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2016/7/1 8:38:05
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips Nah. It's a bust.
I thought I read recently that you have to make sure to use GIFs instead of PNGs to allow for transparencies but that didn't work and neither did TGA. I tried .DDS too but Muvizu can't handle them.
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2016/7/1 7:01:18
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips Aw wait a minute...maybe not....I need to do a bit more checking. I thought it might be too good to be true...
2016/7/1 5:39:33
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips I just tried again with FBX 2012 and it works!

The best thing from my point of view is that SketchUp allows me to put transparent windows into solid objects. Something that I couldn't achieve with Milkshape-created FBX files.

So thanks for that tip Pat, I have learned a hell of a lot from you guys in the last week
2016/7/1 4:10:16
Ye cannae change the laws of Muvizu physics... Ah, the solution was to move him further away from the bench he was standing next to. It seems to exert some kind of magnetic effect on his nether regions when he gets within a certain distance. The physics then goes into overload trying to find a balancing point.
2016/7/1 1:13:32
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips PatMarrNC wrote:
the free autodesk FBX utility goes a long way toward making it a non-issue that specific 3D programs don't allow FBX export.

I tried exporting a Sketchup 13 model as .DAE, used the utility to convert to FBX and impored that to Muvizu - but I just got a fatal error so gave up
2016/7/1 1:01:35
Ye cannae change the laws of Muvizu physics... Or can you?

I have dressed Sinister up in the surgeon top and legs but his apron won't stop jumping around as if he has a party going on in his pants. Even when he is standing still.

Is there anything I can do to stop this?
2016/6/30 22:56:59
Let Sinister be Evil! Damn! I cannot believe that Sinister cannot use the "Evil" actions like "Rub Hands". It's a bit like the software conspiracy I just mentioned on another thread.
Whenever you think you have the ideal Muvizu character for a scene you find he can't use particular actions or wear certain clothes.
It is really frustrating!
2016/6/30 22:52:39
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips ziggy72 wrote:
Thought so - it would be so awesome if the free version of Sketchup supported FBX.

It's like there is some kind of conspiracy going on between all the free/ affordable 3d software makers. Some do thi,s and some do that, but there never seems to be any combinations that will let you convert something from the particular format you have, to the one you want without some kind of problem
2016/6/27 23:17:15
Look down a microscope Ikes, you are a genius!

2016/6/27 21:10:15
Look down a microscope Can you do this with the Chemistry pack?
If not, can anyone suggest a workaround?
2016/6/27 18:52:15
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Good points Pat, But I just hope that if we visit this thread in 12 months I will be proved wrong and the staff will be all over this forum like they used to be. The Moviestorm forums used to be very active (and occasionally wild) but the first two questions that often came up were "Where do I get children actors?" and (for some reason that I never fathomed) "How do I put my own face on a puppet?". The latter question was (partially) addressed years too late and the first never question never was (despite the repeated cries of many of the oldies) which meant newbs often left after a couple of posts.
I see a lot of newbs asking "How do I get my own animations into Muvizu" and it just reminds me.

I do hope the staff answer about the possibility of an animation building tool.
2016/6/27 7:29:51
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. It seems to me that given that Muvizu is built on the Unreal engine that it should be possible for us to create our own animations.

There are only two reasons I can see that would prevent this.
a). That the Muvizu architecture has made too many proprietary changes to allow this to work easily or
b). that Digimania don't want to allow us to do this.

If it is a). then Muvizu will just die of it's own accord like other movies softwares (or at least slip into a moribund coma) because serious users will eventually "hit the wall" of what they can achieve and start looking elsewhere. It is a self-fulfilling situation in that, less sales means less staff and less development so less sales etc.

However if it is b). Then they need to review their game plan.

Moviestorm hit the rocks due to a slightly different issue i.e. choosing the dying Cal3D file format as its base. It is possible to create animations for it but only really if you can afford 3ds Max (or are one of the huge number of people with an illegal "cracked" copy) and even then it is a tortuous process to get anything into MS.

However Unreal is modern and still well-supported and there is a free (if archane) tool available to create animations for it -Blender.

So I am begging Digimania (for their own good as well as ours) to allow us to create our own animations for use in-game. If they fear loss of sales let them look at the Reallusion approach which seems to be working pretty well for them.

Even sell us an in-game tool which allows us to keyframe animations. Anything. Just open the doors and let us in so we can get this Party started for real!

Would love to hear a Staff reply to this one!
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2016/6/27 1:39:37
Depth Of Field Really well done so far, Robert.
I am interested to see how you get on as I have just been asked to do a project (Health-related) that will need to achieve your kind of production standards
2016/6/26 6:29:26
Help with Audio. PatMarrNC wrote:
I'm just guessing crazy stuff here... but really not THAT crazy...

I'm assuming you spoke the dialog into a mic and recorded it in audacity. Is it possible there was a real cricket in the room when you were recording?

Sadly no, it plays fine in Audacity, the cricket only appear in Muvizu. So I'm guessing Gremlins it is
2016/6/24 22:02:31
Running on the spot I'm confused ikes. Why am I getting notification emails telling me that you are Muvizu staff member Jamie?

Do I get a prize? Cool
2016/6/24 2:13:21
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:
... better to just create her head as a standalone object.

I realised I was cross-posting (between my own threads ) . What I was wanting here was a headless body so a transparent bottle can have legs rather than a bodyless head

But I do want a sick patient too
2016/6/23 22:52:06
Patient lying in bed MrDrWho13 wrote:

You could try but this sounds like the sort of thing that would cause a crash. I'd be interested to see how it goes though.

It probably contravenes all sorts of usage rules too (maybe Muvizu Staff could comment on this?). I don't think I'll try it at the moment as I am in the middle of a potentially extended project
2016/6/23 22:34:08
Patient lying in bed ziggy72 wrote:

And that's it, that's what I always do with every video - I go from no lighting to complete lighting by starting with a shadow system that works the way you'd expect, rather than the random, directionless blobbyness of the default Environmental settings. Hope that helps someone
edited by ziggy72 on 23/06/2016

This is gold dust! Thanks Ziggy
2016/6/23 22:32:05
Patient lying in bed So could you download a mesh, remove the head (presumably you'd need to keep the same number of vertices) and replace the one in the Muvizu folder to have a headless actor? You'd have to switch that mesh in and out to get the original back of course.
2016/6/23 3:40:37
Patient lying in bed Thanks Ziggy, do you do all the texturing and rendering using 3D Coat?
The visual quality of your screenshots always look better than anything I can achieve in Muvizu.

And thanks for the Fat Man Pat
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