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2013/11/23 22:10:10
Search is shonky? Someone was asking about Easter Egg codes recently which led to me watching one of said movies, being impressed, and asking if it was made entirely using Muvizu.
I never received email notification of any reply so I have been trying to find that conversation again to see if there has been an answer. But nothing I put in the Search box is turning it up.
Does anyone know how I find either the conversation or the answer to my query?
2013/11/18 19:48:04
Muvizu WIKI log on ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry, I'll rephrase my statement then - the majority of the world who don't want to support Google's spying use IE, the rest blindly use Chrome. Better?

Microsoft spy too.

Oh I'm sure they do, but at least they don't expect you to then comment about it on f**king Google+ afterwards.

2013/11/18 19:47:05
Muvizu WIKI log on Microsoft wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

Microsoft spy too.

No we don't
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2013/11/16 22:54:44
Just have to share these guys stuff. GhostLamer wrote:
I have trouble believing they record some of that in real time.

I have trouble believing you are not just a spammer
2013/11/14 1:30:13
Navigating in muvizu BigWhirl2012 wrote:

Are there any tutorials on basic navigation available?

Check out this one :-
2013/11/13 8:41:07
Issue with Floating Point Render Then I'd be tempted to try this on one of the offending machines:-

Close Muvizu.

Take a copy of these two files:- BaseEngine.ini and MuvizuEngine.ini and save them somewhere with new names.

Open the two original files using notepad.

Find the line in each that says FloatingPointRenderTargets=True and change it to FloatingPointRenderTargets=False.

Make sure you save the files as .ini files and not .txt files.

See if it works. If it breaks things then replace these files with the copies (or just edit them back if you feel brave

You might want to back up any Muvizu .SET files etc beforehand but I honestly don't think they will be affected.

Like I say that is what I would do. But of course if you choose to try this it is entirely at your own risk
2013/11/13 6:00:22
[3dFoin] hot Female Archer - and November Sale (50 ukBerty wrote:
Tools > import Elf

It's between "Use camera way points" and "Remove Collision"

2013/11/13 4:42:36
[3dFoin] hot Female Archer - and November Sale (50 And you import this into
2013/11/13 3:15:45
Issue with Floating Point Render If Taffj was correct and the hardware was identical in all cases then I would suspect an out of date driver for the video card. What kind of video card do you have in your Mac?
2013/11/12 3:19:00
MUVIZU: PRO Just make sure they don't try the knob on your side

(Having successfully hijacked the thread, Neddy and Eccles exeunt stage left, carelessly knocking Bluebottle into a conveniently placed millpond....)
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2013/11/11 22:24:32
MUVIZU: PRO Dylly wrote:

A Gorilla? No thanks I've just put one out!

Aw now it'll just go and crap in your neighbour's garden - you should get a Gorilla litter tray
2013/11/11 19:32:56
Object Lock doesn't work properly. Thanks for those tips ukBerty, especially the one about the inclined ground planes. Anything that gets me a bit further through the morass of what was meant to be a quick test of Muvizu's potential is greatly appreciated

I totally agree with you on the "C" word. It may be crucial for games development but, in its current form, it is worse than useless for movie-making.
2013/11/11 19:15:46
MUVIZU: PRO Dylly wrote:

What there's a cat...a four legged beastie in it?

More like an 800 pound (sterling) Gorilla
edited by primaveranz on 11/11/2013
2013/11/11 1:48:31
Object Lock doesn't work properly. I must admit to being bamboozled by claims that Muvizu is a quick way to make animations. It is like playing snakes and ladders there are so many "gotchas" in store. Yes there are lots of nice animations and the special effects are cool so, as long as your movie consists of one guy standing talking to the camera, with random things happening in the background then I'll agree it can be fast.
But try and do anything remotely involved and you'd best be prepared for a whole lot of misery.
Sadly I suspect that if, as Ziggy72 says, they have not been listening to their customers for years, they will not have many more years left to get it right. E.g. If I was Muvizu and guys like Ziggy72 and UKBerty (with their track records) were telling me something was broken, I'd definitely be listening very carefully!
2013/11/10 21:18:08
Object Lock doesn't work properly. Having been caught out several times by the inability to undo object movement caused by collisions and the lack of "snap-to" abilities. I have now got into the careful habit of locking every single object I put in place before adding another. But just now, after editing an existing movie I decided to add one more object. As usual this fell from the sky and landed on my locked road. No problem - it was locked.
I confidently changed the scale of the new object as it lay there and it knocked the locked road out of alignment!
So I have had to close Muvizu without saving in order to restore things exactly as they were.
At least I have only lost 5 mins work now because I am also paranoid about saving my work regularly due to the instability of the software.

Why does locking not work when a touching object is rescaled? The scaled object should move instead because it is not yet locked

Why can't objects be defaulted to "Float in Air" so they don't fall and catch out the unwary who have not locked everything on the set?
2013/11/7 20:37:47
Paint tools don't work as expected. Neil wrote:

I hope that helps.

Yes it does, thanks Neil.
2013/11/7 20:20:09
Request:- Edit movement path Is there a list of planned improvements anywhere? It would be nice to see what might be on the horizon and even better to know how far away that horizon is
2013/11/7 20:14:05
Request:- Edit movement path Since moving a character is so hard to achieve accurately, it would be great if you could edit the movement path after recording by dragging waypoints around.
2013/11/7 18:54:18
Sketchup to Muvizu These are brilliant Dylly. Now if only a character could pick up a book from the shelf, browse it, and put it back etc
2013/11/7 5:37:38
Paint tools don't work as expected. Ok I realise now that I need to "Group" the buildings before painting, but my query on the eyedropper remains.
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