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2015/7/27 15:09:25
LOADING A VIDEO GALLERY OF MUVIZU THROUGH YOUTUBE the upload is not working correctly unfortunately its not recognizing anything except raw avi files. I sent a support message but I upload to youtube in another format so its not fixed yet
2015/7/26 20:58:06
imported object floats in the air no but from a comments it appears that there is an error in the file.
2015/7/26 19:24:32
imported object floats in the air Its up to you if you don't want to add a collision shape however your going to have trouble building sets if you dont put your own boxes on them. Its totally up to you. The knife you saw behaved that way because I put in a collision box in a certain area.

If you leave it to muvizu to calculate the box well your going to run into the trouble you have seen. I have always created my own objects however as I found using objects from places like the warehouse its more work to get it to work then it is to do it from scratch.
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2015/7/26 13:28:16
imported object floats in the air Its likely the way you have them configured when I open up the castle it says .obj remove the .obj and just put the name of the object and you have not added a collision box.

Since there is also no collision .. muvizu calculated a box which is why its not able to move anywhere so put a collision box in the castle. I have just finished a video and am waiting for upload to be turned on .. on the site.. if they dont turn it on next week i will just upload it directly onto youtube.

however the two problems I see is the lack of a collision box so muvizu has made one and it will always be way too large for the object making it unusable and the .obj in the name is likely affecting it and muvizu is not allowing it to have any properties

On a side note you also have a ton of flipped faces so the top half of the castle is not visible without it being double sided and this causes performance issues and you run outa ram fast as muvizu has throttled ram back .
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2015/7/25 15:09:19
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Dreeko wrote:
toonarama wrote:
As all Muvizu assets are made in Maya this is just as much a muvizu video as any other and shows what could be achieved by making import available plus some skill or money spent on bought assets


Although, the Muvizu mantra is "direct don't animate".
With all animations created in another software program to just import and render using Muvizu for me doesn't make it "as much a Muvizu video as any other"
A muvizu video for me has been created using the character actions available, the head and eyes direction, and all other real-time puppetry methods which make Muvizu (for me) an original and an enjoyable creation experience.

Muvizu directs. That's always been the goal. To make it an animation software that creates cartoons in as close to realtime as possible. Yes there are aspects which could benefit from keyframing eg cameras but I hope that Muvizu stays true to its tagline -

(altogether now)..

Leave the high powered rendering to RenderDm.

That's why they made it!

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What is the difference between a third party makes the lamb or in my case dancing fruit or muvizu making the lamb or dancing fruit. We can already import 3d static objects. There is no reason to not allow people to import joe blow's lamb and joe blow's animations instead of waiting for muvizu to create another character they invision once or twice a year.

This is i am presuming the entire point of them revamping the asset shop to make it possible for people to make stupid cartoons of any kind using muvizu which is in fact really just a rendering package where they have hard coded the paramaters. So I see no reason why other then it competes with the renderdigiwhatsits package for them to not allow imports of more then just props. This will make it true to their word and allow them to raise the price of their software and let people make what they want instead of what muvizu thinks they should make.

The only difference between this cartoon and what we can do in muvizu now is that he made a custom avatar, custom props (this we can do now) and a handful of custom animations. If that lamb had become part of the muvizu character lineup then it would be possible to do that video ourselves in fact the entire point of that project was for them to make a custom set of characters and animations so that school kids could make videos using him as a character which in fact is the entire point of muvizu

so they are being true to their word and would remain true to their word if they opened up the back end.
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2015/7/24 15:58:28
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do tis unlisted so draws no views from passers by I guess he just wanted it on his blog
2015/7/23 3:38:46
king's mantle This is done by muvizu central its not a player created asset. So like animations and importing characters we cant do soft cloth because they have not implemented it for users.
2015/7/22 19:26:30
king's mantle okay soft cloth and those physics is not possible (yet) to turn on this is something they really need to add. After I posted information I thought to myself "i wonder if he knows that there is no soft body physics yet"

anyhow yes this is the problem with assets in muvizu at the moment we are quite restricted to solid mesh.
2015/7/22 15:48:28
FBX import errors (of course errors) yup i started a video last night then had to put it down for life the universe and everything but I will try to get one going tonight.
2015/7/21 19:28:54
FBX import errors (of course errors) lol basically that is what I am saying to do with the fbx but outside blender. I will make a "how to put a box for collision" video I guess.

Slap a box in the center of an object is pretty much the same no matter the software. I just dont use any automated anything for stuff but yeah "its really not that hard"

for the fbx in muvizu you need to set loc/rot but I do think there is a bug in regards to this and hopefully they can find it.
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2015/7/21 18:05:48
FBX import errors (of course errors) I think for the fbx you would need to alter the fbx file code as one does with the ASE file after its made. (outside of blender or whatever software your using) its.. errm I think they use binary .. again I can't remember I just decided how it was done and now its automatic.

Blender software is open sourced but I imagine the solution would be to do this after the file is created so you would build an object with no collision. Then using a script add a collision box of set dimensions.

The collision boxes in blender or any software you use that are to be used in muvizu all use the same naming protocol to be recognized which is UCX_modelname so the script would simply search for or insert a box named UCX_modelname and make the box 1x1x1 (or maybe 0.1x0.1,0.1 you would have to test for that) and position it at 0,0,0 but the only way this can work in my mind is outside blender to add it to the end of an fbx file in the appropriate place and on the appropriate line.

That is as far into coding I will ever get LOL

for myself I dont always zero out collision because I make models that I might want to snap together in a certain place so i create collision that make this easier.

