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2014/2/9 4:32:18
can i import a minecraft map or characters ? Yeah sadly, you'd have to green screen.
2014/2/6 1:44:12
Share the love! Diiiirteee!
2014/2/5 4:57:58
Share the love! fazz68 wrote:
im gonna take a guess at Gregory's girl.
im trying to think up something romantic and love related but ive got nothing. Big Grin
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How about something "massacre-ish" then
2014/2/5 3:38:25
Share the love! Here's my Valentine's day tribute to the most romantic film ever made!
Inside the card would say "Happy Valentine's day from a secret admirer"

2014/2/3 7:49:19
Ajudando os que necessitam de auxílio. Obrigado
2014/2/2 21:24:16
The Muvizu SALE continues! octo-crab wrote:
octo-crab wrote:

Oops, didn't mean to post twice.

So why not just delete it, rather than post for a third time? Or are you just trying to get your post numbers up?
2014/2/1 23:06:09
Any way I can make Sinister put his arms down? AuroraMoon wrote:
I have a few scenes where I need him in a more neutral position... such as keeping his arms down and acting more normally. I wanted him to act more like a normal old man and stuff... not as some creepy dude. =\

I haven't used him but have you tried Animating Character Properties and seeing if you can choose the "Expressive" track, set it to "animate", then sliding the value down to zero?
2014/2/1 20:46:23
make a character move bobisme wrote:
.. if your going to go commercial, generic aint gunna cut it..

Realistically though, if you are going to go commercial you will have to fork out more than 150 pounds for the base software. Probably more like 1500 for 3Ds Max or Maya, and then some.
2014/2/1 9:24:45
make a character move bobisme wrote:
not quite the question i was wanting to ask, here is the question>

I know how to use blender, well enough to make a character anyway, my question is in muvizu the character blinks and breathes n so on, how is that brought over from blender when i create a character to import? i mean if i bring in a character does muvizu just know and animate accordingly? :P
thanks in advance

You can't create your own characters for Muvizu I'm afraid, you can only attach body parts to existing Muvizu ones.
2014/1/31 19:28:13
A List of 3d Animation progams.... fazz68 wrote:
...keeping the character in frame isnt difficult. most of the time you are only going in a straight line and even if you are not, rotating the camera while moving is still not that hard.

You are a better man than I am Gungha Din
2014/1/31 5:25:45
A List of 3d Animation progams.... ziggy72 wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
But it is horses for courses, if "cartoony" is what you want then Muvizu is undoubtedly better than Moviestorm.

It's not cartoony I want, it's not looking like the intro movie to a 10 year old game. Even if you can add more lights than I could find a way to, it just lights up the ugly

I guess one out of two ain't bad then

The thing that wears me down with Muvizu at the moment is that every idea I have for a "short quick" movie hits a brick wall quite quickly.
Usually this is to do with the movement bug, the multiple times you have to retake to get timings correct or the uncontrollable cameras and I have to simplify my original idea even more just to get it done.

Hopefully when they fix the first of these I will become a bit more enthusiastic as it is the worst of all.
2014/1/30 22:25:19
A List of 3d Animation progams.... ziggy72 wrote:

but I gave up when I realised I couldn't control the lights (presets again). Apparently you can add one light, but that's all. Nice, but no thanks

These "X vs Y" debates are always very subjective but it is important to be accurate with the "evidence"

You can certainly control the lights in Moviestorm and have more than one. There are two different lighting systems and you can add extra lights as well as follow-me spots etc. There are some tricks to reduce the "Jaggy" quality that sometimes occurs with large sets but nothing that can't be overcome.

IMHO the camera and movement controls are far superior to Muvizu at present. Indeed Muvizu is even more limited than Moviestorm because you can't create your own animations and can only have cartoony characters which limits the genres you can seriously tackle.

But it is horses for courses, if "cartoony" is what you want then Muvizu is undoubtedly better than Moviestorm.
2014/1/30 9:11:32
A List of 3d Animation progams.... AuroraMoon wrote:

4. Movie Storm-- A nice sandbox animation program, similar to Muvizu. Downside, it doesn't have a free version of the program... in fact they require an subscription fee which can be daunting for mere hobbyists.

To be balanced....

Moviestorm does not require a subscription fee; you can buy a version with several content packs for as little as $75.00 USD. I think there is also a free version available again. Like Muvizu you can create your own props. But unlike Muvizu you can also create interactive props and your own animations for characters. Although this is not straightforward, anyone with a bit of application can learn to do it and there is a very supportive community.
2014/1/29 18:13:30
once a .set is created, how to extract a character gracemaker wrote:
once i create a muvizu.set movie, and later i decide i want to refine my character, can i go back and refine, or add texture, to a character?

from a muvizu.set movie, how can one extract the character and the set or asset? i want to extract, if for example, i want to add texture to it in a another programme.

Watch this tutorial - it may help. You don't actually need to extract the character in most cases just right-click and choose "edit".
edited by primaveranz on 29/01/2014
2014/1/27 23:59:51
Backdrop Panes - Video overlays not working bigwally wrote:
Tried my hand at making a quick video, using an .avi file on a backdrop. It was either blank, a still image, or just the first second of the video, starting over and over. How do I get a video imported to a backdrop without it messing up?

My Muvizu version: MZASS - v1.2 - build: 2013.10.28.01R (32-bit)

Not what you were trying to do I know, but have to tried just green screening the background vid in post?
2014/1/26 19:10:46
Wonderful world of Wabby toonarama wrote:

Olivier Romme was the maker - not sure I should advertise a rival product but it was made in Ic***e

Given that Muvizu didn't use Muvizu to produce its Easter Eggs I think it is fair enough
Also, I understand Wabby started out making this movie using Muvizu before swapping engine.
2014/1/26 3:27:55
Trying to upgrade getting error Ericksone wrote:
Maybe I will get lucky and one of the techs will decide they want to open their email on a beautiful UK Sunday

Yeah, well it is forecast to get up to 6C today in Glasgow, so you never know your luck
2014/1/26 3:13:31
Trying to upgrade getting error Sorry that's a bummer, especially being the weekend in the UK you'll probably have to wait at least 24 hrs
2014/1/26 2:59:27
Trying to upgrade getting error Have you tried closing Muvizu and re-opening it?
2014/1/25 23:34:56
Lip Syncing? Yeah, I tried to make a character whistle recently. Don't bother trying it
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