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2016/12/7 12:35:58
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Yeah it is taking a considerable amount of time to load...26mins so far 62%.......ha!
What items within the set do you think might contribute most to the load time?
2016/11/21 11:58:00
The usual wish: a camera :-) this might help...maybe notWhaaaaa?

also.....i have pm'd you
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2016/11/14 17:43:05
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Cheers Ikes...
Tony, see Ikes solution above.
2016/11/14 15:35:52
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store

hi rod .....I'm getting this black area on my beach ...could be an oil spill.Any one else?....do i have to adjust anything to get rid of it?
2016/11/14 12:21:43
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Looks special Rod.....we should have a SET of the month and year awards.This would get my vote Cool
2016/11/4 16:17:17
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Thank you for replying, I have mastered collision using Blender Wabby, thanks to info supplied by Muvizu community members but I wasn't aware you could use more than one collision box to achieve something like a man sitting in an airborne aeroplane until I looked at your Free aeroplane set. When attempting to do something similar previously I made a long invisible column and perched a pilot on that, Using this new info I suspect will be a much better solution.
2016/11/4 13:38:21
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Thanks Wabby. What sort of collision object did you make to enable the pilot to sit in the plane? Is it like a seat size block?
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2016/10/31 14:10:23
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Another FREE offering soon to be in the store...Some workers armed with a selection of tools to get the job done.

2016/10/31 13:17:54
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... I watched a film biog about Robert Crumb recently, a legendary underground comic artist. It gave me the idea to create some stuff to enrich and perhaps add a bit of depth to our urban and rural scenes.The pylon and electric poles should be able to connect if needed and there are two variations of the telegraph pole one with not so many wires. Hope the community can use them.......Should be in the store soon....................FREE.
Stick them in your favourites for ease of use.

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2016/10/23 10:05:46
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES Cool great information re mtl edits Pat, thanks to you and Ikes for sharing.
2016/10/17 17:18:58
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) Entertaining....felt the agony at the end .
2016/9/25 12:45:25
Doris - The whole story Endeavour, industry and skill laden output,....... inspiring!!! Congratulations.
2016/9/19 1:15:15
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. Cheers again both. great news Ikes the .pngs have started turning up in the folder they should be.
Thanks for those files Ziggy they will come in handy.Cool
2016/9/18 13:13:05
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. Very much appreciate your replies gentlemen but neither worked for me ...when i navigate to the temp directory i cant find the file..which flummoxes me.
also did what Ziggy recommended but when i click the edit button in Muvizu it still defaults to the rubbish windows art prog.
Just nuts! that yesterday when i clicked edit in Muvizu it did give me the option to open the file with whatever prog i wanted and i chose paintshop then edited the map nice and smooth work flow.I know i didn't dream this.
Never mind sob! i'll just have to stick to the old method of saving it in the rubbish windows art prog then opening up in photoshop and laboriously taking out the bits i want to be transparent.
2016/9/17 15:00:34
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. I create a boy and load a costume t shirt with an emblem on from the stock costumes and click edit, it defaults to the windows art package but when i save the alterations the .png transparency is lost. I was thinking it would be cool if i could choose what package to use, say photoshop so i wouldn't lose the .png transparency..... then all of sudden when i clicked the edit button in Muvizu it did just that i.e. gave me an option of what prog i wanted to use..Brilliant! but the next time i tried it it defaulted back to the windows basic editor and i haven't been able to get that to happen again.
Anyone know how i can get control over this or whats going on?
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2016/7/17 14:07:08
Arm Yourself! Yet another wonderful much appreciated contribution to the all sir...thanks.Cool
2016/7/17 14:01:58
Sweet Home 3D Wiggle truly helpful and wonderful contribution ikes.
2016/7/15 10:25:50
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Congratulations to everyone Winners or not. I enjoyed them all, such a lot of dedicated work.
Just sorry i couldn't join you due to my badly organised time management and laziness.
hopefully next time.
2016/6/23 20:20:36
Patient lying in bed ah!... the zip link has got the muvizu page bit before ikes www location
this makes more link click sense.


rar link works ok too.
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2016/6/23 17:30:33
Patient lying in bed ikes it looks really good......The link to the zip doesn't work
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