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2015/7/8 20:32:00
It's all happening here! Clam wrote:
I took MrDcWho13's illustration to mean that the camera follows Mikey, then we go back and layer on each option we choose: The camera follows Mikey, we add some rotation, then add some zoom in, and so on--recording each layer one at a time. I realize the "Follows Mikey" doesn't necessarily mean it roams with Mikey, but if it did, I think this would be a fast, efficient system with precise control.

Yes but not all camera movements are to follow characters I would have to create a character for each movement? LOL then in order to not see the characters I would have to set them to invisible. Now some people's pc's probably would not like all those walk animations and movements on top of the camera data.

in some cases mikey would also need to fly a follow cam is very restrictive and scenes come to life with camera switches and movements as this is how you basically tell the story. Camera movement is super important to keep the viewer focused on what you want them to focus on.

These two videos are basically impossible for me to create in muvizu with regard to camera movement and its one reason why I had to search up alternatives yet both of these would be doable in muvizu if they let me do proper camera movement.

2015/7/8 19:57:11
It's all happening here! Danimal wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
What I want to see is a keyframe system with coordinates and a path/track to put the cameras on.

Without a doubt this would be incredible. The mysterious/mythical email did mention something related to keyframing being added in a future release but didn't specify what. We can always hope!

yup adding more knobs to the camera that I have to try to drive and make fine tuned movements for .. well it wont be helping me or anyone who is getting a bit on in years. I always think about seniors using this program and think to myself that they probably are pulling their hair out with this twitch oriented system.

All we need is a pathing system similar to the way they move the characters click on the floor/ground in a few places or above the ground (whatever) tell the camera to look at an object or set of objects at different points in time and set the speed and you have most of what is needed to move the camera in a reasonable way.

Of course the wierd spiral track systems I enjoy using in some cases would still not be possible without designing some sort of path to move it along like a dolly, but just the above and give me a way to move the stuff around on the timeline and speed up/slow down the camera would be awesome. It would also mean that people would not spend 3 hours on a simple camera pan which if you think about it if muvizu is supposed to be about making things quick and easy well this is all wasted hours that could be used on making a cool model or texture for a model to use in muvizu.

ziggy72 wrote:
I like MDW13's layout - anything is better than what we have now though, and the camera system has been needing improvement since forever. Having said that, I just discovered Motion Blur in the settings and I'm having fun making things whiz by in front of the camera. I'm easily amused The Bloom setting is a nice addition too - saves me having to fake it all the time with extra lights. The new way of using depth of field is a little more involved than before, but it's better (as far as I can tell).

I actually made a short animation last week, but it's been sitting on my machine while I wait for the Gallery to get fixed. So, while I'm waiting, I'm going to reshoot it using the new tricks and see how it looks - the AO is already helping.

more buttons are fun eveyrone loves buttons but they really are not dealing with the camera issue it just looks impressive like when my other half buys stuff cause of the knobs and buttons and dials. Its like uh .. what makes this model that is way more expensive better then the one we already have the answer.. "it looks cool" yeah bobbert i love you dearly but we dont need more buttons they both do the same thing.. This is a person who is 6'3" he decided he wanted a mazda rx7 cause it was "cool' uh bobbert firstly our nice servicable toyota and honda we got because they do what we need and we can fit our long legs in them how are you gonna even sit in that thing? "but its cool"
"no bobbert you cannot spend our savings on a race car that you cant even fit into!"

*queue manjoke stereotype*

so although those buttons "look cool" they dont address the underlying problem so it would be nicer that they spend time on a more usable system instead of putting more knobs on this one which I wont ever use because the cameras drive me batty so I would simply continue to ignore any knobs and wait for a usable solution LOL.
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2015/7/7 23:42:54
It's all happening here! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Danimal wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
We also need a better camera system this is the biggest handicap in this software

i agreeApplause

The MrDrWho Camera animation system (Version 1. Awaiting patent )
Each option would take you to a separate prepare menu, and you could use multiple types at any given time.
Custom would take you to the old camera prepare menu.

(direct coming soon)

yeah no I can't use those movement things I am not twitchy enough anymore. What I want to see is a keyframe system with coordinates and a path/track to put the cameras on. This present system or anything build on it will only lead to the same frustrating issues that leave me just not moving the cameras.
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2015/7/7 18:19:07
Can't download Full version I Don't think it works this way you download the trial and then upgrade and it patches it for you. So download a trial and enter your registration number and it will patch in the full version.
2015/7/7 15:53:34
It's all happening here! I got forwarded the other muvizu mail and basically the mogul email is the same

toonarama wrote:
I don't suppose there is any mention of importing animations and/or characters?

Lets hope they find a way as this is a very large kettle of fish LOL since likely we would want to use the animations they have inside the software already and any new ones we may make.

We shall see I guess at the moment for what I want to do I have hit a muvizu wall which can be partially fixed with the keyframe animation, but we need to be able to group objects with characters and move the entire group etc so they can drive a car properly or fly an airplane.

We also need a better camera system this is the biggest handicap in this software for many including myself. I simply cannot get the camera movements I want using the motion system they have in place.
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2015/7/7 14:00:46
It's all happening here! I got an email for Moguls but no other that is fine though I figured it out after reading the forums.
2015/7/6 18:51:21
It's all happening here! Glad to see these changes happening such a neat application with so much potential if the right decisions are made.

