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2013/12/30 3:07:35
Guessing Contest! Final guess it is a "Breadfish" and connected to your website which I won't link to as you are just trying to get more views. Whaaaaa?
2013/12/30 3:01:22
Guessing Contest! Is it a Cod Piece?
2013/12/29 20:13:45
No GUI Good luck!
2013/12/29 20:03:52
No GUI I believe Muvizu say that RAM is a major consideration. It may just be the 2Gb and if you could upgrade that to say 4 it may work, also may be worth checking out this site for updates drivers for your card:-

Also try running "DXDIAG" at a command line and posting the output file here, it may give a clue or two.
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2013/12/29 19:28:52
Guessing Contest! Is it the Goalkeeper for Surreal Madrid?
2013/12/29 19:16:54
No GUI Hi,

Does your machine meet these specs? :-

If so, what sort of Graphics card do you have and are the drivers are up to date?

2013/12/29 9:50:11
Doctor Who? Dylly wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
Dr Finlay.

Ooh now you are showing your age "Och how about a cup of tea Dr Cameron" !

It was one of the few programmes on telly in those days where I understood the accent
2013/12/29 0:42:10
Doctor Who? Dr Finlay.
2013/12/29 0:37:15
Doctor Who? Yes! It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
2013/12/28 23:48:49
My second effort Well third actually, but I couldn't enter the Xmas comp due to the YouTube requirements.

This one is of my favourite Edinburgh band Jen and the Gents.
2013/12/28 23:46:14
Doctor Who? octo-crab wrote:
Wait a second... A guy named MrDrWho13 doesn't know what Doctor Who is? Duhh
Why did you name yourself that then?

Maybe Doctor Who named himself after MrDrWho13?
2013/12/26 22:58:40
Live! from E.V.I.L. (2014 Promo 1) Looks great!
2013/12/25 22:28:30
Climb stairs Ah well, after several hours of trying to get a man to walk up some stairs into a building I have got this far. Even with everything on set locked the slightest mis-move can cause this result; which of course is irrecoverable.
I think life is just too short for Muvizu.
But thanks anyway, Fazz!

2013/12/25 21:27:15
Climb stairs Fazz, that is above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks heaps, I owe you one

(Adds voice to "Why is Fazz not a Mogul?" cry)...
2013/12/25 9:53:01
Climb stairs I just couldn't get the invisible plane to merge into the building - it refused to move beyond the outer boundary i.e. the outside edge of the top step. So it looks like I'll have to fake the building with Abstracts.
I hope they release a new version soon, this one is so bug-ridden. I suspect there will be no more focus on the free version now, but I have still not seen anything that would entice me to part with 150 quid (even if I had it) if the major bugs aren't addressed first.
2013/12/25 9:19:06
Climb stairs Thanks fazz, that sounds like a plan
2013/12/25 4:51:28
Climb stairs If you use a set like the "Doorway" one and try to make an actor walk up the stairs and enter the building, he starts to climb then shoots straight up onto the roof of the building. I'm guessing this is the accursed "collision" behaviour again and that I have to make my own building to get around this?
2013/12/23 23:46:59
Making assets Make them in something like SketchUp and then follow these tutorials:- (also the Part 2 and 3 ones)
2013/12/22 19:40:23
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. I am just guessing here, but do you have any other peripherals connected which might be interfering with the joystick?
2013/12/22 3:30:39
Crash on shutdown Another thought.... Do you multi-screen?
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