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2014/1/25 23:28:30
Make my character move This is Muvizu's number one outstanding bug. But apparently it is at the top of their list to fix. The only work around I have found is to save, close and reopen the movie then it will work for one more go.
2014/1/25 23:26:57
windows 8.1 crash Windows has a utility called "Reliability monitor". Try running it (just start typing the name at the horrible Win 8.1 tiles screen). It basically looks at all the windows logs, but it may help narrow down the issue. Might also be worth posting your "System Info" here?
Win 8.1 has caused some issues with hardware compatibility I believe. I have heard of people having to do a clean install of 8.1. to fix this after having attempted the upgrade.
2014/1/25 23:04:26
Uploading my videos? SonOfKong wrote:
Hi All. I've just finished my first video and would like to put it on this forum but don't know how???? would appreciate some guidance on how to go about this???

There is a red "Upload" button up at the top next to the Login button. You click on that but be aware that you must have a Youtube account to upload stuff here. I don't use YouTube any more so don't post anything on this site.
2014/1/23 2:17:34
what is the acceptable rate? ninamag wrote:
so, if i was negotiating with you, what are your rates?

Why not submit a selection of your previous scripts and make an offer so Muvizuers can decide if you have the required writing skills and that it's worth their while?
2014/1/20 22:58:36
looking for muvizu animator for hire ninamag wrote:
please make an offer, and sample(s) of your work, and i compare that with others.

Yeah, I thought so
2014/1/20 22:28:10
looking for muvizu animator for hire ninamag wrote:

i am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this animation service for hire.

What do you consider "reasonable"?
2014/1/20 21:13:48
"Take that smile off your face!" SonOfKong wrote:
Hi. As a retired gent I have to say I'm enjoying using Muvizu! One question though? How can I wipe the grin of the face of a character???? Most people I see don't walk about grinning like the Cheshire cat.... (may be this is because it rains a lot were I live?).

If you choose the "Prepare Character properties" option, you can select "Expressive" then "Animate" and move the slider down to make the character look more "Yorkshire"
2014/1/20 21:10:32
Hitfilm Express currently FREE fazz68 wrote:
facebook is a step to far im afraid Big Grin thats why i choose twitter the lesser of two evils Big Grin i have nothing remotely interesting to say so my tweets would bore to world to death lol

I just created a Hitfilm account and ignored the pop-up screen that said post to twitter and it downloaded anyway
If you don't use the twitter account you just created, you might want to delete it or give it a very secure password as several people I know (who are computer savvy) have found their twitter accounts get hacked subsequently.
2014/1/20 19:14:08
Help With Sony Vegas ninamag wrote:

you mean muvizu does not use by default TGA? If so, how does one manually use TGA instead of movie codecs?

No it doesn't, because in most cases it would be overkill.

Check out the "Make Video"/ "Advanced" options. Also try watching the How-to-tutorials in the Help section.
2014/1/20 19:11:02
Cartoon-Cartoon ninamag wrote:
why do some muvizu cartoon looks better, or more 3d, than other muvizu cartoons?

Lighting and direction.
2014/1/20 19:10:05
Help With Sony Vegas ninamag wrote:

without being able to "make muvizu in sony vegas", one should be able to open muvizu .set files in vegas (at least i think it is programmably possible, if the programmers want it so).

It isn't possible. Vegas is a video editing software package, Muvizu is a 3D animation creation tool with a proprietary file type .SET. It would be like trying to use a vegetable juicer to build a bicycle.
2014/1/15 1:21:09
1st attempt Very creative use of the existing animations
Who were the band?
2014/1/14 9:33:56
First EVER sale! I bit the bullet!
2014/1/13 18:09:01
First EVER sale! Now you're talking!
2014/1/2 19:54:45
Charactere Not Moving MrDrWho13 wrote:

Perhaps something to do with moving movement on the timeline?

That is more likely I think.
2014/1/2 19:49:04
Charactere Not Moving ziggy72 wrote:
It's nothing to do with the favourites, as far as I can tell..

Yeah I'd agree, I haven't used favourites so far and I often experience the issue.
2014/1/2 9:46:25
Sound mixing issues Don't you just hate spammers.....
2014/1/1 19:02:19
sorry, not 100% Muvizu I use a slightly different approach i.e use Milkshape 3D to make animated models and film them inside Moviestorm (which does allow animated props) then use Greenscreening to combine with Muvizu if necessary. But it would be nice to cut out one stage like your approach does.
2014/1/1 9:58:10
Texture issue while importing .ASE Spam Spam Spam!
2014/1/1 1:45:18
sorry, not 100% Muvizu Definitely looks like it has possibilities for Muvizu until they let us create our own animated objects inside the engine. Thanks Sofie
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