Thank you for your continued support of this product!
2015/5/19 18:20:38
Animations for kids stories LOL dreeko that is what i use as well and my "recording studio" is a big plastic box that I purchased at canadian tire and lined with egg crate foam you buy in the bedding section to put on top of beds.

I am very high tech Big Grin
2015/5/13 15:59:20
Coming Soon... Nice fazz

Yes they fixed the lighting now it works LOL I can't remember now but is there not some way to turn of shadows on the lights? turn off the shadows on the directional main light and use lights inside the train to light it up for the shadows you know.. you actually want :P

If there isn't since they fixed the lighting they should probably add such a feature.. I might be getting my softwares mixed up..
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2015/5/9 22:55:47
shut up!!zip it!...shh! youtube changed their API again. I sent in a support ticket to Digimania and they are working on fixing it. Basically they need to change some bits and pieces so it works. It will take them a few days to fix it.
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2015/4/27 20:58:47
Frickin Huge videos just convert it to something like 720p dont stick with 1080p. Mpeg is known to be huge so go with a type of avi or something. The muvizu codecs that come with the software are not the answer to a final video format they are an in between

However for 20mb and 3 minutes he is going to need to go to SD from HD or at least back down to 720p
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2015/4/24 18:58:34
File not found try the assets in the gallery to import those

here i know mine work and i know fazz's work



and if they give the same error report the bug here
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2015/3/20 15:50:37
Have an object drop from the sky They way i make rocks fall is to put them on 0 gravity and animate the gravity setting by moving the slider to full gravity and then it falls. You dont need to put them on a plane unless its a character those you need to place them on a plane or objects up in the sky.
2015/3/19 20:04:57
FBX UDK editor stuff. yes the loc/rot is because unreal 3 had some intersting ways of interpreting info and its only needed if your importing FBX formated files ASE does not suffer from this.

You should just need to worry about the origin of the model which sets the pivot point of the model and collision mesh which obeys unreal engine parameters but again these are all game engine things one learns.

These are all mechanics that are not limited to unreal but are present in all of these game engines so once you learn it with one engine you learn it for the rest. The modelling you learn in blender will be identical in maya or 3dsmax or any other 3d program the only difference is the blender user interface. And once your getting into FBX you start to need to understand some of the principles of things otherwise you will never learn and retain the information.

Any issues I have seen people have all have related to understanding what a material is or a uv map is or collision or some other basic modelling principle.
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2015/3/18 4:43:50
FBX UDK editor stuff. I didnt make videos on this stuff because its all over youtube its all generic info that applies to unreal and applies to any 3d software package and is not really specific to muvizu.

for loc/rot/scale this is something you learn its not needed with most things unless they are animated and contain a skeleton, but unreal is persnickity

so just apply loc/rot make sure its at the center of the scene at 0.0.0 and it should all be good. If its still not working apply scale but this is not usually needed.

the rest is in the muvizu wiki which is here

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2015/3/17 23:03:02
FBX UDK editor stuff. You kinda need to understand what is going on to learn a lot of this stuff unfortunately you need to learn how the basics unreal works and what is meant by collission and how to add it. There is a wiki you might want to read that unfortunately it might sound like greek if you haven't spent time to learn the underlying stuff.

It sounds like collission and where your origin is set because when it comes to fbx since its used for holding animation information you need to set the location, rotation and scale of the thing. You will need to look up info on blender and unreal engine if your using this stuff. (well really when working with any software) I posted some videos awhile back from youtube on an explanation of how to set up the loc/rot/scale they are generic videos but this is what you need to do. (add collission such that muvizu recognizes it and set loc/rot/scale of the objects and put the origin in a logical place for the object your working with)

I really can't teach this beyond telling people what to look up because most problems revolve around understanding the mechanics of it all.


Its not really hard once you learn it but it does have a curve to it.
2015/3/6 19:58:35
Coming Soon... looking good ziggy, but I am thinking maybe you should start a new coming soon thread the lag often when I open the thread from downloading photos due to the number of pages in the thread is starting to get noticable :P

It loaded well today but somedays its laggy if i dont open it up to the very last page ^^
2015/3/3 22:22:00
The Future of Muvizu revealed! yeah it can get creepy and wierd so i try to not go there :P
2015/3/3 19:48:36
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
Love Muvizu, but surely this sofftware would be the best in the world if they put more realistic avatar as the iclone6, our WOULD BE PERFECT. Maybe one day

lol I am making cartoon avatars for iclone because I am not a fan of "realism" all those pixar movies and whatnot you will notice one thing about them. They never ever try to mimic real life too closely and always cartoonize everything. There is a reason for that

This is a first avatar so the will improve on the next round most of my time was spent learning how to comply with their g5 and now g6 constraints so the animations worked smoothly. You will notice this is definatly not an attempt to mimic "realism"

had to delete the video so here is a still shot instead..

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2015/3/3 3:52:07
The Future of Muvizu revealed! I might give this a whirl soon.. I must confess I am deeply burried in iclone6 at the moment and have made a decision to start producing full avatars for that software.
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