They wont be removing collision from muvizu because then the characters would not work etc so it needs to stay and since they are using unreal they are dealing with the constraints they added. Anyhow if you can read code you can open up an fbx file and examine some I think I have loaded some onto the site that i built some collision into. You can I guess see what line they add the collision box at and then go from there I guess? Again I am not much of a coder other then I know that I only learn to code when put into a corner and each time because I hate it so much I basically have to relearn it and then I quickly forget it after I complete the task because I hate coding with a passion so we will call that 'selective forgetting'.

Anyhow I can't code my way out of a paper bag so its probably not a good thing for me to try Big Grin. but the answer would be to crack open an fbx file and see where they insert the UCX_ modelname and go from there. (outside of blender)

In the end models made that people sell or give away outside of muvizu have no collision built into them they are just the mesh model. So adding it to a file that is fbx after it is created is fine. The collision mesh constraints are specific to each game engine so no modeller would build with collision in place for giving out for general use in each case this would be added afterwards by the purchaser unless he is selling specifically for a single piece of software as in the case of muvizu.

edit.. I need to make friends with the word collision but I never do
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2015/7/21 17:11:44
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? yeah we are just the peanut gallery if your code is not working you need to talk to the company at the support portal that fazz just posted. They have been upgrading/changing things for a few weeks so its possible things are not working correctly for some.

As they say in the coding world ...

"99 bugs on the wall 99 bugs.... take one down and pass it around 125 bugs on the wall"...
2015/7/21 15:38:38
Email notifications their email is not working correctly for a lot of things .. I am assuming they have been tinkering in the background so its messed things up.
2015/7/21 15:32:47
FBX import errors (of course errors) I dont think anyone has created a script. I have always (even with ASE) just did collision manually because I would take advantage of it in certain props for ease of placement. Anyhow I dont know who wrote the first script was it ziggy? maybe he can be convinced to tinker with FBX and make one for use with FBX meshes
2015/7/21 0:26:18
king's mantle lkelemen wrote:

Why do I need the autodesk converter?
Thanks for the wiki link.

In case the fbx version that carrarra exports as is not the one that muvizu recognizes so you will need to convert to fbx 2011 or 2012. I think they upgrade carrarra from time-to-time so its possible that its the wrong version of fbx but this is easy to fix.
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2015/7/20 19:43:33
king's mantle
I would like to use Carrara and FBX import. Is that possible?

Yes this is possible if you use play+ you need the correct version of FBX. Technically if you use carrara you just need to get the autodesk converter which is free and bear in mind that since its unreal 3 certain properties may not be supported by muvizu

however you should be able to export with a properly uvmapped object the following layers
diffuse map
normal map
specularity map
opacity map (sort of) it doesn't seem to support a true map but you can use materials and assign opacity properties to an object based on the material layer.
Emmissive is also supported

its FBX 2012 I think .. again I forget this because it was long ago that i looked up that info.

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2015/7/20 18:47:34
FBX import errors (of course errors) ah okay I was curious. You just need to figure it out but really "its not that hard" hehe. I should make a bumper sticker with that info on it because FBX does work you just need to learn how to add collission and stuff but it lets you do things like make shinies etc etc. I put that info for blender on how to turn on shinies for basic stuff in the wiki cause "its not that hard" Big Grin

The secret to using FBX does seem to be learning what buttons to push in blender and since they are available for use on steam they have added two fbx exporters one of which is compatible with muvizu 100%.
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2015/7/20 16:12:27
FBX import errors (of course errors) So am I the only one who has managed to use FBX inside muvizu successfully? I dont use ASE anymore once they introduced FBX I switched over. The thing about FBX is that you sort of need to be able to mess with things and understand what is going on in order to use it.

ASE is depricated and no longer used so it would be prudent to try to learn the ins and outs of FBX. Unless you like using old software and dont intend on upgrading your pc or changing to new windows versions. As time passes models created by others out in the rest of the world will be less and less adaptable to ASE since no one uses it and the software to create items is also changing at a very fast pace.
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2015/7/20 0:10:27
FBX import errors (of course errors) I would check this info on the wiki


-you need the right version of fbx its 2011 or 2012 autodesk I forget right now .. its automatic as i have an exporter I use and forget the parameters of the one I chose long ago now
-there needs to be a collision mesh of some sort defined if you leave it to muvizu to define it.. well it probably will make errors and be unusable even if it manages to figure one out.
-and it needs to be triangulated
-also there might be a map not supported by muvizu so make sure you have the right maps defined
- there is a polygon limit you need to be aware of as well.
for more info you should probably search out the basic info on unreal engine fbx format for unreal engine 3.0 as most of the information is the same.
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2015/7/8 20:43:02
It's all happening here! MrDrWho13 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
All we need is a pathing system similar to the way they move the characters click on the floor/ground in a few places or above the ground (whatever) tell the camera to look at an object or set of objects at different points in time and set the speed and you have most of what is needed to move the camera in a reasonable way.

A couple of things to add to this idea:
  • Smooth corners (or at least the option to enable them) so the camera does not jerk at each set point.
  • The option to rotate the camera while it is moving or even the option to set it to look at a point or object.

  • When I can make videos like that in muvizu then i will be happy. LOL (ignore the characters I am speaking in this case about cameras) My videos all suffer from the same issues in muvizu and it sort of always crippled the quality of what I produced .... it was always the cameras that drove me batty and I always had to settle and compromise even if I could solve every other issue with stop motion and green screen camera behaviour was not something I could 'fix' . Whaaaaa?

    as long as its a twitch based behaviour no it wont help.. I wont get into why because quite frankly its a barrier to creativity based on a physical attribute which.. I will never ever posses so knobs wont be helping me LOL
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