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2013/12/10 18:26:41
Dreeko's extra bits Dylly wrote:
..I think he's also scooped the MAAD Award for outstanding contribution in the field of 3D assest modelling...or the MAAD Ass award! Superb bit of thinking out of the box!

2013/12/5 9:14:07
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline MrDrWho13 wrote:
Yep, this would be a brilliant feature!

It seems to be about the most requested change to Muvizu. Scrap the "Direct" and go back to "Animate"
2013/12/4 9:20:33
The Importance of Eyebrows I just watched the real thing for the first time and no kidding, your animated version is much funnier!
2013/12/4 7:33:09
Clasp hands to heart Thanks fazz I missed both of those, but like you say they are both too overblown for what I want. Never mind, I will try something else
2013/12/3 21:50:30
Clasp hands to heart I thought I saw a romantic "lovesick" "clasp hands to heart" animation somewhere, but can't locate it. Am I mistaken?
2013/12/2 19:10:38
Dreeko's extra bits Brilliant!
2013/12/2 19:09:47
Hand held props issue ukBerty wrote:
You help is much appreciated.

You are welcome. Anything to keep your movie juggernaut a'rollin! !
2013/12/2 9:14:20
Hand held props issue ukBerty wrote:
primaveranz - thanks for your time on this. It now imports OK and I understand the principles involved.

One question for you - looking at the torch in SU, how do I tell which faces I need to reverse. The faces have textures so look the same when I reverse them. Is it just a case of importing into Muvizu and seeing what it doesn't like ?

Glad I could help

To see what faces you need to reverse, choose the "View" Menu then choose "Face Style" and the "Monochrome". That will show the object in Black and white and it should be obvious which faces need reversed. A warning though, you will probably need to use the eye dropper to copy the texture that is applied to the backface before you reverse it and then apply it to the front face. This is obvious if (as was the case here with the glass ) a backface has a transparent texture applied. When you reverse the transparent backface, the frontface will be opaque. So you copy the transparent texture first, reverse the face, apply that texture to the newly revealed frontface and it will become transparent again.

2013/12/2 8:06:16
Hand held props issue Try this one :-

It is SketchUp version 6 so should be openable by later versions.

Basically when you create a "Face" with most 3D editors, one side of the face is the Front and the other is the "Backface", in some cases this is used by a rendering program to decide whether to bother drawing it or assume it won't be seen (e.g. because it is inside the model) and save on the processing time. SketchUp seems to randomly assign Backfaces when you are building an object. It probably isn't really random but I have never spotted the pattern

If you build something in SU but don't texture it you will see some faces look white and some look a dull grey blue. The latter are "Backfaces". If you see one on the outside of your model, right-click on it and choose"Reverse face". The front face will now show white. Then you can paint it , and all should be well. Often when importing to other software you have to override the Backfaces by specifying something as being 2-sided, and the importing program should know not to treat a Backface as such. However I don't think this always works and it doesn't seem to be the case in Muvizu from what you describe.

Here is the .ASE version:-

Hope it helps.
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2013/12/1 7:07:27
Hand held props issue See if this version works - I'll leave you to do the export to .ase and .fbx
2013/12/1 6:57:59
Hand held props issue Oh yeah and the torches backfaces are all facing out. I'll swap them round...
2013/12/1 6:50:26
Hand held props issue ukBerty wrote:
Thanks primavaranz - all fixed

I don't know enough about the way Muvizu handles things ukBerty (I only have the free version) but I wonder if it is worthwhile simplifying the model by getting rid of e.g. the bulb filament and the "spring" in the battery case at the base. Also the writing on the side. I can imagine the number of polys might be an issue. I can do this for you if you want.
2013/12/1 4:46:52
I've had a couple of weeks with the product now... MrDrWho13 wrote:

  • You cannot change the duration of an action, and this is not going to change anytime soon because it's caused by the way Muvizu has been designed.

This is a major flaw in the software.
2013/12/1 4:43:58
Can't hide cameras permanently? I go into "View", choose to hide cameras and save the movie.
Close Muvizu.
Open the movie and the cameras are visible again.
So I have to hide them again.
Can you change this, please?

2013/12/1 4:15:25
Hand held props issue I get "page not found" for all those links ukBerty

Might the original SketchUp file have the backfaces showing outwards?
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2013/11/30 9:00:37
Glasgow in mind. Yup, I hope all the Muvizu staff are OK.
2013/11/30 6:23:43
Can't replace audio file? I had directed a character to use a dialogue file then decided I wanted to re-record it. I did so, went into "Prepare dialogue" and edited the existing file by importing the new version. However the Direction was erased from the timeline. Is this by design? if so can it be changed?
2013/11/28 3:09:53
Dreeko's extra bits Lovely! That's a great, late 70's Glasgow muso's haircut
2013/11/24 1:18:12
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu ukBerty wrote:

(They could have made more effort with that Yeti !)

Hey those brought back memories. Mind you, I saw episode 2 and have always regretted missing episode 1 as I wondered why Barbara and Ian followed Susan back to the Tardis anyway.

I watched it more or less avidly up until John Pertwee's arrival when it became increasingly tedious as he seemed permanently trapped on Earth and surrounded by those useless UNIT troops who never learned that their rifles were ineffective against Daleks, Cybermen, Zarbis, Ice Warriors, name it. They were the precursors of Star Trek's Red Shirts or Star Wars' Stormtroopers in that regard.

My fave aliens were the Mechanoids

I only really got back into it with the arrival of David Tennant (ok maybe it was because of Billy Piper - best assistant since Leela

P.S. Seems my decision was a common one:-
2013/11/23 23:02:59
Search is shonky? ziggy72 wrote:
As far as I can remember, the movies that the Easter Egg codes unlock were created in an animation package, but they didn't use the Muvizu program to do it.

Thanks for the reply.
I suspected that was the case, since I was amazed at the difference between what was shown and what I have so far managed to get Muvizu to do

It does seem a bit bizarre to showcase another software though, unless it is a subtle promise of "things to come".
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