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2014/8/9 6:13:13
Finding the right computer for Muvizu Not really, you need one with a dedicated graphics card. nVidia or AMD Radeon.
2014/7/22 6:51:12
great song animation It is very good given the limitations of Muvizu. But no moving wheels on the train. no gun-toting baddies etc. let it down in the end unfortunately.
2014/7/18 3:17:45
New Band using Muvizu Definitely not in the same class as the ones above, but this was my attempt at a music vid using Muvizu:-
2014/7/15 23:40:56
New Band using Muvizu Try getting the camera in closer to feature individual players from time to time. E.g. if there is a Bass riff zoom in on the Bassist etc.
2014/7/4 23:33:06
Copy & Paste muvizu_chap wrote:
Unfortunately as it stands ...

So is Muvizu Play+ abandonware now?
2014/6/23 4:08:13
Wont even start? PLEASE HELP> Does your machine meet these specs?

If so, try logging a Support call under the "Help" menu above.
2014/6/17 3:12:17
Fatal Error Message bigwally wrote:
Why would you say otherwise?

I didn't say they were not being answered, I was interested to know if they still were, given the dearth of community interaction and concrete news from Muvizu these days.
2014/6/16 23:55:30
Fatal Error Message Have you logged a Support Call?
Actually does anyone know if these are being answered any more?
2014/6/9 21:11:25
New mod! Hi muvizu_chap, We don't see many Staff on here these days, so any news on bug fixes or upcoming improvements (e.g. Mocap import)?
2014/6/4 21:33:47
Plan B...err... I mean C... Watch this space....
2014/6/3 22:56:29
Plan B...err... I mean C... I wonder if this will affect Muvizu's plans.
2014/5/21 6:41:57
How do I import a new character in Muvizu play? This is not possible with Muvizu I'm afraid. You can only use the built-in characters.
2014/5/20 21:14:34
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP The good thing about Moviestorm is that the staff respond and fix things within hours not months (if at all) as is the case with Muvizu. I guess the new management here decided that the hobbyist customer was a not a viable money spinner. But by not engaging with the community they just accelerate the downward spiral.
iClone6 is certainly the best bet for the immediate future, as Toonarama has recognised.
2014/5/20 3:05:08
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Dreeko wrote:

Throw the dog a bone for God's sake!

2014/5/19 20:28:52
how to lip sync in the lastest version of muvizu ? drmark wrote:
Are there any other tips that can be offered for creating lip synching for dialogue that is back and forth between characters?

You need to check out the other help tutorials e.g.
2014/5/18 21:30:45
It's Sunday MarkWaldo wrote:
As opposed to the experts saying how harsh the shadows are and other nitpicky stuff, I think they would complain about the art masters such as Van Gough or Monet, giving them suggestions how to improve their work.

All those comments were a) Asked for, b) Very constructive and c) Accepted in good grace.
So why are you trying to turn it into a negative bashing session?
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2014/5/17 2:36:49
classic kirk fights number 2 Brilliant as usual! Those Klingon curries really do play havoc with Uranus
2014/5/12 23:39:16
Soooooo tempted! Yeah, because Politics and Religion always make for "interesting" topics on forums
2014/5/11 4:53:46
Who's On First Very well done
2014/5/9 9:06:54
Just One Piece Competition "Class in a glass" Mr Fazz
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