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2014/5/7 11:42:31
ability to create a character or not? Is that the precursor of SPAM I smell?
2014/5/7 2:57:14
Just One Piece Competition If the prize had been "Be the only one who finally gets the movement bug fixed" I'll bet there would have been more entries
2014/5/6 21:13:25
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object Hi Joe, You could try Milkshape - easier to learn than Blender but does cost $40. Or send me the object and I'll have a bash for you
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2014/4/30 5:52:49
get the character to hold something VladimirP99 wrote:
I do not see that box with arrow in any of standard characters (with arms) in Muvizu:Play. I also do not have any other objects as shown by fazz68 - just some watches, bracelets, gloves etc. Please help!!!

You need to buy Muvizu: Play+ to get that option.
2014/4/28 8:56:26
New Character Actions dkat007007 wrote:

I want to know how I can go ahead with development of custom character actions?

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.
2014/4/22 21:04:10
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:


Fair enough. Mine's is a Deuchars
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2014/4/22 20:15:13
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:
"He's a dick"
like me you just can't hide your inner Scotsman.

So you can understand why, also as a Scotsman I would rather that you had told me that I was dick for assuming that Sirshitalot was Sovransoul, rather than giving us all the lecture.
2014/4/22 8:04:44
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
I think he also goes by the name Sirshitalot on YouTube at least.

Sovransoul and Antigravity may actually be different individuals!


Unless ziggy and Bigwally are in the habit of trolling people then, given what Sovransoul is quoted as saying, I would bet strongly against that proposition. My guess about Sirshitalot is based on years of troll-watching, I wouldn't give it as much weighting as the Sovransoul theory obviously. And I agree that a constructive thumbs-down beats an obsequious thumbs-up any day, but none of the aforementioned alter egos can be accused of posting either. However I have wasted enough time on he/she/it now anyway...onwards and downwards
2014/4/22 2:08:57
Beware of "AntiGravity" I think he also goes by the name Sirshitalot on YouTube at least.
2014/4/21 20:23:13
Beware of "AntiGravity" Damn, I feel quite left out
2014/4/20 22:52:39
Star Child from the Constellation You have made some really good use of Muvizu there, and it is a lovely wee tale. Well done!
2014/4/19 3:26:25
Keep Getting shot down. That would be a far better national anthem than the one you've got
2014/4/18 1:11:20
Keep Getting shot down. Sovransoul wrote:
You're a bunch of mean spirited assholes.

Yeah that's what the Nazis discovered too
2014/4/18 0:56:50
Keep Getting shot down. And it's another 2nd round knockout to Dreeko! Cool
2014/4/17 23:43:23
Keep Getting shot down. Ding! Ding! Round 2! Cool
2014/4/16 21:21:51
Keep Getting shot down. I don't post anything to the Muvizu channel because you are forced to use YouTube. I don't see it as a big deal, because the only real reason to post anything here is to help Muvizu with its marketing, and you can always just post an external link as you have done.
2014/4/13 8:28:16
Busted The Movie - Gaguing Interest Very few people do animations of any length using Blender. It is incredibly powerful but very time-consuming to master. Most people use it for making models or creating animations for use in other softwares.
If you want a similar tool to Muvizu you could try Moviestorm for example. But realistically, neither is going to get you noticed by the big boys in the animation world unless you are a genius in the story-telling arena.
iClone would be the least you could use to achieve that and it has its own learning curve not to mention expensive content. There are no real shortcuts time or money-wise really.
2014/4/13 3:08:33
Busted The Movie - Gaguing Interest LugofilmLtd wrote:
If no one is interested, I'll understand and drop it for now in favor of another idea I could do myself but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

To be honest I'd go with Plan B now. To do an animation as long as that is a huge task. To do it to a decent standard would take me personally about 1 year. To do it using Muvizu and impress anyone in the animation industry enough to offer you a job is probably impossible.
If I was you I would concentrate on creating smaller movies and getting them out there where people can see them. Also try using different softwares to build up your understanding of where you actually want to end up in the industry.
Good luck though
2014/4/8 20:02:44
Red Road Flats I'll be glad to see the end of them, but it's pretty unfeeling to blow up buildings right next door to where refugees from war zones are living.
2014/4/8 6:14:37
How do I add an action to the timeline? Step 1. Watch these:-

That's it really
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