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2014/10/27 4:23:25
Stop the spam! fazz68 wrote:
there must be some technical wizard on this site that can bombard the email addresses provided by the Baba ji spammers with some wonderful viruses and **** them up Big Grin

muvizu dudes.. ban some ip addresses or whatever but do something coz this is getting beyond a joke.
edited by fazz68 on 26/10/2014

Sadly that is not possible fazz.
Given the reduced circumstances that Digimania now operates under, the only solution is to give moguls moderator rights.
2014/10/21 22:12:04
Stop the spam! MotionToonStudios wrote:
Congratulations Muvizers, now he was breaking the spammer, but nothing else to do than come to bother us.

Again congratulations Moderators of Muvizu.

Not at all suspicious for a first post
2014/10/21 21:57:32
Stop the spam! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ziggy - It certainly looks like that, but I'll put him on the watch list until he actually posts any.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 21/10/2014

Oh good, does that mean we have some user moderators now?
2014/10/21 20:51:19
Stop the spam! מיין כאַווערקראַפט איז פול פון ילז
2014/10/21 20:27:33
Stop the spam! You probably want to get rid of iritberger as well looking at the chat list.
2014/10/20 1:41:37
Stop the spam! BrianGray wrote:
Perfect Quote Mysto. I think the Spammers should be booted from Muvizu.

They probably are when a mod finally reacts, but the spammer just create a new fake ID. Blacklisting IP address ranges is a bit more effective but even then the more determined ones can use anonymising software to get around that. New users could be blocked from sending without moderation for (say) 5 posts to check they are probably real. Most spammers would get bored and go elsewhere.
But of course, without regular moderation you will always get these "floods" happening. So Oziabla's original suggestion is the most effective, give mod permissions to a few trusted users in different time zones and just nuke the verminous little scumbags as soon as they raise their repulsive little heads
2014/10/18 3:42:53
How long does it take you? I normally expect to take around 1 week to produce 1 minute of half-decent vid. I struggled with Muvizu at first, because the pointless collision system makes it very tricky to build sets without destroying them halfway through by careless placement of one element that then knocks the others out of position; something which you can't just "undo".
2014/10/14 8:48:55
Digimania News PCollimonster wrote:

Sorry, patronising the talk will continue for a little bit until we start walking the walk.

Will keep you updated.

Thank you for your concern. Cool
2014/10/13 19:13:20
Digimania News Dreeko wrote:

Roughly translated as- "nya nya n nya nya!"


Yeah, "Thank you for your concern" is always a give away.
Mind you if I had 100,000 users I'd be walking the walk not just patronising the talk
2014/10/13 8:13:16
Digimania News Good, because that is a huge number of active users of any niche software. So I look forward to the forthcoming developments with great interest.
2014/10/12 22:36:00
Digimania News I suspect a 100,000 user-base, is really just 100,000 downloads. So I hope they aren't basing any business plans on that figure.
2014/9/25 3:53:25
is there anybody there? It probably means another staff member bit the dust.
2014/9/25 1:35:32
is there anybody there? Are you remembering to click on the "report as offensive" link? I find they get rid of them pretty quickly usually.
2014/9/12 22:01:31
New Forum Another forum would be pointless. Muvizu has joined the list of failed attempts to make real-time animation software profitable. The Movies, Xtranormal and Moviestorm might be the best known but there have been several others. At least when the Movies died they announced it formally. Moviestorm has only got 1.5 staff now but to their credit they are still releasing updates and fixing bugs - something Muvizu has given up on. iClone is the only real survivor and it requires much more effort (and cash) to learn than some of the others.
But that's just life in the virtual world, folks.
2014/9/9 21:20:24
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook Here is the Muvizu requirements list:-

Basically any modern Graphics card will have "Shader 3" They tend to come in two main types Nvidia and ATI Radeon, I prefer the former but just check with the salesperson (or spec sheet) that the card has Shader 3 capability - I'd be surprised if it didn't nowadays.
An i3 processor may be enough but I'd go for i5 minimum. i7 is overkill for your needs I suspect.
2014/9/7 21:28:29
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook I'd be surprised if it worked, it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card and the i3 chip is probably not powerful enough.
2014/9/7 4:38:31
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) Hey Reggie, don't give up on Blender yet

You can always install this software to help overcome its ridiculous learning curve :-
2014/9/2 21:13:32
sinister attachment points muvizu_chap wrote:
Which character is this?

Arf! Arf!
2014/8/31 11:21:19
Muvizu Versions I'm on MZASS-v1.2 - build 2013.12.19.01R (64-bit)
2014/8/20 0:41:37
Live! from E.V.I.L. episode 5: Evil Noir! Great stuff as usual, Joe
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