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2014/4/20 22:22:55
The Copyright people are out of control! here adding this now i can't find the really juicy articles I read at the time this started to happen but this has happened with music as well

There are a lot of valid content ID matches and copyright claims but there are a lot of invalid ones as well. Youtube takes it upon itself at times to act (even though the copyright holder has issues written permission) to systematically remove things in giant swathes across their platform. Although I am against people using copyrighted anything without asking permission first its common knowledge that the bulk of companies out there in fact encourage use of their material for marketting purposes.

Anyhow I could only find the gaming fiasco that hit in the new year but there was about one month later a similar one relating to fan made videos revolving around popular songs.

2014/4/20 17:24:49
New experimental video nice effect although I must admit the chorus was my favourite part of the video dont shoot me. I enjoy silly a lot
2014/4/20 17:21:50
Star Child from the Constellation haha this is cute nice work and good luck with your presentation
2014/4/19 20:46:58
Coming Soon... cheezefest 2014 Big Grin
2014/4/19 17:55:32
Coming Soon... yes a new slew of videos has begun

*dusts off me superman sets*
2014/4/18 19:56:45
I am unable to download muvizu in any wi-fi place I would not use wifi to download honestly I dont know if the bandwidth is consistent enough not to mention wifi is expensive and tis a large package

find a hard connection to the internet broadband is preferable

you can try to download the light version of it without the assets on wifi but honestly wifi is not a good way to download software
2014/4/18 19:04:28
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? I dont think its fixed I dont often experience it but others seem to do so a lot perhaps they have an internal build (sometimes they do have one not released yet) it might be fixed contact them and ask if they have a build with this fixed

fair warning sometimes there are other bugs in the internal build

2014/4/18 17:36:12
Keep Getting shot down. Dreeko wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
. I hope they ban your IP.

Looks like they already have as I can't click on his user name any more.

Oh well, no more Nazi porn then it seems.. Sigh
edited by Dreeko on 18/04/2014

us jews especially the female ones have an extra special affinity to Nazi Porn
2014/4/18 17:15:55
The Copyright people are out of control! ukBerty wrote:
Are we blaming YouTube unnecessarily here ?

Surely it's the copyright holders that are making YouTube block things - YouTube themselves would probably not want to bother.

There are plenty of other reasons to move from YouTube though.....

there are cases where companies are allowing it but youtube is doing it "on behalf" of holders there was an article on it awhile back and a few companies came at youtube with guns a blazing because they in fact like the free marketting their products get as a result of the fan made stuff. In the case of actualy songs this might not be the case you have to look at who is claiming it. However in this new age of the interwebs in fact most companies including the large music conglomerates want this stuff to stay up on youtube so they can get some pennies off its use.

There was a slew of takedowns youtube just did about 3 months back that enraged the actual copyright holders as they didnt want their stuff taken down lol. This prompted a bunch of articles on the subject if you do some google searches. There are a lot of legitimate ones though. If you use copyright music though your not safe no matter what you think even if you acknowledge it etc you might turn around one day to find your youtube account gone. A good portion of the time though its youtube doing a kneejerk reaction and coding new bot stuff. Youtube gets sued up the ying yang lol they are like always in court though so I can understand their um approach. The moral of the story is though just dont use copyright music (even then your not safe lol but you minimize the risk)
2014/4/18 17:03:07
The Copyright people are out of control! hehe just remember its youtube doing this mostly not the copyright holders half the time they are unaware so remember to get mad at the right person Big Grin
2014/4/17 22:21:49
Almost human lol that is such a cheesy series it warants the treatment :P

fun as usual fazz!
2014/4/17 17:06:06
Keep Getting shot down. Carole wrote:

We deleted the videos from this thread for the same reasons we deleted the originals - your 'clean version' was linked to the original version in what we viewed as an attempt to bypass our decision.
edited by Carole on 17/04/2014

you left me talking to myself
2014/4/17 17:03:11
Keep Getting shot down. Dreeko wrote:
... So nazi porn is out then? (mental note to self)

edited by Dreeko on 17/04/2014

okay that made me laugh today thanks for that!
2014/4/17 7:01:47
Keep Getting shot down. I watch them in evenings i was just answering your post lol
2014/4/16 22:44:39
Keep Getting shot down. I didnt watch it but they do reserve the right to reject anything if there is any adult or inappropriate stuff in it its highly likely it will get rejected. Anyhow I would talk to them and you probably want to remove the contents of any private pm's its a no no to post the private dealings in public places

They are starting to be more careful these days.

If its not kid friendly your run a risk of being told you can't post it here.

I run into few issues all my stuff is kid friendly and its usually something else causing it to be blocked like last block was the network I was in trying to do me a favour and syndicate my stuff without telling me so i had to send them a little note and flip a bunch of switches .. and tell them "dont touch please without telling me"
2014/4/16 20:35:53
Time for Unreal engine 4 for Muvizu? yeah unreal 4 is um epic they are learning that you know us "little people" like things too so more and more things are being made "user friendly" for the artist types I was looking at those videos awhile back some interesting new bits. The studio bit for unreal 3 is pretty nice too you just need to download and install and play with it.. its not as user friendly shiny though

*cough* you can use this for non commercial right out of the box as with unreal 3 if your curious
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2014/4/16 19:13:20
Keep Getting shot down. did they actually reject it or did it just not pop up in their cms ? youtube is interesting anyhow if your asking this is the gallery for mostly us the peanut gallery if you want a clear answer quickly use their support ticket system they can tell you why.


Lots of bugs and reasons for it. Make sure its not syndicated in your youtube settings as well before you ask them its possible its somehow syndicated by accident youtube seems to arbitrarily turn things on and off so make sure syndication is turned off and you have it set to be accepted by all website types etc.
2014/4/14 22:03:15
Coming Soon... haha nice photos yes crowds are hard to make them no all look like clones
2014/4/11 17:46:41
Transparent AVI? yes you can do this you have to change a setting inside your config file.

2014/4/11 6:30:41
Asset Creation ukBerty wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I dont want to burst to many bubbles but that error was there when they launched fbx so its been there for awhile.

Oh Urban, let us dream......

haha no problem they are working on a pro version so that might be from that just the backbone is basic muvizu architecture although it needs to share its render between cpu and gpu in the pro version i think or it will throw a hissy fit
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