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2015/8/27 1:54:16
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? yeah mine don't spaz dance because I turn off the keep upright button the second I import it. That was me turning off float in the air and picking up the object and dropping it in mid air to the ground so people could see how I did the collision.

For each object you import to muvizu yes you need to add a collision box.

You have to import each object seperately unless you wanna join them all into one gigantic mesh and add some collision but.. I would not recommend that pile of mesh approach

the spaz dance is a sort of wobble it starts off slow and picks up momentum and kinda wobbles maddly lol. It sort of picks up speed as it collides with the ground.
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2015/8/25 23:48:45
Export FBX + mesh from UE4 into Muvizu? you can start here

there is more in the wiki basically all the info is there just read through it. If you have any questions after post em here we can try to answer. Basically just import mesh and figure how collision works.

I have forgotten what version unreal 4 fbx is, but muvizu is using unreal 3 which uses fbx errm 2011 or 2012 version so if you find it says its the wrong version you can download the autodesk converter and change it to that version of fbx.
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2015/8/22 20:51:30
Asset File Structure I haven't seen anything yet. AT the moment there is no way to give away just assets as this was removed I think it was being abused LOL. I am assuming this will all go back into place when they revamp things as they are changing how its all done.

(i hope) otherwise i guess its just design sets with assets in them. I am sure once we get there they will give out some info.

I am hoping there is like a sample package or something they will give us you know dimensions of thumbnails etc. Some basic guidelines. I also hope we have a way to give out freebies as well under creative commons terms.
2015/8/22 20:47:59
Loser ( 3d animated short ). was very cute and classic I usually just reply on youtube but figured i would here instead
2015/8/22 16:32:01
Collision I use fraps or the recorder that comes with my video editor depending upon the situation. I am finding that fraps is not picking up some windows stuff anymore so i have to resort to the recorder that comes with my editor to pick them up. They might have updated it by now so it works again because its probably the easier one to use as you dont have to record your voice seperately.

If I go silent and use musak its because i am unable to use fraps LOL and recording sound seperately can be a bit of a pain as its always hard to match it up with you know no way to see a moving mouth

errm i was just remembering this panel it comes with the newer cards (never tried it was gonna try it because my fraps doesn't work in muvizu and other applications properly anymore) you might want to fart with this as it might be a good replacement as it records "ingame audio" making it easier to do tutorials.

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2015/8/21 15:16:05
Can't keep this old animator down! awe BW take care getting older is as Betty White says "getting older is not for sissies" get well soon and we will see you again soon with some new Nick danger videos of course!
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2015/8/17 2:28:35
Collision I pretty much only use fbx now but i dont know what others are doing. I think a fair number of newer users are also using fbx.
2015/8/14 16:31:07
I'll be better in the Morning lol a lot of us are posted out not a huge community at the moment. It was a great first video and I liked the idea of using that acapella loop stuff.
2015/8/14 16:14:19
Toonish Cartoon Guidelines Most people just create a style sheet and go from there. A lot of designers call that stuff 'stylized' but generally they create a design sheet of their own and pick basic shape influences and a palette of colours and go from there.

Toon colours usually make a huge difference mostly solid colours and heavy ambient occlussion etc. Generally though there is no set rule for toons like 'all toon stuff has a square blocky feel'. This is all in the eye of the beholder though. Decide on a basic shape theme for the stuff and decide what major colours they are going to use (no more then 3 is generally the rule 2 major and one minor) and draw the pieces out and then move on from there into making them 3d objects.

