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2013/12/22 3:26:34
Crash on shutdown Wizaerd wrote:
Unfortunately support is closed until Jan 6th (as is the rest of the Muvizu company) so there'll be no satisfaction for a while.

Are you sure about that?

It doesn't seem reasonable for a customer to have to wait that length of time for a resolution to a showstopper like that. Especially since Christmas isn't that big a deal in Glasgow. Hogmanay now, that's a different matter....
2013/12/22 3:10:17
Crash on shutdown Wizaerd wrote:
Which logs?
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\system32\atidxx64.dll

Is ther some Muvizu specific log I should be looking in?

I don't know for sure, I've never found one - but that dll file looks like it is related to your graphics card. Have you got the latest drivers installed for it?

One useful thing would be to run DXDIAG and choose the option to "Save all information" to a file then send that to Support.

Also, you could also try reading this thread (specifically the bit about running"Dependency Walker") and submitting the output to the bug address.
2013/12/22 1:04:47
Crash on shutdown Wizaerd wrote:

...Anyone with ideas or suggestions on what it could be?

Is there anything revealing in your Windows logs?
2013/12/20 7:26:16
HELP Does you computer match these specs?
Also you may be running out of disk space.
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2013/12/19 22:33:31
crash on opening rickhuddle wrote:

It looks like they get directed properly, and it records ok, but when I go back to play their movements, they only move part of the way, then stop.

I'm going to look around the topics to see if someone else can tell me what's up.

You won't have to look far - it is a common problem
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2013/12/19 21:48:13
Charactere Not Moving Yep it is a big issue especially when you have a complex set or several actors. For example I am currently trying to adjust the end point of one character's walk. So I move his start point slightly to see where he will end up, but I can't then just press "play". I have to save the movie, close Muvizu, re-open and reload the movie which can take several minutes. Only to find I need to move him a fraction more and repeat the process, it is very frustrating.

Please Muvizu staff, concentrate efforts on fixing this bug!
2013/12/19 19:29:35
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Carole wrote:
he's still at it now...

That's me having found I can't use Vimeo to enter
2013/12/19 18:54:29
Necklaces etc ukBerty wrote: could do the same with the necklace.

Don't you need the paid version to do that?
2013/12/19 18:52:51
Necklaces etc To be fair, I found a solution by enlarging the necklace and changing its vertical position and rotation. It doesn't look quite as good but it offers an alternative to the wooden look that Dreeko has experienced.
2013/12/19 6:02:09
Necklaces etc The necklace attachment for the "Girl" puppet is attached to her neck rather than her chest which means that if she dips her head the necklace disappears into her sternum. Can Muvizu change these attachments so they don't do this? I am using the "Play" version.
2013/12/18 3:22:58
News Anchors on an Unexpected Adventure! Loved it! I hope you do many more
2013/12/18 0:34:19
2D Muvizu-Type Software? You could try Crazy Talk Animator 2
2013/12/15 5:05:08
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Ah you can't upload to the Muvizu Gallery unless you use YouTube because it is just a YouTube channel?

So you need a YT account and therefore a Google+ account (if not now then soon).

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2013/12/13 23:53:23
How do I make a character type in a computer? Thanks Hector.

There are often a lot of hoops we have to jump through

The still shots were just screenshots I did of an Excel sheet. I edited them in Paint.Net to skew them (because the screen is not square) using the "Grid warp" plugin. If you right click on the Muvizu monitor and click on "Edit" you can change the image (but I don't think it allows animations).

I would have normally done the animation using Moviestorm and green-screened it onto the Muvizu set, but that became a nightmare due to mismatching codecs so I just recreated the desk and PC in iClone, played the animation on that, rendered out the clip and edited it in to the final vid using Vegas Moviestudio.
2013/12/13 22:20:13
How do I make a character type in a computer? I couldn't find one - maybe I didn't look hard enough so I used a Music Keyboard animation and cheated with the camera angles for this video .

Probably not much use for a laptop though.
2013/12/13 19:22:36
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Kimberley228K wrote:

To be entered into our competition you have to upload your video to the Muvizu Gallery. Connect your Muvizu account with your YouTube and it will upload to both when you upload through Muvizu. Big Grin

I don't use YouTube any more, so how do I upload from Vimeo to your gallery? It keeps asking me for a YT login.
2013/12/13 4:15:33
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! I can't upload my entry to YouTube. Just keep getting an error message saying "try later".

Can't I use Vimeo instead? Like most of the world now - I hate YouTube
2013/12/12 18:40:52
My first effort Thanks for the comments folks. I will have to go in for the Xmas comp now that I know enough to finish a vid in less than 4 weeks

I just tried it in Chrome, IE10 and the latest Firefox and it worked OK for me, it may well be a plugin issue fazz but I don't know what would cause your issue ukBerty - could the the file have been too large for your internet package to handle?
2013/12/11 8:58:43
My first effort The sound still needs working on (and I'd kill for a decent VA) but I'm happy enough for a start.
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2013/12/11 8:14:31
Scene load error produced after save forcestatus wrote:

Hi guys I'm getting this error out of muvizu not being able to find this file..

Any suggestions?


I'd be suspicious it has something to do with the lighting since it references the "Shaders" folder. What kind of graphics card do you have and are the drivers up to date?
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