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2011/7/31 8:07:00
Upload pictures?! oh thank you, now i can upload or creat figures!!! but i know that there are texture that movizu dosn't sopport xD
2011/7/30 17:44:56
Upload pictures?! sorry, do you know any software (free) that can create a .ase file to open with muvizu? i have google sketch up... but it dosn't save with a compatible file... or not?
2011/7/30 17:14:44
Upload pictures?! tahnk you, now i try to use this metod and i hope for a good job!
2011/7/30 10:49:18
Upload pictures?! Hi, i'm new here, and i am not i don't write very well!!

I'm asking myself how i can upload a pictures in my film... not the textur... for example, i want do a scene of a parashuts jump, i can upload the texture of sky, but how i can import a picture of parashut that i have in my computer? like it was an object like a chair, or a table...
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