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2016/8/1 23:21:11
Stand while holding cup. Have you tried Paint.Net instead? It is free (and I find) easy to use.
2016/8/1 19:39:29
Chicken test from Sinister Just brilliant
2016/7/31 5:10:26
Use mobile phone for more than 1 second call. And no I haven't forgotten Ziggy's arm addons already! I'm just trying to find a built-in answer at the moment.
2016/7/31 4:59:38
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Latest on my wish list - more "Begin" "Loop" and "End" animations
e.g. Begin using Mobile phone - Actor stays with phone to his ear, then you can use "Loop" to show some related natural movements and finally "End" when the call is over.
This ability to start and end animations would make up for the crucial missing functionality in Muvizu, to stretch or cut animation blocks on the timeline.
2016/7/31 4:37:20
Use mobile phone for more than 1 second call. Without using camera tricks is there any way for a character to keep the mobile phone to his ear as long as you want, instead of hanging up after 1 second?
2016/7/31 0:51:47
Stand while holding cup. PatMarrNC wrote:

The newer characters can be made invisible except for their heads... so you could attach the model as hat or necklace, reposition it, and it would hold whatever pose you need while providing a "living" head that can engage in conversation.

Sneaky! And one to remember for another day, as I have to use one of the potato heads for this scene.
2016/7/29 22:11:30
Stand while holding cup. ziggy72 wrote:
Don't use Muvizu's pool table, use an imported one with collision removed. Muvizu assets love collision unfortunately...

And you could use my arms (with a cup added) and have it positioned or attached to the character.

Yes, it is a sad reflection of the pointlessness of the physics that even Muvizu can't make props that work with it. But yes I shall try using your arms (the idea of which is yet another indication of your MMG (Mad Muvizu Genius)

2016/7/29 22:07:55
Stand while holding cup. ikes wrote:

Have you tried pose 5 of gangsta? After you directed the action, he holds that position. The balls you can try with keyframing, then the collision is disabled.

I didn't realise that about the keyframing Ikes, thanks yet again! And the Pose 5 might work OK in my situation too
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2016/7/29 5:01:45
Stand while holding cup. How do you get a character to stand holding a cup in their hand and not have it dangling at their side?

Also, how can you place balls on the pool table without them floating above it?
2016/7/19 4:50:48
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem You didn't...

Support thought Dreeko was talking about a debate that had been shut down (presumably by the moderator) not that he was reporting a poster stating that Muvizu had shut down.

At least that is how I construe it
2016/7/19 2:29:33
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) Excellent!
2016/7/19 2:28:13
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem That's hilarious Bigwally! Especially the misconstruing of the "shut down" comment.

More! Applause
2016/7/18 0:33:09
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem dougwmetzger wrote:
Is this just one of Muvizu's many deficiencies? You can't create a video of more six or seven seconds in length, and have to cut that often?

No I am rendering 2 or 3 minute clips with no issues. Do you get the same issues if you render as MP4 rather than AVI (which is uncompressed) ?

Maybe there is a Temp file setting somewhere that needs changed. Have you logged a call with the exact message to the Support link under the Help menu above?
2016/7/18 0:29:51
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem pkrska wrote:
I think the company is closed down. No resolve from their site, which doesn't work anymore.
They are out of business so no support.

No they are still in business. Did you log a call on the Support link under the Help menu?
2016/7/7 9:00:29
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater That certainy looks hopeful, but my proper had several groups some opaque and one transparent. I tried using separate materials for the groups and then merging them all in to a single group before exporting to ASE. I also tried a single material with transparent parts and merging, And in both cases I tried "use ID textures" and "don't use" but when I get it into Muvizu it is either partially transparent all over or not at all, and I can only apply a colour not a material in game. Will try again later but I can't think of another variation of choices to use.
2016/7/7 1:35:58
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater Yeah if ASE could handle transparencies and opaque materials in the same model it would be fine, but I guess we have to wait for the FBX fix. There is a really good (and cheap) electronic manual called "Hands on Milkshape" that I bought from several years ago, really gets you going quickly.
2016/7/5 19:47:44
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater There is also Misfit Model 3D, it is free and similar in many ways to Milkshape. Some people prefer it; I find the UI a bit lacking. However is is very capable but I think the only file format of interest Muvizu is concerned is .OBJ
Like Milkshape it has not been updated since about 2011.
2016/7/5 2:18:58
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater Milkshape is awesome, but it is no longer in development and the FBX format it exports is ancient . I have been unable to export textured models from it that contain built-in transparencies (e.g. a transparent window in a frame). You can convert the FBX using the Autodesk converter but it doesn't cure the problem. Somehow the materials become detached from the model on export, so inside Muvizu it only offers you the option to apply a colour not a texture.
ASE is OK as long as you want something that is entirely opaque or entirely transparent, you can't have "windows".
2016/7/1 9:10:10
FBX strikes again! Have you tried switching off "Keep upright" in the Muvizu properties page and then rotating them into the right positions? This probably won't help if you want to animate their movement though.
2016/7/1 9:03:39
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips I can create objects with windows in them using Milkshape but Muvizu won't let me assign textures only colours in-game.
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