There are courses out there in this stuff but basically it comes down to heavy stylization & over exagerration of a single element and colour choices

as for info on this subject I never find info for anything beyond characters. Unlike using a piece of software its not a mechanical process so mostly its a pay for information type deal (they have such courses on the blender cloud, but the are art courses. I know people are allergic to blender, but the education they offer and workshops they hold are top notch stuff and offered at a comparitavely low cost)

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2015/8/14 0:43:10
4/8/15 Release Bugs Jamie1 wrote:

If you use render layers to optimise your scene, I wouldn't be surprised if your scene suddenly crashes when you turn a random combination of really full layers (or all layers on at once). Just saying...

hehe this thought just came to mind and its not like you guys dont have a lot of work to do already but have you ever considered holding livestreamed workshops for muvizu users on stuff like say scene creation or storyboarding and stuff. You can use twitch or some such provider or google hangouts (although not a fan of the google ones) and since you put muvizu on steam twitch sounds like an appropriate venu.

anyhow back to the bugs i was just reading stuff while heating up the veggies for diner.
2015/8/11 19:46:03
FBX Importing Error edit out anything that is not mesh yes. Your trying to import a skeleton or some animations along with the mesh.

p.s. wireframe is simply a view mode.
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2015/8/11 0:14:48
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Muvizu is based on unreal engine 3 so basically the outputs they use in that is what we use here. FBX is a universal format these days anyhow.
2015/8/10 21:49:33
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Aye I put some written instructions in the wiki awhile back when fazz was looking for information because I figured others would eventually need it. For base modelling I am sure sketchup is fine I simply am not a fan LOL and I already know blender for modelling so there was no real reason for me to pick it up and use it because basically they both do the same things.

The problem is that the information your passing from sketchup to muvizu for fbx is incomplete. That is why you need to move it over to blender to finish it off.

Otherwise your going to get a bit of a mess.
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2015/8/9 21:48:46
Coming Soon... That is all looking very batcavey
2015/8/9 15:38:54
Question about FXB import no its not a bug your trying to import more then just a mesh
you need to delete the skeleton and any animations that may be along with it inside something like blender and prepare the character before importing it. Muvizu will only let you import mesh. Its just a generic message that they are using to say 'your not just importing mesh go fix your model'
2015/8/8 16:44:11
Fade to Black Not really a muvizu question but all you need to do is put a black slide beside and then use a fade transition to fade to it or crossfade or fadeout or whatever it is that whatever software your using wants to call it.

your software should have options to simply add a coloured still to it or whatever the company wants to call it.
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2015/8/7 21:22:33
4/8/15 Release Bugs MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ah yes, sorry, I'll move it here:
Bug 1:
Got this error when opening an old set:

Bug 2: I also managed to freeze it by selecting everything in the layers window. (although it could just be me being impatient)

finally got to updating the muvizu i got one but it said "droopy" I have no layers or anything it was simply an old set so I am assuming this is a compatability issue.
2015/8/7 20:23:13
Character Proportions fazz68 wrote:
cperg wrote:
Since all of you have had a greater exposure to video production than perhaps I have I would like to make another forum redundant statement. I am almost sure each of you have seen the free software called MakeHuman. If not here's a link to the project. http://www.makehuman.org/

With this project I was able to produce decent characters and import them into blender just as an experiment. Not much I can do with blender beyond that though. I am going to try and drop one of the characters in muvizu as an inanimate object in the next week. Anyone have ideas concerning this effort?

as long as its fbx it shouldnt be a problem. i know you can export as fbx with that software. it does all the uv mapping for you from what i remember. try and see what happens.
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yup i have actually in a couple of scenes used makehuman characters that I turned into crash test dummies I think at the time I converted them to ASE though you need to remove everything and just keep the mesh. Its "not hard really" that is my shall we say byline at this point I seem to say it a lot LOL . I used one in Dr Daldrins atomic beam machine. Now we have fbx so should not be an issue and its a better format.
2015/8/7 20:14:33
Coming Soon... bad horror movies with people hiding in all the wrong places and not running when they should are apparently Fazz's forte LOL so that would be a place to put the fluffy bunnies. While some of us prefer bad soap operas with overdone plots lines and bad acting and lots of organ suspense music :P
2015/8/7 15:01:17
4/8/15 Release Bugs so can anyone tell me the number of times my key will work till I need a new one? since the autoupdate is broken on my software ? (which is also a bug)
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