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2016/6/22 23:10:52
Patient lying in bed Thanks for the link and thanks Pat! I will use it as a guide for the proportions for my Male patient.
2016/6/22 19:54:17
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:
Yeah Primaveranz, is it this kind of thing you mean?

It soitenlee is!
Is there a way to extract the 3D mesh for one of the Muvizu dummies into a modelling tool, or do you have to create it from scratch?
2016/6/22 12:45:55
Patient lying in bed Is there any way to get the actor to just lie on his back in bed and put a sheet over him as if he is a very sick patient? Or will I have to make a dummy myself and import it?
2016/6/22 11:34:20
Help with Audio. Yeah I'm just going to render as an image sequence and add the audio back in in Post.
But I'd be interested in why this is occurring. I have made other Muvizu movies and not had this issue. Admittedly they were with earlier versions of Muvizu.
2016/6/22 10:04:17
Help with Audio. I recorded a dialogue track directly into Audacity and it sounds fine. I exported it as a .Wav file and brought it into Muvizu. However when I play it there I am getting a strange cricket chirruping sound that starts after a few seconds. I then tried re-recording as a .MP3 but get the same thing. I have also tried various volume levels but it happens every time.
Has anyone experienced this and knows the cure?
2016/6/22 7:03:44
Running on the spot ikes wrote:
You can also use the run on spot action instead of character movement.

That's a good option especially as it cuts out the exaggerated starting action you get with the movement.

Thanks for the tip!
2016/6/22 6:58:46
Transparency in Body Texture? ukBerty wrote:
In the past I have coloured the rest of the character green and then greenscreened it out in post.

Not sure if that would work as I want to have a clear glass bottle with legs. But it's worth trying, thanks for the suggestion.
2016/6/22 2:43:42
Running on the spot It's just a bog standard wireless mouse.
However I tried it on another (less powerful) PC and although the actor stops running for a second he starts again and continues as long as I hold down the left mouse key.
So it is appears just another "one of those things" in the world of Muvizu.....
2016/6/22 0:05:02
Running on the spot ziggy72 wrote:
With the running motion you have to drag the direction arrow further away (initially) from the character to maintain the run (I guess it covers more virtual ground when running as opposed to walking).
edited by ziggy72 on 21/06/2016

I've tried pressing record, dragging the arrow as far away as possible and letting go, and the arrow shoots back to the start (but the character has stopped running by then).

I have also tried pressing record, dragging the arrow as far away as possible and holding it there, but the actor only takes a few steps then stops and may (or may not) repeat that before stopping again.

I can't get him to keep running. Of course maybe that is why he is "Fat Guy"
2016/6/21 21:12:15
Download Mandy PatMarrNC wrote:
Mandy just downloaded OK for me using Foxfire browser /Ubuntu. If you have other browsers installed, try one or more.

That cracked it. I was using Chrome but switched to Opera and it worked!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
2016/6/21 21:05:25
Running on the spot How do you get the actor to do this for more than a second or so. If I tick the "move on the spot" box, Record movement and drag the arrow along the stage the actor stops running after a couple of steps, no matter how far I drag it. If I let go of the arrow it shoots back to the spot.
2016/6/21 12:14:48
Download Mandy Has anyone done this recently? It keeps failing when I try, but Rosie works OK.
2016/6/21 11:39:29
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. ziggy72 wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
And another thing!
Being able to apply transparent textures to the body to mask out limbs etc. It would make Muvizu far more useful to me in the medical sphere.

You can do this with the 'new' characters (Mandy, Heroine, etc) but not the 'potato heads'. You just set their top to None, or legs, hands, etc.

You can't remove the head though?
2016/6/21 9:22:54
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. And another thing!
Being able to apply transparent textures to the body to mask out limbs etc. It would make Muvizu far more useful to me in the medical sphere.
2016/6/21 9:17:34
Transparency in Body Texture? There's always something! ROFLMAO
2016/6/21 8:46:43
Transparency in Body Texture? This seems to be impossible. Or has anyone mastered it? I want to hide all parts of a body except the legs but applying a transparent texture doesn't work.
2016/6/13 6:53:08
license issues Just a heads up Muvizu folks.

This poster has a history of asking frequent questions on the Moviestorm forums and not reading any of the answers. Then repeating the same questions a while later.

He/she also changes username from time to time presumably so you will forget who they are. But the same questions give it away.

So I wouldn't advise you to get too embroiled trying to help them, since he/she won't help themselves.
2016/6/9 11:11:51
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. The ongoing story...the reason the FBX was"not licenced" was because the model had a skeleton. Once I removed that it imported OK but it steadfastly refuses to allow me to allocate textures inside Muvizu, just colours.
I am talking to Jamie about it and will let you know the outcome.
2016/6/5 22:24:25
Is this by design or a bug? Sadly it is intermittent. I had had the same issue several times with the same character in the same movie. If I deleted some actions (especially head moves) he still did them. Ended up deleting the character, then the movie, then started again.
2016/6/5 6:36:01
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Thanks UKBerty, I just deleted the transparent segment and made the model two-sided instead, not as good but far less frustrating than trying to line it all up again.
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