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2013/10/27 19:49:42
Various issues Why not add a "Lip synch" "Prepare" stage where you can type in the words you want the character to say rather than rely on the built-in technology which is approximate at best? E.g. Anyone managed to get a character to whistle yet?
2013/10/25 4:36:44
"Initial State" Does this refer to the whole movie or just for a particular "Prepare" stage?
If the former, why not disable it after the first "Direct" has been done, as it is confusing.
2013/10/24 21:51:46
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? fazz68 wrote:
yep ive had trouble with this one too. ive noticed it if ive moved a character manually to adjust where a character walks to after a movement and when i move the movement block in the timeline to adjust the timing. very frustrating indeed

Yup I had the same with a Super Hero flying and landing in the wrong place, when I moved his start point slightly to fix it he stopped flying and just popped to the landing position. I'm fairly sure I had already adjusted it once and it worked fine but second time no go.
2013/10/24 21:43:25
Dog Character's Teeth With the Play + version can you only add attachments to hands?
I'm thinking that if they made a character like the dog with its teeth as a separate part and you could replace them with your own custom pointy version it would be good.
2013/10/24 21:20:10
Dog Character's Teeth ziggy72 wrote:
You can't do transparencies on the UV map that will effect the base model

You know how you can hide a character's hand by choosing "None" in the editor, I wonder how Muvizu handles that? Is it just a transparent texture?
2013/10/24 20:21:45
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? Hey! I fixed it!. I went into the "Prepare Audio" chose the ooooh.wav file then "Edit" then "Import" and chose it again and the waveform appeared. Then I chose "Direct Dialogue" and it worked. I must have done something stupid like that before and replaced the ooooh.wav file internally with an empty file of the same name?

I'll know better next time
2013/10/24 20:14:29
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? They are on their way, thanks.
2013/10/24 20:04:31
Creating Language Lev_Dynamite wrote:
... my "testing" would just consist of thinking up of new swear words to make it say and chuckling to myself at that all day.

2013/10/24 20:03:05
Imported Props Thanks Emily
2013/10/24 10:07:46
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? Lev_Dynamite wrote:
You go to Prepare > Audio to choose or import sound for your video. Although I'm guessing you actually already sussed that out

Well, yes I thought I had sussed it out by doing what you say above, however nothing happened when I chose "Talk" as the start action and pressed Record. Here is the timeline immediately afterwards.

So I thought it must mean I had to use the operation shown in the Tutorial which I know now is obsolete.

Here is the .WAV file showing in Audacity, it is Mono, 32 bit, 44100 MHZ - and I can hear it through my headphones outside Muvizu, just not inside

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2013/10/24 7:23:31
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? Thanks for the reply, but where are you seeing the "New" option? I only get this:-

2013/10/24 6:19:35
Prepare Dialogue Tutorial - out of date? I was following this tutorial

but when I click "Prepare Dialogue" I get a pop-up with no tabs and no way to bring in a pre-recorded sound file as is shown in the tutorial.
2013/10/24 4:02:28
Creating Language neiljsalkind wrote:
I was using Xtranormal which went belly up and am now looking for a tool to create simple animations, but here's the rub. I really want a tool where I can type a script and have it spoken by characters. Can I do this with Muvizu? Thank you - Neil

You mean using "Text-to-speech" technology? I don't think Muvizu can. Moviestorm (for example) can but IMHO the end result sounds horrible anyway. Much better to get friendly voice actors to do it.
2013/10/23 21:15:17
New Fatal Error - camera recording I recorded some camera movements using the A,S,D and W keys then stopped. Then I started recording again and pressed the "+" key and got the message below. One thing that struck me is the "E:\" in the file name. That is my DVD drive (which was empty) is there perhaps a hard-coded path somewhere that needs attention?

2013/10/23 20:49:19
Request - Edit "Duration" in the timeline Yup, it is related to move speed and how long you hold a position. I just tried the same four head movements at 50, 2, and 90.
50 gave me 4 separate blocks, 2 gave me 2 separate block and 90 a single block. So it is not easily to reproduce the same behaviour twice.
If you could just edit the duration in that pop-up, or better still pull and push the ends of the blocks to change duration it would be much easier.
2013/10/23 10:40:42
Camera editing Neil wrote:

Because you always need to have a camera that is recording. If you delete the first block, no camera will be recording your movie until the first block (segment as you called it) and your movie would just be a black screen.
You can change which camera the first block is referring to using "Prepare camera cuts" or by right-clicking the block and editing it.

That seems fair
2013/10/23 3:37:00
Request - Edit "Duration" in the timeline Yeah I guess my question is why you can't change the duration like you can for a Camera Cut on the timeline?
Also if you can't change it then why show the duration box at all? It just gets one all excited
2013/10/23 1:26:00
Request - Edit "Duration" in the timeline If you right-click on a timeline event e.g. "Head Look at" you have the option to edit it. The pop-up shows the Start time and the Duration for the event but you can only edit the former. Why is this? Can it be changed?
2013/10/22 22:48:06
Request - Prop replacement on the timeline Since there seems to be no way of accessing the coordinates of a prop, it would be nice if you could right-click on a prop and replace it with another one in the same location if required (and also allow this to occur on the timeline). This would facilitate a form of animation of a prop e.g. a wall clock by using different models inside the program instead of externally.
2013/10/22 22:16:41
Imported Props Ah, yes, thanks fazz, I guess the import process just doesn't create a thumbnail.
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