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2016/10/24 7:18:40
Store internal server error. I tried for 4 days with 2 different cards with the same result and have had no reply from Muvizu support.
So I won't be buying that pack.
2016/10/21 22:57:00
Store internal server error. Anyone else unable to but the halloween pack? I get the following whenever I try.:-

The request was unsuccessful due to an unexpected condition encountered by the server.
2016/10/17 18:55:44
NEW Trick or Treat Junior pack - in the store now! They are nicely done, but follow on the Digimania tradition of never releasing the same style of figure twice. One set is rarely visually compatible with another.
2016/9/28 18:57:29
Heaven Bound Test Render unlimitedmagic wrote:
I think the physics capability of the Unreal engine is under-used, just haven't found the perfect need for it yet.

If you do, they should make you an instant Mogul, it is such a pain.
2016/9/10 22:46:17
Full video - currently untitled I thought it was excellent, AllClass!
Loved the lighting, camerawork, music and sets, the story is one that is oft-repeated but you have done it really well using the particular peculiarities of Muvizu. I thought the girl's expressions were masterful in places.
More please
2016/9/5 19:36:31
seems like this can also happen if an object is too close to another object that has "can be stood on" checked. Collision forces it upward in the same way that a box that has "can be stood on" checked will force a character upward if you slide the box toward him.

What He Said
2016/9/5 3:21:31
FLYING GRASS Make sure you uncheck the box marked "Floats in the Air" in the properties for the Grass, then it will fall to the ground.
2016/9/2 21:50:54
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Hi Pat,

I'm afraid your initial post shows you are just following the Muvizu "Path of Despair" that many of us have been down already. You can probably see some of our signatures carved on the walls in the flicker of your dying candle

From the first arrival full of excitement and wonder, to the supportive messages to those vets who seem to be complaining unreasonably, to the tentative questioning of Muvizu staff about the future, gradual angry realisation of "the Truth", then a last burst of enthusiasm and effort to ignite things again. Then comes the final pleading for "a Sign". Followed by the apparently irreversible slump into apathy.

Its such a perfect tragedy, someone should make a movie about it.... Cool
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2016/8/16 21:23:42
Surprise in the park Bloomin' genius!
2016/8/15 21:30:21
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
I am very exited about the result...Wiggle

Aw...come back! We need all the people we can get :P

Aw? I did not get this one

Maybe you meant "Excited"? Not "Exited"?
2016/8/15 19:46:22
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
I am very exited about the result...Wiggle

Aw...come back! We need all the people we can get :P
2016/8/15 0:23:27
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Yeah that is professional standard Rodrisilva
I suppose I will give Blender yet another look, but to be honest I have wasted so much time with it in the past I find it hard to get up enthusiasm for its arcane and unforgiving UI
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2016/8/14 22:10:39
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. OK had a few more tries with Milkshape-created ASE and FBX files.

I created a cube and a texture with a solid colour area, a semi-transparent area and a completely transparent area. I applied the texture to a material and applied the material to the cube. Then tried 5 variations.

1. Exported in ASE format and chose "map alpha to transparency, single-sided" - RESULT all areas worked as expected but where there was a transparency you could see right through the cube and out the other side (because the cube was single sided).

2. Exported in ASE format and chose "map alpha to transparency, double-sided" - RESULT the entire cube is transparent or semi-transparent (this is where I think a Transparency mask is needed but I can't see anyway to get it in to a Milkshape created ASE.)

3. Exported in FBX - RESULT cannot apply an image inside Muvizu just a colour
4. Exported in FBX then used Autodesk FBX converter to convert to 2012 format. RESULT same as 3.
5. Exported in FBX then used Autodesk FBX converter to convert to 2013 format. RESULT same as 3.

When I talked to support about this a while ago Jamie said that the FBX file I sent him had no material assigned, so somehow that is being lost in the Milkshape export and is not fixed by converting to a later FBX format. Maybe I need to talk to the the Milkshape developer because Milkshape could open up prop creation to all those people who find the Blender learning curve too time-consuming for their purposes.
2016/8/14 3:05:59
Settled in Tennessee Hi BigWally,
Good to hear you are settled in greener pastures.
And from what little I know, Tennessee clawhammer banjo is better than Arizona's

2016/8/11 11:49:27
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Anticip wrote:
... I've even tried to create a toto.bmp file at the exact place the error message says it's missing. Without any success this far

Can you show us a screenshot of the file in the above path location? When I get that error it is always because I have the toto.bmp in the wrong place. I just copy it to the right place and it works.
2016/8/10 23:42:27
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. I never use colours to assign to Materials in Milkshape, just textures.
However the results are patchy especially if transparencies are involved. Because you have to re-group all the Milkshape groups into a single one before exporting, that means you can only have a single material and I think that is where the problem lies.
I have tried using a single .PNG file with a transparent part but it has never worked as I want it to.
Even if I get the option to choose a material inside Muvizu it "tiles" the image across the object instead of adhering to the UV mapping done inside Milkshape.
2016/8/10 19:59:56
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. PatMarrNC wrote:
Nobody replied to my question, so I just went ahead and installed Milkshape.

Sorry Pat, I missed ths one. Yes I use Milkshape for almost all my modelling. It is simple and pretty intuitive but a bit of a faff if you want to create organic shapes. The only downside for use with Muvizu is that it exports an old version of FBX which, even if you convert it using the Autodesk tool either won't (or won't always - I can't remember at the moment) allow you to assign textures to the finished model in Muvizu.
2016/8/4 0:47:13
Chicken test from Sinister This version is doubly brilliant, with an extra choc flake and chopped nut topping
2016/8/2 21:31:37
Chicken test from Sinister I feel a competition coming on...
Best "creature" created in Muvizu.
Not that I have anything to offer as a prize of course
2016/8/2 3:15:24
Chicken test from Sinister I'm seeing a Velociraptor in the near future
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