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2014/6/24 18:49:36
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? glad you got it to work *cough* i dont use blender for fbx in muvizu lol I did try it though but i wanted to get normal maps and other things on which blender won't do ... but like i said i did try it. If i am not adding a normal map and just using plain textures I think I used blender for my fbx attachements in my strange purple butter battle video.

I prefer to use blender because i like the ui better (yup that's right I prefer blender set up way much better) so I am hoping that these normal map issues etc are solved in the next big summer release otherwise I guess I will bend to the will of the commercial market..
2014/6/23 20:18:18
Coming Soon... i think the one on the right is a puffer fish i am unsure what the one on the far left, but I guess fazz has figured out transparency and is now putting it to use Big Grin
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2014/6/23 14:37:04
FBX not smooth lol just had this conversation in another thread but here are pictures if your trying to figure it out Big Grin

2014/6/22 21:53:52
hello, new here oh my you have been busy. Your doing some serious "muvizu grinding" and it looks awesome!
2014/6/22 21:53:10
Transparacy Issue? the modifier? that one?

when you add it until you hit apply the effect is native to blender only if you want it to be present outside of blender you need to hit apply, but then you cant undo what you did after that so be sure to make a second copy and move it to another layer and apply the modifier there and keep the original unmodified copy intact.

study those pictures well i keep having to clean out that photo bucket account as its almost at capacity so they wont be there forever
2014/6/22 19:52:15
Transparacy Issue? here is the smooth modifiers but i would not use them until i looked at my vertex count

again use in object mode to apply it you need to add the modifier and edit it in edit mode

2014/6/22 16:34:47
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling he was just looking for a mesh basic model copy to build his assets on. Its quite common for companies to release the basic model (especially the head) for creators to build their clothing around along with a white paper. This is all that was asked for

edit: *waits for render engine patiently* I hope it has a blender plugin is all i have to say I think you will get lots of takers as some of us are blender "fanbois" (okay well I am, but there are other like me out there who pay money to blender foundation to keep them developing their stuffs)
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2014/6/22 16:31:55
Transparacy Issue? ase is roundy yes this is the way ase works fbx is more accurate

you will need to use smooth and add normal maps if you want those edges to go away basically fbx is being more accurate about it all. So that is normal. Fazz got transparency to work as well he figured it out last night you will need to add smooth modifiers and other things in blender but watch your vertex count. However if you use the set to smooth shading it does help a bit

here is smooth shading you can try that it gets rid of some of it use it in object mode

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2014/6/22 0:02:46
Transparacy Issue? for ase? you need to create an alpha layer mask for the transparent areas this can only be done with a proper tga texture you create an alpha mask for the areas you want to be transparent ..

or in fbx you use materials you would assign a material one for the helmet part and a second for the visor part and use transparency sliders

Personally because its a visor you dont want it completely transparent so i would go with the fbx method the ase method is really only good for trees and the like where you need a truly invisible area
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2014/6/21 18:22:08
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling I have asked and so have others for models. Just the basic ones for building props on them etc but we have never gotten an answer so basically that means "no"
2014/6/21 13:49:51
anyone here use cinema 4d Cinema 4d is not very popular its really for movie making itself so people working with real time engines dont use it. You can check the wiki for generic hints if you like but really its not a widely used program for asset creation. http://muvizu.com/Wiki
2014/6/21 1:04:44
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? its a bit buggy and it likes just cubes for collision it hates more then one or it did last time I tried for that. Also in the wiki is how to make things shiny etc etc fazz wanted the info and since its something that everyone would want i plopped it in the wiki

as usual I created a highly technical and complex title for the info :/


for more complex collision with ASE format if you used cubes that had a slight gap between them then it worked well plus you have to name the meshes appropriately

so if the object is "house" you need to label the meshes UCX_house1, UCX_house2 etc theoretically if it was in unreal engine you could make one continuous collsion mesh as long as you obeyed the rules but it seems not to work well in muvizu. What was working was cubes (or rectangles whatever it was it was a box that I proportioned properly) i did not join them up or anything i just used a bunch of cubes with slight space between them although the only reason i needed it was for something like a flight of stairs. I actually just often use a single small cube and make most of my stuff 'almost no collission'

with the fbx what I found is that the collision was only calculated properly if you put the origin for the mesh at the center of mass and the collision cube at this spot as well with its origin at the collision cubes center of mass. Since I was never interested in making accurate collision unless it was for stairs this was good enough for me but that is what I did find out that worked consistently with the new muvizu play+ and fbx

However if you find the ASE exporter (there is one that works well with blender by the way) you can make accurate collision as with the 'house' example out of bunches of cubes. Dont join them into a single mesh though they must remain loose

here is the tail end of a video for ASE and in the description below is links to the ase exporter that was working (last I checked) I dont know if its up to date for the most recent version of blender since fbx format is more universal I just was using only that

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2014/6/21 1:01:44
A little Star Wars Parody rofl i must learn to speak whatever it is wookies speak. Nice stuff i expected a fighter to fly by near the beginning
2014/6/20 22:03:46
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
that would be his vocalization trumpet

well thanks for clearing that up okay then it be a "vocalization trumpet" Big Grin
2014/6/20 2:06:57
Coming Soon... lol maybe its lack of sleep but i feel compelled to ask you why that guy by the door tried to swallow a lamp Big Grin

anyhow looks nice fazz I like your little bed there
2014/6/17 22:15:26
weirdness ah cool yeah i dont fart with codecs in muvizu i use the uncompressed or targa but targa has no sound so if there was some sound you wanted to preserve it would be harder still so i didnt suggest it.

anyhow just make your videos strategically and use the little clips method to me this is easiest to work with any encoding can be a problem and there is not hard set rule to it .. and sometimes just a different pc will yield different results.

Glad you got it to work
2014/6/17 0:00:47
weirdness Yeah this is codecs I dont use xvid because well the quality is poor you could try uncompressed but the files are very large but it will give you max quality and then edit in an editor. Files need to be less then 2.0 gig for the pc to read so you will need to make small clips and piece them together.
2014/6/12 16:28:51
Rifle???? hi there

if your using regular muvizu you will need to do a stop motion put the rifle in the scene and take a shot of him shooting and then some other shots with the rifle down

if you want him to hold the rifle and move with it the only way to do that is use play + and import it in as an attachment.
2014/6/9 20:11:14
New mod! welcome muvizu_chap glad to see someone hanging around Big Grin
2014/6/5 1:21:34
I'm having a nightmare! do you have snap to grid turned on? errm i can't remember what menu that is in but turn it off and you should be able to adjust it easily enough.
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