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2016/6/23 17:30:33
Patient lying in bed ikes it looks really good......The link to the zip doesn't work
2016/6/17 1:43:24
Nick Danger is back! So very entertaining .Thanks bigwally for your much appreciated endeavors.
2016/6/10 2:20:10
Competition? Some will take it very seriously and enter to win, some will do it for fun, some will use it to gain skills......all seems good.
A title or two or three...to freely interpret will help people to find an inroad.
Moguls should be handicapped with faulty mice to make a level playing field.Ton of Bricks
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2016/5/11 13:07:18
Wheels animation trick Yes thanks for the submissionCool,The properties of the 'Handlers' vehicle and other objects are most interesting.I haven't seen anything with such detail re material properties.Including normal maps, transparency and emission controls etc.Were all the texturing intricacies applied in Blender?
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2016/5/11 11:29:20
2 middle buttons for moving sideways and verticall I recently bought a laptop which doesn't have two independent buttons below the touch pad area, ie, you cant press the left and right buttons simultaneously, only one at a time.I just assumed the laptop would have such functionality..really stupid of me.You can plug in a mouse to overcome this but I bought a laptop to use on my lap not to be perched at a desk area.
My work around is to use a prog called mouse emulator.
I use it successfully alongside the less than functional touch pad and button area of my new(bobbins) laptop.


The program recognizes the following keys: (NumLock must be ON!)
  • Keypad 1 - Left mouse button
  • Keypad 2 - Right mouse button
  • Keypad 3 - Middle mouse button
  • Keypad 4, 5, 6, 8 - Moves the mouse left, down, right and/or up respectively.
  • Keypad 7 - Mousewheel up (Scroll)
  • Keypad 9 - Mousewheel down (Scroll)
  • Keypad / - Toggle Left mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
  • Keypad * - Toggle Right mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
  • Keypad - - Toggle Middle mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
  • You can exit Mouse Emulator by right clicking on the mouse icon in the taskbar.
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    2016/4/14 10:31:58
    animation fans part 2 crazy talk animator 1 ....Cool
    havent explored it yet so dont know how useful it may be but hey it's a new toy.
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    2016/4/12 16:13:53
    Movie Poster font Thanks for the font IH Cool
    2016/4/12 15:10:44
    icon images Thanks JG for trying to help ,very much appreciated,unfortunately it didn't work for me.
    Jamie from muvizu help advised me to uninstall and to clean my registry with cc cleaner.
    which i did and tarrah!!! they are backCool.
    2016/4/11 1:09:43
    icon images nurr....i got that all wrong with the registry anomalies they are both the same....so thats all nonsense that i have previously posted.
    i've given up.
    2016/4/10 11:49:39
    icon images cheers Pat unfortunately didnt alter.

    i have bought a new laptop with win 10.the values are the same for the locations i posted earlier but
    at this place in the registry instead of the string shown the win10 laptop has (value not set).so 'spose i could change it to that.
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    2016/4/10 2:39:00
    icon images still no sign of my thumbnail images. uninstalled all versions of muvizu and re installed still no thumbnail images.
    Read on a previous thread that the registry may have altered somehow..
    so found this .....no idea what i should do next.....could try changing that value to 1 instead of 0.
    can anyone else see their registry entry and note any difference.Damn Computer..

    2016/4/6 23:58:06
    animation fans Thanks for the direction to other free available filters i hadn't realised .
    A vast collection, I'm very pleased with this find....hours of fun.
    2016/4/6 12:59:11
    FAT MAN OBJ file gotta be useful..thanks pat
    2016/4/6 12:33:19
    animation fans Today only....Another interesting one from gaotd works as stand alone,... filterforge 4 pro ....art filters.....also works integrated into photo shop. maybe for other art packages.
    one of the filters has a cartoony setting.....
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    2016/4/4 11:59:39
    some combustibles cheers Pat.........cough!! splutter!! choke!! cough!!!
    in real life my brother had a pipe for his birthday recently,he doesn't smoke, he wanted it purely as a theatrical prop so he could do a range of gestures with it whilst dealing with customers in his place of work.
    2016/4/2 13:13:04
    some combustibles https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/191448/combustibles.zip
    Some combustible items in fbx form rather than in a set as this way i'm hoping it may be more flexible for the user and they can be imported as attachments.hope it makes sense.
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    2016/4/2 1:53:27
    Move an attachment? go, view- show scene window, and select items there to highlight for editing etc in the scene.
    2016/4/1 22:19:33
    animation fans oops....sorry, i was confusing layers with transparency abilities/properties.
    2016/4/1 20:55:51
    animation fans Pat... return to the Gaotd download page and read the users comments.it seems there are no layers in this version.
    There are directions to an '8.2 dog waffle learning addition' which does have the plant particle brushes and may have layers. i don't know what restrictions it may have though.
    2016/3/27 12:33:30
    Open source version of Toonz animation software cheers Toonarama......i was excited at the thought of creating studio ghibliesque styles initially, downloaded for a look see but befuddled by it atm.
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