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2012/3/4 19:30:52
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2012/2/19 16:37:25
Sign up for the Machinima Expo email list! Sorry for the error. The form is available at:

Thank you, Dylly!

-Kate Lee
2012/2/18 16:00:31
Sign up for the Machinima Expo email list! The Machinima Expo is an online machinima festival founded in 2008.

We are trying to find better ways to reach you with our most essential news updates, and would like to invite you to the Machinima Expo email list.

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If you submitted your machinima piece last year to the Machinima Expo, you are probably in the list already. (You can write to to unsubscribe if you'd like to opt out.)

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to seeing you join!

Kate Lee
Volunteer at The Machinima Expo
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