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2014/5/15 0:39:18
Some more trees Hello Since everyone loves a good shrubbery and since I made these for Mr hamster and since they are well .. for muvizu i thought I would post em here since I can't put em in the gallery anymore. One is abstract cartoony the other two are well not..

They are ASE format so can be used in any version of muvizu as the unreal 3 fbx format does not recognize transparency masks so they are in ASE format

No Id texture
alpha to opacity mask
DOUBLE sided

Here is the download Link (right click and select save as)
(its on drop box so if you ever intend to use em i would download them now as I clean out my drop box stuff when it gets full so its just a temporary link)
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2014/5/14 20:26:05
A way around the 4 camera limit? haha no not really its just people learn over time its just after you spend years making videos and animating you learn stuff. Anyhow glad you got it to work
2014/5/14 18:17:12
A way around the 4 camera limit? nope in this case you can only have 4 cameras this is a muvizu limit sorry

you would need to make a copy of the set and give it a new name and move the cameras where you want. You dont need to delete the timeline you can leave it there and move the start and end markers for the second scene down the timeline and carry on from there with the second copy of the set. This is more of an organization issue then a muvizu thing of course if they had unlimited cameras it would be easier but most engines even with no camera limit will grind to a halt if you have too many of them around
2014/5/13 22:22:24
Help Please! for this one i think you probably will need to contact support although make sure your pc meets the minimum specs first.

2014/5/13 20:43:51
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! haha no I am 50'ish not 'old' but not 'young' anyhow glad you got it to work
2014/5/13 19:49:11
I need man skirts, original cast w/ super powers not all the characters do the same thing so basically I guess the answer is NO. They didnt make leg attachements and not all the effects from superhero's carry over to the regular characters and visa versa and same with animations.
2014/5/13 18:42:35
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! rofl well your welcome I think ziggy mentioned this issue awhile back as well to you anyhow always uncheck that box. I think muvizu should have it unchecked by default but I think its not. (maybe it is now they keep changing that setting so i forget unless I have it open)

2014/5/13 17:30:34
Help! My characters are stuck on the roof! sounds like they got stuck in the dome? disable "can be walked on" for all your props it sounds like they are going beyond the geometry. In this case if they are above or below the work area of muvizu the only solution is to delete it via the menu that shows all the objects in the scene (scene menu ) and redo it.

before you start ensure to uncheck the box on all objects in the set "can be walked on" unless you want the character to walk on it. If its somewhere close to the path the collision box may interfere especially if your using props that have default collision in them
2014/5/12 20:44:14
Live! from E.V.I.L. Episode 4 - Escape from EVIL! omg that was truly hilarious I give it a more then two thumbs up for your far too expensive for this production explosion lolol
2014/5/12 19:26:27
Dalek nice video mr dr
2014/5/12 19:24:55
helloooo This is my favourite place however you will need to convert the models which is not hard.


you can use the autodesk converter if your not worried about collision or you can add collision in blender or some other application and slap on a few textures while your at it.
2014/5/12 19:22:29
How can I use smooth transitions between scenes? Yup you need to use a video editor and for those people that dont know it youtube has a built in editor that you can edit your clips together in and put some text and make a title and add some simple transitions.
2014/5/11 16:06:55
Who's On First Cute Mr Hamster!
2014/5/10 20:19:54
Movement problem Yes this is an old bug i have taken advantage of at times. You will need to make a copy of the avatar and remove the old one. I dont know if there is any other way to deal with it. You will have to edit your video at that point just copy him and place him in the exact position of the one that is bugged and keep the ends where you have to replace him (old and new) and edit this glitch out when you assemble the video
2014/5/9 19:32:23
Star Child from the Constellation yes i was going through that prezi info nicely done that I liked that. Neat tutorial!
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2014/5/7 21:23:09
Hatsune Miku - All Around The World yup i definately need to spend some money on vocaloid i enjoyed listening to those thanks!
2014/5/7 0:30:25
Just One Piece Competition I think fazz is making one too
2014/5/6 23:43:59
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object MarkWaldo wrote:
I think Urbanlamb will agree with me that the best free 3d editor is Blender. Since it can do almost anything but has a bit of a learning curve, I totally recommend it. Once you have it you can download the free fbx import/export module from their website (www.blender.org)

i have managed to turn a few muvizu users to "the dark side" and they are starting to use blender. I would not call it an editor though its more of a studio which is why it scares people but I think Mr hamster has managed to tame it as well. He sent me a copy of a toon car he was working on that looked really nice.

*rubs hands together*

excellent... Drink
2014/5/3 19:34:22
fatal error! your welcome hopefully it stays working now
2014/5/3 16:51:35
fatal error! works for me i downloaded it and chose

file -> open
and then clicked the file on my desktop and opened it and it loaded

I am not sure what version of muvizu your using is it a recent one from the site or one you have had for awhile if its an older one maybe download a new copy and do a fresh install.
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