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2011/7/12 11:22:35
Importing and using still pictures Thanks. I'll give that a go.

But, you mention that there are 9 boxes for images. What if I want to have more than 9 images in the sequence? I could make multiple scenes, which should join fairly well if I start and end on the same camera location. Or, can I layer multiple backdrops, which are invisible when they have "none" selected for the image?
2011/7/12 9:55:56
Importing and using still pictures Which demo should I watch if I want to learn how to import images to use in movies. I want to have one image, which changes content occasionally. I would have a series of images on disk that I'd be importing, and showing one of them at a time.

I should probably RTFM on this, but I have so many things to do at present (as always ) I thought I'd post to see if anyone can shortcut the process a bit.
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