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2016/4/2 1:10:21
Move an attachment? I created a character and imported a cigarette as an attachment which I positioned in his mouth and started directing. Then I decided I needed to move the position of the cigarette slightly, however I cannot for the love of me select the cigarette to move it. Whatever I try selects the entire actor. Can you not edit attachment positions after you have started directing?
2015/11/21 20:49:27
CONSTRAIN!!! I was hoping the keyframing would allow rotating wheels and rotors but not so until, as you say, some form of constraint is introduced. A Gizmo as per Moviestorm or iClone would be a game changer.
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2015/11/21 3:02:32
Key Framing Before Keyframing I once spent nearly 2 hours trying to record a book falling from a shelf. I did this in about 10 minutes (and that included learning how to use the keyframing!) so even though it is a long way from perfect, I must admit it is a HUGE improvement. Thanks Muvizu!
2015/11/20 0:09:43
Market place PatMarrNC wrote:

I'm assuming that the monies will be deposited in a UK bank, then withdrawn for each purchase at the current exchange rate. This may be one reason why some people use a point system (it disguises purchasing variance due to changing exchange rates)

If the sales items are priced in points, then currency exchange rate changes between you purchasing points and spending them have no effect.
2015/11/17 9:14:30
Key frames update 10th November MrDrWho13 wrote:
You can rotate an object around its centre, but be aware that with keyframing you don't set the rotation point so it may be more difficult to rotate something around a point that's not its centre by default.

Thanks MDW
2015/11/17 0:27:31
Key frames update 10th November Does the keyframing only apply to translation of position or can you rotate an object around its centre along the timeline?
2015/10/3 7:25:55
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ Yeah, I resorted to that too, Joe.
2015/10/3 0:13:27
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ Thanks Fazz.
2015/10/2 22:58:20
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ I have 2013.10.28.01R (64 Bit) and got that "new version" message this morning. Tried installing, but as usual got a message saying it failed. Now when I open Muvizu I don't get the message. Do I have the latest version? I wish they would post the info online at the time and give us a "Check for update" button inside the program.
2015/9/8 22:10:13
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ Dylly wrote:
My current desk has a bit of history to used to belong to Douglas Bader the WW2 fighter pilot

Admit it. The salesman just told you that because it only has two legs
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2015/8/28 8:38:53
Latest update. I just got prompted to run an update (which failed to install) but what is the current live version of Muvizu? Mine currently says 2015.08.20.01R
2015/8/21 10:11:25
Can't keep this old animator down! Take it easy BigWally, the community will be here awaiting your return when you are feeling up to it
2015/8/21 10:09:39
2015 Passion Competition update Toonarama already has two entries Come on all you Muvizuerers, knock up a vid and be in with a chance to win some great prizes!
2015/5/20 1:50:44
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Yeah I've never posted any movies here because Muvizu insisted on you having a YouTube account which forces you to have Google+ as well which I have no interest in. This kind of mess is pretty much as I expected would happen and the bungee Muvizu spokespeople seem to have bounced out of orbit again.
2015/5/4 1:44:13
Real animation - A world of pain! imjschool wrote:
In time, you will learn to overlook the flaws of the program and focus on your creativity.

Muvizu has some nice touches I will grant you that, but there comes a point when the compromises you have to make in your creative aspirations are too great. So if you want to focus on your creativity and not just the mechanics of Muvizu, you have to find another tool. I reached that conclusion quite quickly.
2015/5/3 22:42:00
Real animation - A world of pain! The problem I have with Muvizu is that it isn't really "Directing" an actor anyway. It is more like trying to control a string puppet, and if you get it wrong you can't go into the timeline and make small adjustments - you have to record it all over again (and again and again) or just settle for the closest you managed to get. If you could just make those fine tunings on the timeline or merge different animations then I agree their "directing" approach might save time. As it is though, it is more of a pain than iClone (which does allow this) or even Moviestorm where you can try to hack a solution, especially with Muvizu's useless and obstructive physics interfering.
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2015/4/6 4:46:27
Lying down Under Poses there are a few eg. lying on back , left side etc.
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2015/3/31 2:55:39
13 Gates Part Two I asked first! Cool
2015/3/31 1:23:49
13 Gates Part Two "hit"?
2015/3/26 19:36:32
Issues with Rendering See this thread :-
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