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2011/11/24 13:57:38
Help please? Don't know what to do :S Okay so I go on and there are all the sets, but then when I try to use one I get a message saying;

'There was an error loading the screen,
The specified object does not exist'

And this happens with all the sets.

And all the objects, characters, textures and the rest are not there either.

Also, is there a difference between 32 bit and 64 bit?

Sorry for asking so many questions :P
2011/11/23 14:03:48
Help please? Don't know what to do :S Aaahh... ok.
I'll try and play with it for a while, and hopefully I won't get t o confused again
Thank you so much for the advice, and replying so quickly!

2011/11/23 13:09:27
Help please? Don't know what to do :S Okay, so I downloaded muvizu and everything, made an account.. But I can't sign in when I'm in the application for some reason?
And also... do you have to upload your own sets or what?
And if you do how should you do so?
Please help I'm so confused... Whaaaaa?
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