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2013/11/7 5:22:10
Paint tools don't work as expected. I have several buildings and I want them all the same colour. So I select them all, choose edit properties and change the colour.
Only one of them changes. So I select the others one at a time and try placing the "dropper" over the correct one to copy the colour. The new one changes colour to something between the old colour and new, not what I want. why?

In the end I have to select each building in turn and set the drop down boxes to have the same values for RGB.
2013/11/6 20:46:59
Tech problem with import in site UKBerty gave me this link for the ziggy version exporter which works:-
2013/11/5 18:46:38
How can I get more stuff Check out this video.
2013/11/5 18:44:51
2013/11/5 1:38:19
FBX Wow! Those are impressive stool samples.
2013/11/4 20:37:37
Object Movement Thanks for the info on the axis-chooser Ziggy.

Yeah it seems that Muvizu has all the worst bits of a Physics system.

It makes set-building a nightmare unless you remember to lock each item as you place it because, for example, you can't "Undo" if you accidentally knock something out of place with another object And If you create an object in mid-air it tumbles down and can knock other things over.

It automatically sets an object to "Floats in air" when you choose "Direct Object Movement" and then its behaviour even under max gravity is random.

Because of the "Floats in Air" setting an object can't behave exactly as it does in Create mode i.e. tumbling purely under control of the Physics engine; you have to try and "fly" it.

And of course because you can't change the speed of anything you record by adjusting the length of the time blocks in the timeline, you are stuck with having to record again and again and again just to get one little bit to work right.

All in all a nightmare. I have great respect for those of you who have stuck with it so long. I think I will just finish the short clip I'm doing and move on while I still have hair.
2013/11/4 19:27:37
Object Movement ukBerty wrote:

I don't think you can.

I think you are probably right. I seem to be spending most of my time in Muvizu fighting against the software

ukBerty wrote:

I would probably cheat and have two shots - "book falls off shelf" and "books lands"

I just want it to be a small occurrence in a bigger event - not worth focussing on. Hang on ....maybe I'll try FRAPS in Create Object mode !
Jogs off, full of hope again.....
2013/11/4 6:01:21
Object Movement Ok, 3 hours later.....

All I want to do is have a book tumble from a shelf.

If I place a Book on a shelf in "Create Object" mode and pull it towards the edge it tumbles off exactly like I want.

However ....I then place it back on the shelf, make sure "Floats in Air" and "Keep Upright" are switched off, Gravity is maxed out, speed and rotation are 75-ish. I choose "Direct Object Movement" press record and pull the book to the shelf edge.

It doesn't tumble but falls keeping the same orientation it started with. If I try to spin it using the square bracket keys it does start to turn but then somehow sets itself to "Floats in Air" and unless I drag it to the ground it stops in mid-air.

WITNOG do I need to do to get the book to behave exactly as it does in "Create Object" mode?
2013/11/4 3:37:32
Object Movement Oh and can you change the behaviour so if you choose "Lock to Object Axis" you get to choose which axis?
2013/11/4 3:35:14
Object Movement Can you toggle off the behaviour where the object becomes transparent when you try to direct it? It is driving me insane, and all I am trying to do is make a book fall out of a shelf! I cannot see the point of it at all.

Also why, even if I choose "Adjustable" and "Does not affect Director position" does the camera shoot all over the place as I move the object?

Thirdly why, when I move an object does it sometimes become invisible to the camera so I have to save the set, close Muvizu and reopen it to see it again?
2013/11/2 1:59:51
Timeline oddities I encounter this quite often; events which are missing on the timeline still occur in-game e.g. why does Camera 4 show as active (red dot) when the timeline says Camera 2 should be? Even if I come out of Direct Camera Movement and go to e.g. Character Actions, the timeline stays the same.

2013/10/31 21:59:52
User survey winner! Dylly wrote:

Brilliant clip Dylly.

And I never realised that Dick Van Dyke is a fellow animator! :-
2013/10/30 8:46:07
Navigation problems I must admit I find it very hard as well. But have you tried using the keyboard instead of the mouse?
2013/10/28 20:14:44
Various issues fazz68 wrote:

the avengers is a pre recorded radio show from the 70's i have been turning into a serial so there is no script to cut and paste just a gazzion spoken words on an audio file and turning it into a readable script would take me forever to do, so the current muvizu way is perfect for what i need.

I feel your pain. I just spent many months producing an animated version of a 30 minute radio show, and it was in Bislama not English. So the optional implementation that MrDrWho13 suggests is the one I would support.
2013/10/28 19:32:44
A Sticky End Damn, for a second I thought you had enabled Mocap imports
2013/10/28 19:15:53
Various issues MrDrWho13 wrote:
Perhaps the option to either have automatic lip sync or choose the mouth shape?

Yeah, I'd prefer that.
2013/10/28 18:57:57
Various issues fazz68 wrote:
typing in an avengers soundtrack phonetically would be a nightmare .

It's really not a big deal to cut and paste if you have already written it in something like Celtx or Word. . And you only need the Phonetic bit for 'unusual' languages depending on the software.
edited by primaveranz on 28/10/2013
2013/10/28 3:10:54
Fatal Error primaveranz wrote:

The issue only occurs if the character is highlighted when you delete the action.

Damn, no it doesn't....

I tried moving the timeline past the movement block and then deleting but got the same result....
edited by primaveranz on 28/10/2013
2013/10/27 22:35:11
Request - Dialogue blocks The big issue I have with dialogue in Muvizu is that with only a single dialogue "block" allowed, it is extremely difficult to set up the timing of anything other than a simple scene, without resorting to making multiple copies of the movie and splicing them together afterwards.

Can we have the ability to have multiple "blocks"?
2013/10/27 22:32:59
Various issues MrDrWho13 wrote:
Do you mean text to speech?

Definitely not, TTS is unremittingly awful!

I mean something like Moviestorm's ability where you can improve the actual facial movements during speech by typing in the words to help the engine identify the sounds it is trying to mimic. E.g. I often have to use a foreign language which the engine doesn't recognise, but by typing in the phonetic equivalent the mouth shape is improved. Perhaps though, Muvizu's facial movements are limited to just opening and closing the mouth? In which case my suggestion is pointless.
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