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2010/10/21 12:49:50
Military rank signs Looks super.
If I may suggest a change or maybe an additional idea. I would think a lot of your useres are from non english speaking countries (mine included). Maybe a blank nametag with the posibility to put in tekst only would be better for the masses. I must admit though that I liked the two colour approach. Would it be possible to allow colouring of the name tag (feks in two halfs) in addition to adding tekst?
An other thought would be making the ever so typical ID badge most people today are forced to wear - the kind you clipp to your pocket or in my case shouldertag. Here one could open up for putting in av star, crest, face of the character, etc.

Again I seem to be asking for things without being able to contribute. How are the kind of objects I'm suggesting made - does this kind of work fall into the catagory NFN (not for numpties)?

2010/10/21 7:51:43
Military rank signs Thanks for the reply. Very much looking forward to seeing if this can be done. As mentioned before - if I can be of help in getting it right feel free to ask.

A thought I had yesterday while playing around with a new animation I am trying to build. I know its possible to place a decal on the characters shirt - how about making a nametag function. In a lot of professions it is not unusal to have a nametag visible on the right or left side of the chest. I think it would be great if this was possible - making the connection between in house office characters and the animated characters would be much easier.
Being new at this - including using a forum like this - is a bit scary. I'm not quite sure if I'm posting my thoughts in the right place or if I'm asking to much - please advise if I'm on the wrong track.

2010/10/20 13:55:36
Military rank signs Being a new user of your fantastic program I am having a lot of fun but still have a lot to learn.
Yesterday I was building a figur to use - an officer. I found, in the section for shoulders, some rank insignia but discoverd that when applied they turn out upside down. Is it possible to turn them the right way around. In addition is it possible to add or remove stripes and stars so that it is possible to portray officers and soldier at differnt levels.
Being an officer I could if needed help getting these thing right if the need arises - not as a programmer but in getting the formalia correct.

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