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2016/6/5 5:34:13
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Still trying to sort out FBX imports. This time with a transparency. With .ASE it seems like you can have the whole model transparent or none of it.
With FBX I am now getting a message saying "The feature you are trying to use is not licenced for this version of Muvizu." Without a transparency the model imports OK......
2016/6/5 1:59:44
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Neither the tax or rain comments are actually correct, but I must admit I emigrated to in New Zealand where it is much warmer. And we even win at rugby more often than not
2016/6/4 2:00:13
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. ziggy72 wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
So have I have missed the version of Muvizu which allows a character's actions to be keyframed?

It's an add on -

...and, I should clarify, it works for objects/cameras/lights/etc, but not character actions - character properties yes, but not actions.
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Err yes that was exactly my point
2016/6/3 6:53:10
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. So have I have missed the version of Muvizu which allows a character's actions to be keyframed?

And OK leave the physics. But why would you deny users the other improvements ?

Can you show how me how to :-

keep the Timeline visible at all times?
duplicate a camera's exact location and settings in another part of the timeline?

And have you never found yourself changing the properties of the wrong object because the wrong edit box is showing?

You'll notice I titled my post "Things I'd like to see" not "things which Muvizu MUST have or I will throw a hissy fit". Some of us want to hang around and improve the capabilities of the software and so feedback suggestions which might retain a few more of those beginners who rapidly tire of the current limitations and difficulties and move on to other software. After all that is what this particular Forum is for.

And for the record, I already use iClone and Moviestorm but I don't believe in restricting my endeavours to one platform.
2016/6/3 1:46:32
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. These would all make Muvizu a much more viable tool.

Removal of the collision system and physics - they serve no function and in fact reduce usability.
The ability to keyframe character positions (if not actions).
The ability to copy and paste keyframes (especially for cameras).
The ability to keyframe object motions accurately e.g. to allow rotating wheels and helicopter blades.
Better transitions between actions - some "jump" in a very jarring manner.
Less exagerrated actions e.g. runs
Less exagerration of starting actions e.g. before a run.
Pop up screens which are context sensitive, i.e. when I edit a character his form appears, if I click on another character the form remains but applies to the new character or object.
The timeline to stop disappearing from the screen all the time.
The ability to have multiple dialogue clips for a character.
And by far the most important - the ability to stretch and compress actions on the timeline.

Having 360 degree video ability is of short-lived interest, but I'd swap it for any single one of the above.
2016/6/3 1:35:37
Is this by design or a bug? I recorded a "Conversational 1" action for an actor, then decided I wanted him in a different location at the start. so I slid him to that position and ran the animation. However now he jumps to the original position he was in at the start of the conversational action. Is the position of the character hard-baked when you record an action?
Actually it seems to be a bug because I just tried with an another character and it doesn't happen.
2016/6/3 0:30:37
CHinese History pack issue I think the issue might be that the attachments only apply to certain characters. E.g. the Chinese coats appear as "Costume" options for the standard Muvizu "Man" and "Woman" but not their "Fat" equivalents. And the historical costumes can't be used at all on the new Asian characters.
2016/5/28 8:12:01
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. I think the crucial thing is that all groups that use the same material must be regrouped together as one.
E.g. I have two separate groups in my recent models - one with a transparent "glass" texture and the other with a "drink" texture. I keep them as separate groups and that works fine, whereas a previous version which was all grouped as one object didn't. And another which had three groups, two using the same material didn't.
Of course YMMV if you don't use Milkshape. Still haven't figured out how to get two-sided FBX out of it, but I can't see any advantage over .ASE anyway so far at least.
2016/5/28 6:05:56
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Well I seem to have cracked it but not really sure how. I created a transparent jug which finally worked as long as I made sure every vertice was assigned to a "joint" in Milkshape and that all groups which used the same material were grouped as one. I wanted a half-full jug - I'm that kind of guy - so I tried just putting a translucent cylinder mesh of "juice" inside the successful jug and gave it a different material. But that just caused the return of the "can't move" problem. So I deleted the cylinder and extruded the base of the jug upwards (having shrunk the extruded face slightly to fit inside) applied a different material to that and lo and behold it worked.

Also choose the "don't use ID textures option" when importing .ASE if you want to use materials rather than just colours.
2016/5/27 22:33:39
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. And of course I can import and move the FBX version of the same glass jug but I can't make it 2-sided!
2016/5/27 22:21:32
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. I still have the problem that I can't move certain .ASE object that I import. I can't select them directly but can through the Scene manager and I can Edit the texture etc. However if I try to move them the scene moves instead.
E.g. I made a transparent glass which worked fine, then made a Jug with a few more polys and now have the issue. I will try and narrow it down but if it is Poly-related then it is a really low level of ma polys that causes the issue.
2016/5/27 21:49:17
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Not really a solution but could you make the leaves a separate object and/or put them on a different layer? I don't "get" layers yet, so ignore if it is a stupid idea
Or are you talking about having "billboards"?
I don't think Muvizu can use .DDS files can it? I seem to remember seeing transparency issues in Moviestorm which were fixed by swapping .PNG files for .DDS versions (there are differences between the DXT3 and DXT5 versions also).

BTW the second screenshot looks great to me, not sure what your problem actually is?
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2016/5/26 19:36:25
Chemistry pack Thanks MrDrWho, Jamie fixed it by increasing the allowed number of uses of the serial code for me
2016/5/26 11:02:02
Chemistry pack Just purchased and installed the Chemistry Pack but I can't create a new movie using it, as the set has a lock on it and Muvizu demands that I upgrade to Play+ although I already am. Just to try and placate it I entered my serial code again and was told I have used it too many times.
Anyone had the same issue?
2016/5/16 9:30:34
Explosion Effect Ah! I found them in the Heroes and Villains pack
2016/5/15 11:45:00
Explosion Effect Yup I definitely don't have these. I'll send in a support ticket. Thanks.
2016/5/15 9:43:32
Explosion Effect I thought there were, but I am looking at the Create/Effects dialog just now and there are 18 effects :- Bubbles, Dry Ice, Duststorm. Fire (large, Fire (small), Flies, Heat Haze, Laser, Low fog, Musical Notes, Rain, Roman Candle, Smoke, Snow, Sparks Steam Leak and Storm.

But no explosions?
2016/5/15 5:30:14
Explosion Effect It would be great to have some explosions added to the effects, especially since we have a suicide bombers belt (and a chemistry lab) already.
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2016/5/14 10:09:27
Hiding Effects meshes Damn, there was a clue in the words all along! It would be good if you could "snap" obects together though. Aligning things is really fiddly.
But thanks MrDrWho
2016/5/14 6:04:26
Hiding Effects meshes Is there a way to hide e.g. the Steam Leak "cube" while trying to line it up with something? It's pretty hard when it obscures the target.
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