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2012/2/9 13:51:36
UE3Engine.dll error This sort of did the trick. It would appear that if you do a silent install of muvizu - Directx, VC 2008, and VC 2005 runtime are not installed.
I have been trying to write a script to install all of this silently but it has been flaky because of all the dependancies.
Do you have any scripting suggestions or an msi so that i can install it on 100 machines via group policy?
2012/2/1 12:56:32
UE3Engine.dll error Apologies, It is UE3Engine.dll

The error is :- Unable to load Dll 'UE3Engine.dll' : the specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

2012/2/1 11:35:02
UE3Engine.dll error I have been asked to install Muvizu on around 60 classroom PC's. I have written a script that runs the installer with a /S switch. It seems to install o.k. but has no icons which i can fix easily.

The problem is that when i come to run the program after install on my 3 test machines i get an error:- 'cannot find UE3engine.dll'.

The 3 machines i have tried are 2 Virtuals (one XP and one W7 32). The other machine is a W7 32 laptop.

Thanks in advance.
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