into Vegas in the normal way. There is nothing else to preserve. Once in Vegas it is just like any other clip.

you mean the wav file is part of each tga? I have not seen this but must try it. I assumed that the wav file was seperate but perhaps I am wrong since in muvizu I dont use tga (no point really as my logitech codec makes me happy)
2014/3/5 15:17:52
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas if your rendering in avi format because of the codecs that muvizu is taking advantage of the maximum clip size is 1.99 gig if you hit 2.0 gig the file will not play if your rendering at 720p you can render a clip that is 1 minute long maximum due to this limitation. This is a 32bit windows issue which muvizu has not upgraded yet its on their massive board of post it notes.

if you lower the resolution you can output longer clips

or as woztoons says you can render the entire 20 minute clip as targa sequence however many people find this to be not what they want because they want to preserver sound or something but if your getting those messages reduce the size of the clip render to below 2 gig and it will work or should work
2014/3/5 14:49:15
Asset Creation sofie9536 wrote:
i convert fbx files to obj files. with the Autodesk converter. sketchup can edit obj files. Then I export the obj files to ase files. that's all.
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he was asking specifically about textures not the object. Sketchup does't map by default this is something extra that you need to find a way to get to work with minimal effort. From the video you can see that fazz was looking for a way to create a model and then make a custom texture with detail from what I understand about sketchup is that the uvmapping is not great even with a plugin. So I created these tutorial specifically with collision and uvmapping in mind (without actually teaching people to unwrap models for mapping that is a whole other can of worms and people get overwhelmed) so this is a basic entrly level method to easily use objects already mapped from any site and get them into muvizu with a pleasing texture and not just material slots
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