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2012/7/12 3:41:42
Sketchup to muvizu tripfreak wrote:
That Gile is a neat little program, and it actually likes .ase files (unlike everything else) - good stuff, thanks Tripfreak!

You're welcome, ziggy !

Hi magnata,

here (LINK) is my ASE exporter. You have to copy it into the "addons" section under "scripts".
But it will probably only work with Blender 2.62.

Here (LINK) seems to be a newer version for Blender 2.63 (probably by the same developer).

Good Luck !

Thanks a lot, tripfreak!!!
2012/7/9 18:10:13
Sketchup to muvizu Hi Tripfreak,

I have uninstalled my skecthup and intalled again to see if have any result, but didn't. I tried to export to another format and when was exporting the program stopped working! Definitely I'll use blender... I hope this one work, I'll want the link of blender please, and thanks for help

PS: I use windows seven
2012/7/8 17:03:30
Sketchup to muvizu Hi tripfreak! Sorry, I really don't know why you were trown out, thanks for the interest Well, I have intalled the plugin wrong, after I found the right plugin and instaled him, but when I clicked to save my project in ASE format, can't save it, I seek at paste of destination and isn't there... the first problem is resolved, but now is other Do you think that I use blender? or the problem can be resolved?
2012/7/6 20:24:06
Sketchup to muvizu ok but if you find the solution, please answer me...
2012/7/6 18:18:55
Sketchup to muvizu Thanks for help. Yes I saw this topic... they said about a plugin, I downloaded this plug and put at past that said, but when I went to see didn't work...
2012/7/6 5:14:56
Sketchup to muvizu Hello, I just have downloaded sketchup, I watched a tutorial and followed his steps, but when I tried to import my project to muvizu from sketchup, a message said: "This format isn't known". The format that I'm using is dae., the right is ase. but I can't convert dae to ase, because I can't found a converter or another solution to my problem! Does anybody have the solution? please help me!
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