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2014/4/2 19:02:25
lengthen ... LULU153 wrote:
I'm sure there is (must be?) a simple solution?

Sorry nope. The only way is to delete the animation and rerecord it. IMHO it is a major flaw in Muvizu.
2014/4/1 23:17:09
The Copyright people are out of control! chuckles wrote:
Do Muvizu Put Videos on Vimeo on the Gallery page ? I thought it was Youtube only.

Sadly no, they force you to use YouTube if you upload here, so I don't
2014/4/1 19:04:00
rendered video is a mess! bbq797 wrote:
but it's a song, can I still piece it together?

Sure! (Gratuitous excuse to post own vid) :-
2014/4/1 3:47:11
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! My PC is so fast it has already rendered several movies I haven't even made yet
2014/3/31 19:20:58
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! fazz68 wrote:
6 hrs is pretty long but understandable..

Lol, I have obviously led a very sheltered Muvizu life.
My longest render has probably been around 2 minutes, but then I never try to render more than 20 secs at a time and I am very careful only to include stuff that will be visible in the final shot and to use green screens where possible. Also my PC is not too much of a dog
2014/3/31 1:38:33
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! bbq797 wrote:
no video, but a couple of audio files about 3min ea. and one about 1min (I'm doing parody of a song). Could that be it?!

I guess it could be. What size are the audio files? There is probably an optimum format for inclusion in Muvizu - I don't know what it is though.

If any of the music doesn't require lipsyinching I'd be tempted to delete it from the movie and add it in in a post-editing program, do you have one?

As a quick test, I'd make a copy of the movie, delete the audio files and render that to see if it makes a difference.
2014/3/31 1:02:16
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Do you have any large audio files or are you playing an imported video file on a screen in your animation?
2014/3/31 0:56:14
object on table To move the bottle, left-click once on it until you see a red square around it then to drag it forward, hold down the left mouse button on top of the square and drag it.

To lift the bottle up you hold down both mouse buttons at the same time and drag, the bottle will then go up or down.

To make life easier you may want to right-click on the bottle select "Edit" then choose "Properties" and tick the box that says "Floats in the air" that way it will not fall down under the influence of gravity.
2014/3/31 0:42:47
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Does you laptop meet these requirements? :-
2014/3/31 0:36:49
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! bbq797 wrote:
Hi all,
This is my first time creating a video with muvizu. I just upgraded to play+. Is it normal for it to take 6hrs to create an HD movie (running on a windows 7 laptop)?!

If you mean just to render it, then definitely not.
But if you mean to build the set, add the characters and animate them, yes easily. It takes me nearly a week to produce 1 minute of animation usually.
2014/3/28 20:28:30
The Copyright people are out of control! Dump YouTube and use instead. Much better, and not tied into the "Big Brother" Google empire.
2014/3/27 9:41:47
Digimania Show reel toonarama wrote:
Don't underestimate the mystical powers of Muvizu - the scottish are very clever people, if surprisingly reticent to speak!

Some of us are neither
2014/3/26 18:27:44
Digimania Show reel toonarama wrote:
Parent company DIGIMANIA's showreel.

Assume this was all done in the (soon to be released?) Muvizu:Pro.

I'd be quite confident that it wasn't or, if it was, that the software will cost around $3000 when released.

I think it is more likely this is just an advert for Digimania's animation department so they can pick up other work as the Muvizu product is not proving to be a money spinner.

But we'll probably have to wait for WikiLeaks to tell us more
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2014/3/24 5:37:47
Cannibals octo-crab wrote:
How about "A Joke a Day," or "Classic Comedy," or "Insert Title Here." Actually, that last one seems pretty good.

Wow! That was a short break from the site, octo-crab.
2014/3/23 18:25:43
Cannibals InsaneHamster wrote:
.. I am thinking of maybe two to three jokes per episode...

Yeah that would be better - five would be better still But you'd go through your material pretty fast.

Good luck!
2014/3/23 2:54:43
Cannibals Nice lighting and modelling and the idea could work for a series but, TBH you need to find newer jokes and cut down on the fluff. The joke only takes up around 15 of the 84 secs. Tighten her up and give her some new fuel and she could be a runner
2014/3/21 1:17:45
Space Oddity on the Moon Nicely done! Great likeness too
2014/3/20 1:20:22
Education And Literature Bravo! I always admire someone with an inspiring goal
2014/3/18 18:08:40
Sketchup into Muvizu???? SketchUp does have some advantages w.r.t. speed of construction but, like you I am a fan of Milkshape, especially since I could never afford 3D Max and I can't be bothered learning Blender again until it reworks its arcane GUI .
2014/3/18 0:37:18
Sketchup into Muvizu???? SonOfKong wrote:
Hi, I have a 3D model that I've brought into sketchup and assigned textures to it. (I made the model in 3D Max). After exporting the model as a .ase file I then imported the model into Muvizu. This is were it's going wrong. The textures applied (which are just Sketchup standard textures.(ie using the paint bucket) don't appear on the model, the model appears white

Check what Fazz said in this thread. Sketchup colours are not really "textures", you need to make sure you have saved them as textures.
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