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2015/3/26 5:21:00
top quality muvizu animation Yes that was excellent Mostro-Pictue, thanks for sharing it, Fazz.

If I may suggest some translations also:-

Don't End Up Like Them
Don't Gamble With Life
Many People Have Stopped Already
You Can Too
If You Need Help - Just Ask (Probably need to give contact information)

Stop Driving Drunk ( or ) Stop Drink Driving (or) Stop Drinking and Driving
It is Possible
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2015/1/11 19:16:45
New User Here The problem is that creating software is much more like giving birth than "manufacturing" something. You have to nurture your creation and help it grow until it reaches maturity. If you neglect this aspect it wastes away and dies young.
2015/1/11 2:39:29
Edit Environment Check out the Desert island waterfall set. You can see a ground plane used as water while the rest is sand.
2015/1/4 23:03:38
Sketchup to Muvizu You can download the pro version of 8 here and use it for a limited evaluation period.
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2015/1/4 4:59:24
New User Here kapstheory wrote:
Hello All,

1. Is this software dead? I mean is it no longer in development? I'd hate for that to be the case as I slapped down some gard earned cash, and find it to be a great fit for my needs!
2. More Characters! Is there any plans for more characters? Or at least a way to make and import our own?

1. To all intents and purposes yes. There has been no movement for many months now.
2. I would bet money on "No.

Sorry, I hope you bought it at the cheap deal price
2015/1/3 0:12:11
Request - Dialogue blocks Sadly all development on Muvizu appears to have stopped so this probably won't be fixed.
2014/12/27 21:42:28
making an object fall Having spent hours just trying to make some books fall from a shelf in a realistic manner, I'd say "Give up now, and run away screaming!". Physics in Muvizu is worse than useless.
2014/12/16 7:42:23
Music video for an american artist Some nice use of Muvizu animations there to fit in with the song, but I think you need more dynamic camera work. It seems a bit pedestrian in places when you have a long shot of someone for several seconds.
2014/12/6 21:36:58
New Star Trek video... Brilliantly done
I liked the nod to the ever increasing "Tribbles" too
2014/11/28 6:52:46
Walking You have viewed these, right?
2014/11/13 17:59:13
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator oziabla wrote:
Well you wouldn't save $300 as you still couldn't edit footage in Fusion.

I would actually, as I already have Sony Moviestudio but want a better VFX tool. I'm guessing there are others in my position.
2014/11/13 6:45:37
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator oziabla wrote:
Again, a person who is willing to learn Fusion would have very different goals from someone wanting to use Hitfilm.

Yeah, they might just want to save $300.

Let's face it, no-one whose main animation software is Muvizu is ever going to need all Fusion's functionality, but lack of cash can be a great motivator.
2014/11/13 4:49:14
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Yeah but my point is that if Fusion is free and it can do anything Hitfilm - costing $300 - can do (and if it can do it on a similar specced PC), the main blocking factor would probably be learning curve for most people.
2014/11/13 3:22:58
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator oziabla wrote:

Tutorials for Fusion are currently thin on the ground. However with Blackmagic's recent announcement, I suspect tutorials will start appearing everywhere in the next few months.

It will be interesting to see if this free release impacts on Hitfilm3's take up. Although I suspect not, if Fusion is so archane.
2014/11/13 3:16:56
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator At least with Blender you can go to this site and download a sensible GUI
2014/11/10 8:02:29
Anti-Alias switch Found this on the forums though...
"you can get your anti-aliasing to work by starting Muvizu with the command line parameter -forceMSAA. "
2014/11/10 7:50:32
Anti-Alias switch I'm afraid I don't understand your banter, old bean
2014/11/8 7:16:42
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
coz they died with their helmets on of course

Ha ha! Good answer
2014/11/8 2:22:48
Coming Soon... quote=fazz68]space zombies, mutants and aliens.....

see ya in a couple of months fellow muvizuers

Very nice - but why do the Zombies need helmets? Or do they contain their "Death Support" systems?
2014/10/27 20:47:17
Stop the spam! primaveranz wrote:

New users could be blocked from sending without moderation for (say) 5 posts to check they are probably real. Most spammers would get bored and go elsewhere.

Glad to see they took my advice
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