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2011/11/20 22:31:52
ASE exporter plugin It's Fixed! It was the C:/ut3 and toto.bmp that was the problem.
Thanks the all the help
edited by Gecko on 21/11/2011
2011/11/20 0:44:35
ASE exporter plugin Thanks ukberty!

i've downloaded it and follewed this tutorial
but when I go to import it into muvizu it says
There was an error importing the object, file not found

Any idaes?
2011/11/19 1:52:50
ASE exporter plugin Hi, i've just downloaded Muvizu and its amazing! anyway I want to import objects from the Google Sketchup i've read this thread and it says i need the .ASE exporter plugin but when i click on the link to download it it says This Account Has Been Suspended. Is there anywhere also i can download the .ASE exporter plugin?
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