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2013/10/17 0:35:23
Sitting down and another Fatal error ziggy72 wrote:

As for the error, no idea sorry. Does it happen every time?

Thanks for the info.

I tried reproducing the issue just after it happened but was unable to do so. However I think people need to post these so that perhaps the staff can identify any patterns that may lead to bugs being nailed down.
I am saving the scene about every 2 minutes now just in case
2013/10/17 0:32:04
Collisions, snap-to and undo. I understand it is possible to reduce the effect of the collision physics on imported objects using ziggy's mesh but is there no way to switch off the behaviour in a built-in Muvizu object? It makes creating a complex set ridiculously difficult.

This is aggravated by the fact that an object's properties box does not close when you choose another object.

So if, for example, you create a copy of an object and click on it, it becomes highlighted with the red box around it, but the properties box which is visible with that object's name is for the original not the newly-created copy. (The properties box needs a double click to appear but a single click is enough to highlight an object) So changing the scale affects the "wrong" object, and due to the collision behaviour, if the rescaled object happens to bump into another and displace it, you often cannot undo the action (Ctrl-Z seems totally random in its efficacy) so you have to manually move the displaced object back into position.

Objects frequently become entangled with others and often (since Undo doesn't work) the only way I have found to fix this is to delete the object and start again.

I do like having the ability to resize objects but the fact that you can't snap e.g. wall sections together is a hinderance meaning you have to faff about trying to ensure there are no gaps between e.g. your wall sections as you move the camera around.

To summarize Muvizu staff, if they are not possible now (and I couldn't find any evidence through searching the site) then I suggest that the ability to switch off collisions, snap objects to others, have properties boxes that self-close on selection of another object and an improved undo functionality are all sorely needed.

2013/10/16 21:09:53
Sitting down and another Fatal error I was following this tutorial:- but when I went to Page 3 there was no "Sit" action. I discovered that I had to choose the "Miscellaneous" option first and inside that there was a list containing the "sit" option. However once choosing that I couldn't see the "Miscellaneous" option again. Looks like it only appears the first time you prepare actions for a specific character?

Anyway I then tried to add a second character and bang! Fatal Error as shown:-
Seems to be .NET related but the Muvizu installer did not report any problems when I ran it originally. Is this another known issue?
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2013/10/16 5:03:07
Fatal Error ziggy72 wrote:
And Muvizu is basically a mod for a game engine that is constantly being updated to accommodate it's users, so don't expect 100% stability from it. None of the rest of us do, that's for sure

Hmm I'm surprised it would take that long for a differential backup, and for 150 quid I definitely would expect stability. I'll keep playing with the free version a bit longer though and see if it can win me over.
2013/10/15 19:43:38
Fatal Error ziggy72 wrote:

...which I hope reminds everyone, once again, that saving your work is your responsibility, not the programs Ctrl S, that's all it takes.

Oh I agree. But it is disappointing that there is no autosave feature and fatal errors caused by the user taking a valid course of action aren't a good look.
2013/10/15 11:00:56
Gatekeeper members Thanks for the link, I guess I must have created it when I originally joined a few years back, I have now deleted it.
2013/10/15 5:14:49
Fatal Error Trying to direct my character I wanted to delete one of the movements from the timeline but somehow I deleted the entire timeline and with it the character. I pressed Ctrl "Z" hopefully but just got a fatal error message and on clicking OK Muvizu crashed losing me 1 hour's work.
Not enjoying Muvizu at this point in my own timeline.....
2013/10/15 0:02:52
Gatekeeper members What/who are they and why do I have one?
2013/10/13 22:26:51
Help With Sony Vegas I know this thread is old but thought I'd just add, if you are using Sony Vegas make sure you select all of the video clips, right click choose 'switches' and ensure 'disable resampling' is selected before rendering. It can make a huge difference especially if you have cameras panning while an actor is also moving.
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2013/10/13 20:04:59
latest posts? Thanks fazz68
2013/10/13 9:13:07
latest posts? When I click on what I assume is a latest post link on the community/forum page I get taken to the individual forum page and have to sift through to see what post the previous link referred to. Is there a trick to it?
2013/10/13 0:27:25
Camera control ukBerty wrote:
There's an awful lot of trial and error - and going back to things after a bit of contemplation. Often less in more.

Yup, it's funny how many modern cop dramas forget that. I switch them off after a few secs of the camera jumping all over the place. Presumably the director thinks it adds tension and excitement, I just find it distracting and occasionally even nauseating. So I can understand what the Tutorial says about keeping the cameras simple, but it seems that in Muvizu at the moment even 'simple' is too hard.
2013/10/13 0:22:50
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released MrDrWho13 wrote:

They're brilliant, at this rate, you won't need any actors

Seriously, I agree. It would be hard to find better.
2013/10/12 10:09:15
Camera control Funnily enough I had just been watching your trailer for "Amun-Ra" thinking, "Good grief, there's someone who knows how to work the cameras!"
2013/10/12 1:04:39
Camera control I'm guessing I'm not the first to ask this.
I have just watched the camera movement tutorial and wonder if there are any plans to implement keyframed camera positions? i.e. start here at this point in time and end up here in this position at this time.
Also the ability to have a camera "look at" a target" e.g. The demo of following the skeleton showed how difficult it is to use the "live record" model. Or can you stretch and compress the camera segments on the timelline (this would be good for all timeline activities not just cameras) to try and match things up.
Otherwise it looks like the camera operations in Muvizu are overly complex so I suspect many people settle for simple shots from multiple cameras edited together in post.
2013/10/12 0:19:11
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released You really are squeezing every last bit out of Muvizu's capabilites. Beautiful sets and great acting
2013/10/11 21:08:17
Plummeting assets ;) Thanks for the link ukBerty. Yeah I don't know why objects can't just appear on the ground when you add them to your set anyway without all the drama of skyfall but that is a minor gripe on my part.
You are right it would be nice to have the option to switch off collisions, but I know in Moviestorm we would be quite happy to have the option to switch it on
2013/10/11 10:53:01
Plummeting assets ;) I knocked up a model steam engine in SketchUp and and imported it to Muvizu. I didn't give it a collision mesh as I thought Muvizu would create a default one. When it imported, it appeared high in the sky and fell right through through the floor, this caused a pop-up message box to appear saying something along the lines of "the object has fallen out of the world and has now been re-centred". I clicked OK and the loco appeared in the sky and fell through again On about the fifth go I managed to catch it and in its properties tab switch on the "Floats in the air" tag, which stopped the problem. But is this par for the course? I'm guessing I missed a tick box somewhere in this import process
2013/10/11 0:06:18
Sketchup to Muvizu That is nice work, Dylly, really captures the Muvizu "look and feel". The 4-pane window is perhaps a bit modern-looking for Roman times though.
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2013/10/10 3:12:32
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:
A word of warning...Sketchup Make!

Hi Guys, just returned from the boat to discover that Sketchup has been updated again.

They also changed the legal bumf to say you can't use stuff created using "Make" in any commerical way whatsoever. I queried Trimble about the use of props in movies (not sure how they would police it anyway) and this is the reply:-

"The new 'non-commercial' terms in Sketchup Make are intended to prevent use of that product for commercial work of any kind. Users of Sketchup v.8 are not subject to that term, so obviously you'd be free to continue to use that product for any use, commercial or otherwise."

"Unfortunately, we can't provide much guidance for folks without undermining the legal terms in our EULA. What I usually tell people is that our EULA wasn't designed to prevent people from using the product in normal, rational, everyday ways."

So basically don't upgrade from SketchUp 8 if you want to be legal
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