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2016/11/24 19:41:54
A 3d cartoon model truck tutorial So Clayster is your name "Lee Williams" as well as "Clay Triche"?

2016/11/24 3:12:59
my first attempt - contains the "F" word Look familiar?
2016/11/18 7:07:52
Apologize ukBerty wrote:

Shall we move on.....

I'm right behind you ukBerty
2016/11/18 4:48:36
Apologize fazz68 wrote:
yeah you dont have to bother going. its pretty plain to see that this place is now full of people that have qualms about stealing crap. so enjoy your den of thievery.

Oh well fazz68 if you are going to imply by inclusion that I am a thief ( I presume you meant "no qualms" ) then best you go too. I don't like name callers, any more than I like people who steal.

I notice Urbanlamb implied we were all cheats as well, so it is understandable that neither of you would would want to hang around here.

Sad to see it end like this as I always held you in the highest regard.
2016/11/18 1:26:55
Apologize Rodrisilva! Don't you dare go! Please!

I think the point has been made (and taken). Do we want to destroy the community because of this situation? I certainly don't; there are very few active groups like this left, we don't need to speed up it's demise.

Fazz? Come on. You have contributed so much in so many ways over the years if anyone deserves recognition as an "Elder" (Ok maybe old fart ) of the tribe it is you, so don't be daft, no-one wants to see you p^$$3d off. You just can't hand in your Mogul status!

In my view what needs to happen, is that Clayster loses his Mogul status (he as agreed to that) as he was awarded it under false pretences. Maybe in time he can resurrect himself, he knows everyone will be watching him after all. It would be good to see him reach the hallowed heights someday again, we all deserve another shot.

However the last thing we need is to let this incident destroy what was a very active and inclusive group. Of course if anyone feels that they absolutely cannot longer tolerate being on the same forum as the rest of us (flawed as we are) then move on and lets us get on with it. We'll be sorry to see you go but we will carry on regardless.

FWIW We just experienced a 7.8 Earthquake here in NZ, and things like that kind of focus the mind on what matters in life. Co-operating with your fellow man (and woman) is pretty high up there. Let's do that.
2016/11/17 21:38:02
Apologize Just out of interest, which website did you download them from? If not the Unity one?
2016/11/17 20:17:43
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES This is what I was originally trying to post:-
2016/11/17 19:52:54

Or, it could be the browser you're using, I have firefox.

Quite right, Chrome and Opera don't work but IE11 did
2016/11/17 19:51:16